MA - Northampton: Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees

Smith Vocational

Tagged Passions:pets and vocational education

I. Call to Or&r

II. Ple# Of AlkgianceRegular Meeting of the Board of TrusteesTuesday October 16, 2018Library — 5:00p

Tagged Passions:library


OCT 12 2018

111. Mission Vocational and Agricultural High School is to preparestu&ntsforsocial responsibility, e

mployment, and post-seconchry education through rigorous applied technical andacademic programs.
Tagged Passions:pets, vocational education, education, program, agriculture, employment, and Immigration

IV. Participation by the Public:

Tagged Passions:restaurants, Capital Spending, and arts

V. Pardcipation by the Trustees:

Tagged Passions:Capital Spending

VI. Approval of the Minutes of the September 18, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting.

VII. Information and Proposals:

1. Superintendent's Report

Tagged Passions:superintendent

2. Principal's Report

Tagged Passions:Capital Spending

a. Stu&nt Rep Report

b. Athktic/CoOp Report

3. Business and Finance ReportVIII. New Business:VOTE to amend FY18 Murphy Hesse Toomey and Lehane L

egal Services Contract to pay $5,751invoiceVOTE to approve payment of FY18 invoices:
Tagged Passions:services, Public Transit, finance, contract, business, and legal

1. $54.00 to Amherst Farmers Supply from Animal Science Revolving

Tagged Passions:agriculture

2. $12.93 to Cooper's Corner from Culinary Revolving

3. $62.20 to West Springfield Auto Parts from Collision Repair Revolving

Tagged Passions:arts and transportation

4. $67.22 to Oesco, Inc. from Facilities RevolvingVOTE to approve the Schedule 19 Indirect Cost Allo

cation AgreementVOTE to approve the purchase ofa new truck for $36,126.53 from the Facilities RevolvingVOTE to approve an out of state field trip for 12 senior students in Automotive Technology toNew England Technical Institute in East Greenwich Rhode Island on October 19.2018VOTE to approve an out of state field trip for grade 11 students in Agriculture Mechanics toLincoln Technical in Windsor CT on November 9, 2018VOTE to approve the Facility Use Policy amendment:
Tagged Passions:students, pets, policy, technology, agriculture, facility, purchasing, and transportation

1. Rate increase

2. IT clauseVOTE to approve $12,000 to be used for greenhouse relocation, fiznds to be allocated fro

mcell tower accounta.m. 10—12-2018VOTE the following surplus items for resale:From Automotive: Hunter DIII Alignment Machine parts, two (2) Sun450 EngineAnalyzers andone (1) Sun Interrogator 2 Engine AnalyzerFrom Health Tecfinology: Mechanical paäent lift with sling twelve (12) pillows, five (5) over bedtables, one (1) reclining chair, dry erase board with stand, exam table with stool and one (1)paperback bookFrom Facilities: Fifteen (15) Feed bunks and one (1) Bio Diesel GeneratorVOTE the following surplus items for scrap/disposal:From Health Technology: One (1) bed, one (1) over bed table and various sized metal bowls,basins, pitchers, instrument holder tops and bottoms, rectangle pan and three (3) bed spreadsDiscussion/possible action — VOTE to authorize the Superintendent to negotiate FY19 LegalServices Representation
Tagged Passions:services, pets, vocational education, surplus, technology, cell tower, health, alcohol, superintendent, sale, EMS, arts, legal, and transportation

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