SC - Oconee: Oconee County Council Meeting

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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  • 06/01/50 at 8:00 pm Public Hearing County Offices: 415 S Pine St, Walhalla
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Oconee County Council Meeting




7:00 PM. Call to Order

a t ionApproval of Minutes


4. Discussion of Landfill Rates —Health & SanitationCommission, Ralph Nix, ChairmanDiscussion and Co

nsideration Of EngineeringConsultant Bids for Airport —Mr. MIchaeI WII limon,Chairman, Aeronautics Commission. Discussion and Consideration of Extension OfTime to Take Compensatory Time for the EmployeesOf the Sheriff's Department & CommunicationsDepartment. Discussion Of Disposal Of Scrap Metal at LandfillsConsideration Of Transferring $200 from PRTVehicle Maintenance Into PRT DisselConsideration Of Transferring $32 from Schoolg& Training into Capital Expenditures EquipmentConsideration of Transferring $500 from HealthDepartment Vehicle Maintenance into HealthDepartment GasolineConsideration of Transferring $150 from LibraryVehicle Maintenance into Library Gasoline —Mr. Lee Davis, Motor Pool
Tagged Passions:services, rates, pets, college prep, landfill, education, Communications, equipment, health, alcohol, training, library, boards and commissions, solid waste, arts, RFP, airport, and public safety

9. Consideration Of Transferring $3 , 800 from CourtExpense into Capital Expenditures Equipment— Mrs

. Becky Gerrard, Magistrate
Tagged Passions:equipment, court, GIS, and legal

10.Consideration of Transferring $1 , 560 from MaintenanceBuildings into Maintenance Grounds — Mr. M

ichaelWillimon, Aeronautics CommissionConsideration of Transferring $1 , 050 from Maintenanceon Equipment into Capital Expenditures Vehicle— Mr. Jack Hirst, CCS Director
Tagged Passions:equipment and boards and commissions

12. Consideration Of Bids for Courthouse Remodelingfor Delinquent Tax Collector Office

Tagged Passions:court, RFP, legal, and Taxes

13.Consideration Of Bids for Upgrading Fuel Tanksat Motor Pool

Tagged Passions:grading, college prep, and RFP

14.Consideration Of Approval Of Request for Proposalfor Planning at the Courthouse, 2 - A G

E ND A - February 6, 1990
Tagged Passions:court, legal, and planning

15.Consideration of Bids for Culvert Pipes forRoad Department

Tagged Passions:arts, RFP, streets, and stormwater

16.Request for Approval Of Equipment Purchased— Mr. Roger Williams, Assessor

Tagged Passions:equipment and purchasing

17.Request for Funds to Repair Heating & AirConditioning at Walhalla Library and for WorkDone at the

Walhalla Library and Seneca Library
Tagged Passions:library and funding

18.Consideration Of Request from Sewer Commissionfor Transfer of Fines Collected

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, sewer, and Utility

19.Consideration of Appointment to Sewer Commissionto Represent City Of WalhallaConsideration of Obt

aining an Option to PurchaseThree (3) Acres Of Land Adjacent to Law EnforcementCenter
Tagged Passions:appointments, boards and commissions, sewer, Utility, purchasing, and public safety

21.Consideration of Allocation Of Funds and Approvingthe Management of Construction Plan for theVete

rans Affairs Office and Consideration thatthe Formal Bid process be Waived as to Section
Tagged Passions:pets, construction, veterans, RFP, and funding

c. 4 Of Oconee County Ordinance 85—2, ag it hasbeen Determined by the purchasing Agent andthe Oconee

County Council that it Is In thebest Interest of Oconee County to do so
Tagged Passions:grocery, council, ordinance, and purchasing

22. First Reading In Title Only of Ordinance 90—1 ,1989—90 Supplemental Appropriation Ordinance"

Tagged Passions:ordinance and funding

23.Old Business

Tagged Passions:Public Transit and business

24.New Business

Tagged Passions:Public Transit and business

25.Executive Session for Legal Matters

Tagged Passions:legal

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