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Committee of the Whole

Village of Scarsdale

Office of the Village Manager

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Scarsdale, New York 10583 914-722-1110

Fax: 914-722-1119 www.scarsdale.com

Village Board Agenda

April 9, 2019 Agenda Review Meeting - 7:30 PM Trustees Room Village Board Meeting - 8:00 PM - Rutherford Hall

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance


Village Board Meeting of March 26, 2019

Bills Payroll

Trustee Arest

Mayor s Comments ______________________

Manager s Comments ______________________

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Public Hearings ______________________

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FY 2019/2020 Tentative Budget ______________________

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Public Comments ______________________

Trustee Liaison Reports

Marc Samwick, Mayor

Justin K. Arest Lena Crandall Jonathan Lewis Seth Ross Jane E. Veron Rochelle Waldman

Stephen M. Pappalardo, Village Manager

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Agenda Items

Mayor Samwick Village Board of Trustees

Annual Board Resolutions, Appointments and Assignments ______________________

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Trustee Veron

Resolution re: Acceptance of a Gift for the Scarsdale Public

Library Addition and Renovation Project ______________________

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Trustee Lewis

Resolution re: Awarding VM Contract 1248(A) Resurfacing

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Various Roads ______________________

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Resolution re: Awarding VM Contract 1248(B) Curb and Pedestrian Pathway Restoration ______________________

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Resolution re: Awarding VM Contract 1248(C) Road Patches

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and Restoration ______________________

Written Communications (0)

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Town Board Agenda

Town Board Meeting April 9, 2019

Rutherford Hall, Village Hall

Roll Call


Town Board Meeting of March 12, 2019 ______________________


Report of the Custodian of Taxes as of March 31, 2019 ______________________

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Resolution re: Appointment to the Town Board of Assessment

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Review ______________________

Future Meeting Schedule

Monday April 8, 2019

6:00 PM Committee of the Whole Trustees Room

1. Freightway Development Site Project Interview

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Planning Consulting Firms ______________________

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Tuesday April 9, 2019

6:00 PM Committee of the Whole Trustees Room

1. Re: Organizational Meeting 2019-2020 ______________________

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

7:30 PM Agenda Review Meeting ______________________ 8:00 PM Village Board Meeting ______________________

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 187



Rutherford Hall Village Hall

March 26, 2019

A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Scarsdale was held in

Rutherford Hall in Village Hall on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 8:30 P.M.

Present were Mayor Hochvert, Trustees Arest, Callaghan, Crandall, Finger, Ross, and Veron. Also present were Village Manager Pappalardo, Deputy

Village Manager Cole, Village Attorney Sapienza-Martin, Assistant Village Manager Richards, Village Treasurer McClure, Deputy Village Clerk Regazzi, and Assistant to the Village Manager Ringel.
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* * * * * * * *

Mayor Hochvert stated that there is an additional item to add to the agenda; he moved that the agenda be amended to include a resolution regarding

the creation of the Arts Advisory Council, seconded by Trustee Finger and carried by a unanimous vote.
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* * * * * * * *

The minutes of the Board of Trustees Regular Meeting of Tuesday, March 12, 2019 were approved on a motion entered by Trustee Crandall, seconded by

Trustee Ross and carried unanimously.

* * * * * * * *

Bills Payroll

Trustee Veron reported that she had audited the Abstract of Claims dated March 26, 2019 in the amount of 452,274.32 which includes 1,082.42 in

Library Claims previously audited by a Trustee of the Library Board which were found to be in order and he moved that such payment be ratified.
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Upon motion duly made by Trustee Veron and seconded by Trustee Finger, the following resolution was adopted unanimously:

RESOLVED, that the Abstract of Claims dated March 26, 2019 in the amount of 452,274.32 is hereby approved.

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 188


Mayor Hochvert stated that the first order of business will be to have the Board members speak with respect to those members that are leaving the

Board. Afterwards, the public may offer their comments in the same regard. Other public comments will be saved for later in the meeting.

Trustee Callaghan:

Trustee Callaghan stated that he would like to call this speech Callaghan s reflections . The reflections have been crafted by the turbulences

generated by the windmills in my mind over the last four years. Those turbulences have been gentle, mild, warm, and at times sensuous. Henry David Thoreau said, if you built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
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Lots of thank yous the first goes to the elite sorority of outstanding women administrators that occupy the Village Hall. They have a significant

impact on Scarsdale s superior sustainability, natural resources, economic, and human resources. They are responsible in a great part for Scarsdale maintaining its image as a Tiffany community. In this country and globally they polish the image of Scarsdale as being similar to that of sterling on silver and it will go on and on. Members of that elite sorority are Mary Lou McClure, our Village Treasurer; Donna Conkling, Village Clerk; Elizabeth Marrinan, Village Planner; and Nanette Albanese, Village Assessor who has left us, and our most recent inductee into the sorority is our Village Attorney, Angela Martin congratulations. Behind those ladies are their assistants Ms. Ingrid Richards, Assistant Village Manager; Ms. Samantha Garrison, Deputy Village Attorney and Prosecutor you ought to see her work on Wednesdays, very interesting; Ms. Shelby Miller, Assistant to the Village Manager. These women are solely responsible for a lot that goes on here. There is a lady sitting in the audience tonight in the back, and that is Dara Gruenberg. She and ML Perlman have almost singlehandedly rescued the non-partisan system from a situation two years ago by their efforts. And Dara, I want you to do one more thing, if you will I never, never want you to lose that sparkling charm that surrounds you. Thank you so much for what you did for the non-partisan system, the library, and me personally.
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Moving on to what we Trustees go through, kind of a pendulum that anybody in public life knows very similar to the metronome at the top of my piano

at home, tick, tick goes between requiem and redemption. What causes the requiem is the decision we make as I explained at dinnertime. We all have various different life experiences and that s what we bring to an issue or to a resolution and that s very different among some of us and I ve learned that from the Trustees on this Board and the prior Board. But the litmus test that we must put to every resolution that we read or every issue that we address is the same as written on the archway leaning from the Harvard School of Medicine. And what it says At the least, do no harm. They use that and we Trustees use that in every single resolution we
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V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 189

go through and there are some 240 of them we look at every year. I made a misstep a couple of years ago on two issues and it still hurts. I made the

wrong move and you know, there are no mistakes in life, there are only lessons. And the lesson was, you know, Callaghan, sometimes listen to your heart and not your head. And that is my wish for new Mayor and new Trustees, at the least, do no harm.

Other people to thank are the Scarsdale Inquirer. You have given me four consecutive years of unblemished press unheard of in public service. Your

last article on my voting record and the photograph remarkable. To this day, people that I don t know come up to me and remark about the reporting and the interview as well as the photograph. They say you look like Gary Cooper and the gunfight at the OK Corral you re a man who s going to do business over the top. The way things turned out that might have been too good. Thank you again very very much for that unblemished coverage.
Tagged Passions:business and voting

Last person I want to thank is Howie Nadel. He s no longer with use. Howie was the linchpin, the key man that got me to take that seat four years

ago. How he engineered that is way beyond me. I don t know how he did that and you know, I miss Howie and his advice and I thank him for what he has done for me. There are two other individuals who helped me immensely. One of them is sitting here this evening, the other is not. I will tell you that some other time who they are. But for Howie, a wonderful person, this community has lost a great person. All we public servants should be just like Howie. Again, thank you very much for sharing these reflections with me and good luck and bless you all.

And what I wish for our new Mayor and new Trustees is this: that God grant them the grace to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as a

Trustee/Steward of the public good and public welfare of Scarsdale consistent with the highest standards of ethical and moral accountability for the residents of Scarsdale. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with me.
Tagged Passions:grant and accountability

I almost forgot one, he s sitting right here. Joshua Ringel. You know, in Las Vegas they have a term in the casinos in how they are run. They have

the front of the house and they have the back of the house. Josh is the crew chief for the back of the house. He can be seen helping the Police Department empty the coins out of the machines, counting them and drafting grant proposals that bring thousands of dollars into this Village. And I want to thank Josh on a personal note. Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 of which I am a member of for 37 years, celebrated its 125th anniversary last year. That is a volunteer organization, the only one that has been active for that amount of time in Scarsdale. I asked Josh to do one thing could he work something into that proclamation that would show how we firefighters go on from protecting lives and property to helping the Village. The Fire service in its history has given this Village 5 Mayors, 4 Trustees, leaders in the 17 Boards and Councils as well as in the 17 Neighborhood organizations. I would also like to thank Mayor Hochvert for the privilege and honor of allowing me to present that proclamation to the Fire Department on its 125th anniversary. That indeed Mayor, is a wow moment in any Commissioner s life or any Trustees. Thank you and I appreciate that.
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V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 190

Trustee Veron:

I would like to praise my colleagues who are ending their service to the Village Board as Trustees as well as our Mayor.

First, Trustee Callahan, Mr. Fire Commissioner, my dais companion, thank you for your service to our community. With your great stories, quick wit,

and decisive votes, you have enhanced our experience on the Village Board. You regularly provide new perspectives on subjects we discuss and always keep us on our toes. When you speak, we know there will be another angle to consider, and we are better for it. We have all benefited from your long- standing tenure in this community. You have an intuitive sense for what works in Scarsdale.

I am certain that in the history of Scarsdale s Village Boards there has never been a Fire Commissioner quite like you. Someone who has dedicated

himself to a lifetime of service as a volunteer fire fighter who has then risen to the high post of Commissioner. You garner respect wherever you go. Impeccably clad in uniform, neatly pressed, badges ashine, you are held in the highest regard. You regale all with anecdotes that capture the essence of heroism and dedication, bringing honor to our public safety officers. Thank you for bringing into sharp focus the extraordinary work of Scarsdale s men and women in uniform. You represent us so well.
Tagged Passions:public safety, volunteer, and history

It has been my distinct pleasure to get to know you over these past several years. How lucky am I that I ve been seated next to you for my entire

board tenure. I feel a special kinship with you. I admire how you comport yourself with grace and gentility, no matter the circumstance. I know that even when our opinions differ, you will always treat me with honor and respect. You model the essence of civility and goodness. You set the bar high. We can all learn from you.

Trustee Callahan, it is hard for me to imagine days on the board without you. I will miss your charm and good will. But, I know that you are already

onto your next challenge. Congratulations on being selected to serve on the County advisory board on seniors. I have no doubt that you will continue to soar in your public service career. And, I will be cheering for you
Tagged Passions:seniors

Trustee Finger, you were the first Trustee to meet with me when I got elected to the

board. We sat together over coffee, and you shared with me your journey as a first year Trustee. You gave me tips and advice and offered your help.

Before we wrapped up, you pulled out a long wish list of things you wanted to see happen for our Village. You said you weren t sure how to convert these wishes into reality, but you said you would certainly try. What struck me then and what I know so well now, is that your unassuming earnestness, your fundamental desire to do what you think is right, what will make Scarsdale even better, has propelled you forward to deliver for our community.
Tagged Passions:college prep

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 191

Throughout your tenure, you have focused on issues of sustainability. As chair of the Law Committee, you have worked dutifully to draft legislation

to amend our current code. You worked through iterations of the tree code, trying to bridge disparate views. You didn t lose steam, leading the charge from one board to the next. You also advanced changes to our code to enable a more streamlined approach to solar panel approvals. Your efforts added the legislative backing to the boards expressed support. We now have codified modifications that reflect the evolving desires of our constituents.
Tagged Passions:STEM, trees, solar power, and sustainability

On a vastly different topic, you again displayed your commitment to ensuring that Scarsdale code embodies the belief system of our residents. With

the increased national dialogue on gun control and teen vaping, you saw an opportunity to make a difference on the local front. You researched laws in neighboring towns and championed new legislation for Scarsdale. You listened to our citizens and found a way to reflect their beliefs in local law.
Tagged Passions:gun control, Gun Control, and tobacco

Trustee Finger, I will miss your good counsel on our board. You have an understated, effective style that gets your point across, captures the

essence of the debate, and moves things forward. Your heart is always in the right place, and I have been proud to work by your side. You have given so much of yourself to our Village, and we are all grateful.

Mayor Hochvert, these two years have flown by, and I am proud of what we ve accomplished under your leadership. You have led our Village with the

perfect blend of folksy charm and can-do determination. Your penchant for rolling up your sleeves and getting things done set just the right tone.

One of my earliest memories of working with you preceded our time on the Village Board. Then, I was President of the League of Women Voters, and you

joined one of our consensus meetings as an interested resident. You casually entered a packed room of all women engaged in animated debate. You listened intently, asked good questions, and contributed pointedly. At the meeting s conclusion, you approached me, spoke about the issue, then exited the room, calmly resuming your day. To me, that snippet encapsulates who you are. No fuss, no muss, making impact without fanfare. You proceed in a measured, understated way and move things along.

Throughout these past couple years, you have been a great partner to me. From the very beginning, you have supported the myriad of initiatives I ve

pursued: communications, roads, security, arts, food scraps, land use, library, cable, Village Center, the list goes on. You ve always been there when I needed and helped me pave the way. Your support made a tremendous difference.
Tagged Passions:streets, arts, security, communications, Communications, and library

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 192

I am sure all of us will remember fondly our walks with the Mayor. Distinctive and appropriate. Discussing Village matters while strolling through

our streets. We watched roads being paved, noted potholes, identified sick trees, and examined watercourses. In the Village Center, you helped me advance improved parking measures and revitalization activities. We strolled door to door to get an on the ground understanding of merchant parking stressors. We sat side by side, planting trees to enhance Scarsdale s beauty. We tag teamed in work sessions. You welcomed new ideas and provided encouragement. You ve been consistently available to assist in any way.
Tagged Passions:college prep, streets, plant, trees, and parking

Mayor Dan, I truly admire your countenance. You put people at ease and diffuse tension. You govern with an even keel. And you couple your calm with

sharp intellect and an engineer s precision. You have a wonderful spirit. When asked, you are always splendid . A term that will forever embody your service to the Village. I am grateful for our time together with you at the helm. Thank you for your tremendous service to our board and to this Village. You will be sorely missed.

Mayor Hochvert noted that one of their walks was during the big outage and they

went around and visited both the workers and the neighbors and he felt that helped a few things also.

Trustee Arest:

I will start with Trustee Callaghan. Matt, what can I say about the most dapper Trustee? Excuse me, dapper Commish. I have appreciated working with

you and getting to know you. You are the quintessential volunteer and you ve certainly kept us on our toes. And even once or twice may have made me hurt my neck muscles with an unexpected no vote. I think that the senior population of our County is very fortunate that George appointed you to represent them at the County level and I m sure that our local senior council is excited for your addition.
Tagged Passions:council, appointments, and volunteer

Carl, being a new Trustee can prove frustrating at times and I will always appreciate your concern and especially early on, your efforts to insure

that I was heard. You immediately offered to come to my house over the weekend when you realized I had the bill bag for the first meeting and had never done it before. I appreciated your leadership and it was my pleasure working with you on the children safety zoning amendments that involved vaping and guns as well as the modifications to our obstruction law. I was not technically on the Law Committee but that did not stop you from including me. Even when we disagreed, I always appreciated our conversations. It appears that your work in Scarsdale is far from over; the school will be very lucky to have you and I hope to work closely with you in that next challenge.
Tagged Passions:gun control, zoning, education, Gun Control, and tobacco

Dan, as I mentioned at our dinner, I learned early that one should not underestimate Dan Hochvert. It was pretty obvious when you asked me to take

the first of many walks in

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 193

the Village and you were walking faster than me and in better cardio shape. I think our relationship has grown a lot this year. You and I might have

slightly different styles and it may have taken a little while, but I think we became a very good team. I hope that now that the weather is improving we can make time to continue those walks and discussions. I am sure that we will not agree on everything but I know you will listen. I have learned a lot from you; I can only hope that your positive outlook and even temper has rubbed off on me. Your disposition is just simply splendid. Overall, we haven t agreed on everything as a group, but we have never lost our mutual respect and I hope, admiration. As a colleague but even more so as a resident, I appreciate your service to Scarsdale. I am grateful for your commitment to our Village. Thank you.

Trustee Crandall:

This has been a tough speech for me to put together because it seems like I just gotten used to working with all of you and now boom Here we are,

about to change Mayor, a couple of Trustees and I ve actually been heartbroken. So I ve tried my best and I did pen a few words; I ll be brief but from the heart.

Trustee Callaghan, when I was President of the Scarsdale Forum and you were a Trustee and Fire Commissioner, I invited you to speak about a large

fire that demolished a home on Post Road. You delighted everyone when you walked into the room in full dress attire. And, then you provided an insider's view of what it was like for our professional and volunteer firefighters to put out the blaze. You also offered helpful information on fire prevention. You have continued to inform the public about the hard work of our first responders. But, more importantly, you have always been an independent voice on the Village Board. It's clear that you care about this community. I'm glad that you'll be continuing your advocacy for senior citizens on the County level during your next phase of community service. I'll certainly miss serving with you on the Village Board.
Tagged Passions:streets, fire departments and districts, seniors, and volunteer

Trustee Finger, years ago we both served on the Conservation Advisory Council together. I was delighted to once again to have the opportunity to work

with you again on the Village Board as co-liaisons to the CAC. Thanks to your leadership, the tree ordinance was updated to address the problem of clear-cutting and to insure that at least some replacement trees would be planted. You also led the way on important zoning changes to protect our community from e-cigarettes and guns. And, most recently, you helped streamline solar panel installations. I have learned a lot from you about the legislative process and how to get things done. I frankly hope that someday you'll be our Mayor.
Tagged Passions:gun control, ordinance, council, zoning, Conservation, plant, trees, solar power, Gun Control, e-cigarette, E-CIGARETTE, and tobacco

Mayor Hochvert, we have worked together for several years now on different volunteer boards. I can't thank you enough for all you've done to help me

make the transition from regular volunteer to a representative of the community on this Village Board. You have an efficient style of leadership that gets things done. And, I've always admired your hands-on work in our watercourses, parks and other public sites. Most importantly,
Tagged Passions:sites, parks, and volunteer

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 194

however, you've shown me with your own actions how to work as part of a team, not only with fellow board members, but also members of our

hard-working village staff. I will miss you most of all.

Trustee Ross:

Trustee Callaghan, your devotion to the Volunteer Fire Department to which you ve given so much of yourself during your many years in Scarsdale is

clear. Through your work as a skilled and dedicated firefighter, you ve helped to make Scarsdale a better and safer place. But your service to the community has been so much broader than that. As a member of this Board, you take a rigorous and independent approach to deliberation on a wide range of issues that confront us. You speak forcefully and persuasively when you have a position that differs from that of those on the Board. And the contribution you make to our understanding on an issue is always profound. Even when I don t end up agreeing with you, after hearing you speak I always have a more comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand than I had before. And the equanimity and courtesy that you invariably exhibit insures that discussions are always constructive. Thank you for your service.
Tagged Passions:fire departments and districts, hearing, and volunteer

Trustee Finger, although you are among the youngest to serve on this Board, at least in recent years, you lived here in Scarsdale longer than most of

us, most or all of your life I believe. So you have an innate feel for this community, a body of knowledge and a familiarity with the community s workings that you acquired naturally. You also have all of the abilities and virtues one could ask for in a member of our Board. So you have quite a lot to contribute. You ve willingly made that contribution on an ongoing basis throughout your two terms as Trustee and I look forward to your continuing to be an active and involved member of the community. I might add that I wrote these words before learning that you had been nominated to serve on the School Board and of course that nomination has really just amplified and added substance to the hope that I ve had for you.
Tagged Passions:education

Mayor Hochvert, we are all aware that the Mayor of Scarsdale is a very demanding position and takes a special person to do the job. What amazes me

about you is that in addition to the tremendous ability and complete integrity you bring to the job, you take such an expansive view of your role as Mayor. You seem to know everyone, you speak to everyone, you listen to everyone. You connect with people on every level. You always maintain a thorough grasp of the big picture but you never forget that what matters most to us in public service is meeting the needs of people we serve, and that each of those people is an individual with his or her own needs and perspectives and special contribution to make to the fabric of the community. It s a great comfort to know that although as of next month you will no longer be Mayor, you will still be you and I think that is a very widely shared sentiment. Thank you.

Trustee Finger:

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 195

Atypically, I have some prepared remarks but more typically I will make some unprepared remarks first. I first want to express appreciation for the

comments of all my fellow Trustees this evening. We don t often take the opportunity to share our views of each other in any way so it s very interesting to hear everybody s perspective and I appreciate it. Most people cannot understand, I don t think, the bond that I think we share having spent so many nights and so many phone calls, and so much time together over a short intense period of time and I feel the same with the staff. You can t really describe it adequately, but I have great affection for all of you and for the past Board members that I ve served with and the past Mayor. I believe that everybody does a fantastic job and I can t say enough good about each of you. So my comments forthcoming:
Tagged Passions:bond

Citizens of Scarsdale, our Village in the Park My last board meeting, so please do hark I invite you to hear about your Trustees As well as the staff

that always aims to please Here is the tale of a government so fine
Tagged Passions:parks

The last four years have been a fabulous time This year we were joined by Arest and Crandall Ready they were to take the mantle From Pekarek and

Samwick they sat in stead Working hard, learning the ropes, and getting ahead Justin quickly brought to the board his own view Adding process to our decision making stew He studied and learned of the village code Justin keeps us all on a very straight road (without potholes) Lena started off with verve and with ease Always of course preserving our trees She asks important questions and views And keeps us up on the sustainability news Continuing on were Callaghan, Veron and Ross Never a word from them would be cross Matt has been the fire commissioner Always the anti-vote positioner His independence was most respected And was most certainly why he was re-elected More can be said of our trustee Seth His comments often a fresh air breath Seth s quite reserved its fair to say But when he speaks, better listen or be prepared to pay His analysis and comments always quite wise Logic prevails, he finds no need to dramatize Jane is third in the line of succession
Tagged Passions:college prep, streets, trees, and sustainability

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 196

She works hard and speaks clearly without digression Jane wanted a board that would communicate She suggested a committee to set us straight

Websites, newsletters, instructional videos to exhort Every meeting Jane offered a comprehensive report Of her comings and goings we heard great detail A report so lengthy it could not fit in the mail That brings me now to the current Mayor you see Who led us all with humor splendidly He took the reins of the board as our newest steward He stood firm and didn t allow us be skewered He carefully quietly listened and always heard Dan could change minds and hearts with one word He let us all stretch out and explore Our interests and goals he would never ignore I can t say enough about his first rate function Suffice to say I have no compunction Mayor Dan has my greatest appreciation For service well done and much approbation

That takes me now to those who make our work possible Though they often labor without name, they are cognoscible It s hard to know quite where to

start To remember them all I d have to be really smart Safety in Scarsdale is number one Chiefs Matturo and Seymour cannot be outdone No longer a long term renowned employee I d be remiss not mention Salanitro Benny His knowledge of all matters snow, trash, and compostable Made most first rate because he was always approachable Paul Zaichek is a wiz with buildings and plans In planning buildings not a thing is missed, not even the fans Liz Marrinan our planner knows the village codes and lots Her advice on point and correct and quite often sought Frank Diodioti has taken over the building department with zeal The information he provides is always even keel Our Court Clerk April is always so kind Ever present a smile that will help you unwind Donna Conkling our Village Clerk is as organized as one could hope She manages personnel, committees, councils as well as the pope Mary Lou McLure manages our money with care and finesse and details aplenty She always has the numbers at hand and if you ask nicely she ll lend you a twenty Assistant to the Village Manager is Josh Ringel
Tagged Passions:planning, council, legal, personnel, manager, snow, and court

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 197

His expertise on parking, traffic and safety, permit fees and the like explain why he s no longer single Assistant Manager Ingrid Richards appeared

on the scene Just in time for meter, trees, and other legislation she presented with sheen Robert Cole also arrived with a great flair He s done amazing work despite not having hair Rob s work I must say is always first rate Newsletters, spreadsheets, analysis, and never ever late Our Village Attorney Angela Martin a fine legal mind Supported my efforts and wrote legislation really quite fine That brings me to Steve, Pappalardo I mean, Who runs a Village with much great esteem From our friend Winston who closes up Village Hall each night To the many employees who toil out of sight It s hard to imagine a business run so well by so few But I am here to tell you it is definitely true Steve takes copious notes at every committee, council, or board meeting He records all the words and ideas without eating But that s not all that Steve does every day He reviews those notes while hidden away Then returns to us with a memo and plan to weigh It s truly apparent to those close enough to hear That Steve is force of excellence for the Village year after year So as I bring my comments to a close I realize that names I ve omitted nobody knows But at least for me I d like staff to hear They keep our village running and that much is clear I will never forget the contributions you make And will tout your accomplishments for Scarsdale s sake Police, Fire, Public Works, Buildings, Courts, Planning, Treasurers, Assessors, and so many more
Tagged Passions:planning, business, council, legal, public safety, trees, Public Works, public works, Treasurer, manager, TREASURER, traffic, parking, and court

All I can say is thank you so much, as I head for the door.

Mayor Hochvert:

Mayor Hochvert stated that it is interesting to see this man sitting and reading a marvelous piece and I recall the first time I saw him he was 11

years old at a basketball court. You ve come a long way
Tagged Passions:legal and court

Over this two years working with a terrific Board has been a great reward for me. The staff is splendid as you might expect but it goes beyond that.

We have so many volunteers, some of whom are sitting in the audience. We have the SNAP, Scarsdale
Tagged Passions:volunteer

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 198

Neighborhood Association Presidents, we have the Boards and Councils, and you could go on with all the people that are working together to make this

a fine place to live. Yes, we try to do our job but without all that other work, Scarsdale wouldn t be as fine a place to live as it is. We ve got two new members of our Board this year.
Tagged Passions:council and neighborhood

Lena had a lot of assignments but then she doubled the number of activities she picked up so she could bring additional information. I don t know how

many meetings you have gone to this year but it certainly is over 100.

The thing that I have learned with Justin who also does a great deal of looking into things, understanding what the normal process is, bending when

he thinks it s the right thing to do because the thing we are all charged to do is serve the people and if the bending is not going to harm the people that we represent. You do bend, I ve seen that a couple of times and so I appreciate that.

A long time ago, there was a fellow that was working in my division and I had set up

some evaluations of the people that reported to me and the ones below that. I told them to evaluate my performance and they all told me who they were

and they trusted that I wouldn t put anything untoward. Tom said, Dan, sometimes I think you argue to win, not for the truth. And I said, you know, that man s right. It s an ego thing, so I ve tried to adjust it.
Tagged Passions:performance

What I find is that Seth has that ability that he argues for truth. He is, as somebody

has already said, he s quiet and thinks and before he offers an opinion. But when he hears a counterpoint that he agrees with, he will quickly say I

agree with you, not what he had originally done. I think that is very valuable to this Board.

Carl, I don t think anybody s worked any harder than you have this last year. I think

you ve had hands in more things than probably anybody else on the Board and it has certainly born good work.

Yes, Trustee Callaghan, we have done some things together. And we ve agreed on

most things. I wish we had agreed on a couple others, but it s good to have somebody you know you have to convince and you have to think of why is it

being proposed to do such and such, will that benefit the people we are serving? And if I could make the argument well enough, you would agree with it. And you did most of the time, 90 of the time probably, or more.

Trustee Veron and I have taken many walks and have done many activities together

and I also often wonder how she schedules all the things she does. She also tries to please all the people all the time and you can t do that. I m

satisfied with most of the people, I hope. You have done a great deal and I think people know that, and I don t think I don t have to say anymore because I think they do know that.

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 199

With that, since it s already 9:15, if there is anyone in the audience that wants to

comment on the Board members, particularly those who are leaving, just grab the microphone.

Andrew Sereysky, Walworth Avenue, speaking as the President of the Greenacres

Neighborhood Association, presented proclamations to the Mayor and Trustee Finger from the neighborhood association and read them to those present.

The proclamations declared Mayor Hochvert and Trustee Finger honorary members of the Greenacres Neighborhood Association.
Tagged Passions:recognition and neighborhood

Jon Mark, 58 Brookby Road, gave the following statement: I am here this evening

Tagged Passions:streets

in several roles: as a Scarsdale resident of more than 40 years, as a former Village Board member and mayor, and currently, I am president of the

Scarsdale Forum, and offer my comments in that capacity.

My purpose is to thank the members of the Village Board and in particular Mayor Dan Hochvert, Trustee Matt Callaghan and Trustee Carl Finger at this

final Board meeting of their respective terms for their volunteer service to our community. Serving on the Village Board requires commitment, an open mind, a willingness to listen to a wide variety of points of view and the courage to exercise one s reasonable judgment in making decisions that affect our community as a whole. The time and effort of those who serve on Scarsdale s Village Board are an essential component to our community s effective management of its municipal affairs. Through your service, each of you has contributed greatly to fostering the continued desirability of settling and residing in our village.
Tagged Passions:volunteer

If we are to continue to enjoy our village as we know it and continue to improve it history teaches us that attracting thoughtful, committed resident

volunteers will be an important part of achieving that goal. This evening, I thank Messrs. Hochvert, Finger and Callaghan for generously giving of their time to serve our community. Trustee Finger, while I am at it, congratulations to you as one of three nominees for the School Board and thanks for your continued desire to serve the Village. Finally, I also thank Mayor-elect Marc Samwick, and Trustees elect Jonathan Lewis, Rochelle Waldman and, returning for a second term, Trustee Seth Ross for stepping up to carry on Scarsdale s tradition of volunteerism which has served our community well for more than 100 years.
Tagged Passions:education, volunteer, and history

Lynne Clark, 13 Walworth Avenue, stated that she had to attend the meeting this evening with a special tribute to Mayor Hochvert. She stated that

back in 2002, she received a call from her friend, Dan Hochvert who had an unusual question to ask me. He told her he was retiring from Nynex and asked for her recommendation as to what to do with his time. She stated she thought about it for one second and told him to give his time to the Village. He decided to do it and the rest is history. She stated that she is here tonight to give thanks on behalf of the residents of Scarsdale to a man who has given his heart and soul, full
Tagged Passions:unusual and history

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 200

time, to make our town a better place; wherever and whenever he was needed, especially during his two years as Mayor. He was present at every

Scarsdale event. He was thorough in investigating every issue before him. He was one of the first residents to mulch leaves and recycle food scraps. His willingness to use his practical skills like helping to build the deck at the Teen Center she watched him do that. If something needed to be done and he could do it himself, he just did it. His dedication to our Village has been awesome. She thanked him and thanked his wonderful wife Susan also. She thanked the entire Board for their dedication to Scarsdale.
Tagged Passions:events

Diane Greenwald, 2 Oak Lane, speaking on behalf of the Scarsdale Library Board, stating that they would like to offer their sincere thanks to Dan

Hochvert, Carl Finger and Matt Callaghan for their remarkable service and commitment to Scarsdale. They have seen the amount of work they have put into their positions, the integrity with which they worked and the dedication to that work. Mayor Hochvert and Trustees Finger and Callaghan have been part of the library s journey improving a critical resource for Scarsdale and part of the larger continuum of volunteer leaders who model the non-city life, not for self alone. The Library Board extends its thank you to the full Board of Trustees for their ongoing support of the library s mission to be the central hub of lifelong learning for this community. She noted their special gratitude to Trustee Veron, liaison to the Library Board, who has attended all of their business meetings and is an asset to their team. She provides feedback, Village wide perspective and valued advice. The Library Board is grateful for the services of the many capable Village and Library professionals who do the work to make our Village a well-run, safe and beautiful place to live. The Library Board offers its congratulations and thanks to incoming Mayor-elect Marc Samwick, to returning Trustee Seth Ross, and to Trustees-elect Jonathan Lewis and Rochelle Waldman. The Library Board looks forward to working together.
Tagged Passions:business, services, volunteer, and library

Janice Starr, Co-President, Scarsdale League of Women Voters, along with Linda Doucette Ashman stated that they would like to honor and thank

outgoing Mayor Dan Hochvert and outgoing Trustees Carl Finger and Matthew Callaghan for the tremendous service they have given to the Village over the years. Ms. Starr read a statement thanking each one individually. She also congratulated Mayor-elect Marc Samwick and Trustees-elect Jonathan Lewis and Rochelle Waldman, as well as Trustee Seth Ross as he begins his second term.

Jaclyn Finger, 38 Butler Road, stated that she is very proud of Trustee Finger (her father) noting that he worked very hard the past four years and

it is visible how much he impacted not only the Village but all of the people he worked with. Another daughter stated that she hoped he enjoyed his time with the Village; they love him so much and stated that he should continue doing awesome things.
Tagged Passions:streets

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 201

Dara Gruenberg, Hampton Road, stated that she wanted to say thank you; she knows the extraordinary amount of time they give to the Village. Most

importantly they are always available and accessible and always allow people to be heard.
Tagged Passions:streets

Ron Schulhof, Springdale Road, speaking as a resident for both himself and Michelle Sterling,

Tagged Passions:streets

Mayor s Comments

Mayor Hochvert reported that on February 28th, a public budget meeting was held. On March 3rd, the Seasons grocery store reopened and a ceremony was

held at the Golden Horseshoe. The interior redesign was superb. Several of the Board members also attended the reopening. Following this ceremony, Mayor Hochvert stated that he attended a memorial service at the Woman s Club for its custodian that passed away.
Tagged Passions:grocery, budget, and commercial

On March 5th he officiated at a wedding, followed by a meeting of the Greenacres Oil Purchasing Consortium. On March 6th, Mayor Hochvert stated that

he and the Village Manager met with the School Board President and the Superintendent of Schools to lay out planning for a public meeting. Trustee Finger will speak more on this subject. Following that meeting, a public meeting was held on the Capital Budget. Trustee Ross will speak on the state of the budget this evening.
Tagged Passions:planning, budget, Fossil Fuels - Oil, purchasing, superintendent, manager, and education

On March 7th, Mayor Hochvert stated he attended the Assessor s retirement gathering. He noted that everyone that spoke praised Ms. Albanese s long

and faithful work at trying to find the best way to assess value in Scarsdale.
Tagged Passions:retirement and seniors

A joint Board meeting was held on March 11th which will be discussed by Trustee Finger. On March 10th, Mayor Hochvert stated that he met with an

Eagle Scout candidate, Adam Friedhofner, who is going to work on rehabilitating the paths in the Red Maple Swamp. This will benefit people who live in that area.

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 202

This afternoon, Mayor Hochvert attended a Rotary meeting and he was very impressed with the types of things that group is supporting.


Manager s Comments

Tagged Passions:manager

Village Manager Pappalardo reported that the Village issued a press release this afternoon after receiving notice from the Scarsdale School

administration on its plans to test their emergency public address messaging system. Beginning this evening from 5pm to 8pm, the schools are planning to test their lockdown panic system including the broadcast of test messages on their outdoor PA speakers. The elementary schools tested this evening were Edgewood, Fox Meadow, and Greenacres. The tests include messages for lockdown, lockout and all clear. All scheduled broadcasts will be preceded and following by language which indicates that the announcement is for test purposes only. There will be more testing this week tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13th from 5pm to 8 pm, Heathcote Elementary and Scarsdale Middle School will be tested. Thursday, March 14th from 4pm to 8pm, Quaker Ridge Elementary and Scarsdale High School will be tested.
Tagged Passions:planning, emergency, manager, and education

Village Manager Pappalardo next reported that the County s mobile shredder will be coming to Scarsdale on Saturday, March 16th from 10am to 1pm at

the Recycling Center at 110 Secor Road. Residents who are interested may bring their residential information only to be shredded; they do not take commercial or business related documents. There is a maximum of four (4) file boxes approximately 10 x 12 x 15 in size. Bindings, paperclips, etc. must be removed. No bound or hard cover books are allowed. For more information, visit the County s website at www.westchestercounty.gov and the click on the Department of Environmental Facilities. The recycling information will be available on that site. Residents may also call their office at (914) 813-5425.
Tagged Passions:business, streets, environment, recycling, commercial, and manager


Trustee Committee and Liaison Reports

Trustee Arest stated that at a recent Board meeting he announced the resignation of the Village Assessor and mentioned that a search committee would

be formed. At that time he had also stated that he would keep the community informed with any updates whenever possible. The composition of the search committee will be supported by Adil Tahir, the Village HR Director and will be comprised of himself, the Mayor, the Village Manager, Noreen Witty and Jim Palmer. Ms. Witty is currently the Assessor for the City of Rye and has been in that capacity for approximately 20 years and prior to that, she served as the Assessor to Scarsdale. Mr. Palmer has been the Village Manager for Bronxville since 2014. Prior to that, he worked for the Village of Mt. Kisco as Village Manager for six years and
Tagged Passions:manager

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 203

prior to that was the Assessor for Mt. Kisco as well for 13 years. The Committee does have resumes and has scheduled interviews; there is no

timetable. It would like to find the right and best person for the position. He noted that last night, after the joint meeting with the Board of Education, he had the pleasure of meeting with the Forum Revaluation and Assessment Committee chaired by Bob Berg and Steve Pass. He appreciated their time and discussion regarding the Assessor vacancy and the search that is underway. He welcomed any thoughts on the position, the process, or qualifications by sending him an email at Justinarest.scarsdaletrustee@gmail.com.
Tagged Passions:education

Trustee Veron reported that the Library had a very successful casino night Friday evening. There was a tremendous turnout which shows the continued

support the community has for the Library. She thanked the volunteers who put on the event. She stated that the Library Board continues to work hard on the construction of the Library. They are selecting color palettes for the interior as well as the furniture. The Library Board is also embarking on strategic planning initiatives as it continues to think about how it will serve the community for the next decade. The Board is also working on a website upgrade.
Tagged Passions:planning, construction, strategic, gambling, events, volunteer, and library

Trustee Veron reported on the Advisory Communications Council, stating that the resident portal of the Village website has been updated. Boards and

Councils information has been updated for residents to learn more about each one. There are also descriptions of what the obligations are for each Board and Council; it is a very user friendly site. The council is also working on a communications policy draft as well as video clips that people can engage with.
Tagged Passions:council, communications, policy, and Communications

Trustee Veron next reported on the Health, Beauty and Wellness Fair scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 4th from 10am to 3pm. This is sponsored

by the Scarsdale Business Alliance (SBA). There will be fitness classes, health and wellness experts, healthy eating, and opportunities for children to engage with fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. The SBA has been working very hard to bring this to the community. She thanked Village staff for supporting this effort.
Tagged Passions:health, business, public safety, fire departments and districts, and transportation

Trustee Veron next reported on the WOW conference which was held at SUNY Purchase and well attended. This was held in honor of Women s International

Day; Government leaders, etc. were present. She noted that this event was held to elevate and encourage women to continue to take on leadership roles. She stated that she represented the Village of Scarsdale.
Tagged Passions:events and purchasing

Trustee Callaghan reported on the activity of the Advisory Council on Scarsdale Senior Citizens. He stated that it is beginning to lock into the

County and State data banks to try to improve the services for the Village. He noted that he has been appointed by County Executive George Latimer as his personal representative to the Westchester County Council on Senior Citizens.
Tagged Passions:council, appointments, seniors, and services

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 204

Trustee Callaghan reported as liaison to the Board of Appeals, stating that at its last meeting it heard eight (8) cases, all swimming pools and all

were approved.

Finally, Trustee Callaghan reported on the Council for People with Disabilities, stating that through his connections with Westchester County, it was

able to hook up with People with Disabilities of Northern Westchester on the Move. This is a lobbying body that reaches out all over the State for people with disabilities.
Tagged Passions:council and lobbying

Trustee Crandall reported that the Friends of the Scarsdale Parks met on February 27th and stated that it has submitted a letter to the Village Board

with recommendations for the Freightway Project.
Tagged Passions:parks

Trustee Crandall also reported that the Scarsdale Drug and Alcohol Task Force met on March 8th. It is seeking additional board members. Interested

parties should contact the Chair, Wendy Gendall at wendykgendall@gmail.com. For more information, one should visit the Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Services website, sfcsinc.org.
Tagged Passions:drugs, alcohol, and services

Trustee Crandall noted that the Village Recreation Department will be holding a summer camp parent information night this Thursday, March 14th at 7

pm in Rutherford Hall.
Tagged Passions:recreation

Trustee Crandall stated that the Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Family Service s Aging in Place program may have solutions to pain. It is

presenting a program on innovations on arthritis and joint pain. The program will be held on Monday, March 18th at 10:45am in the Girl Scout House at 37 Wayside Lane. The program is free of charge and open to all in the community. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, contact the aging in place coordinator, Mary Ellen Saenger at 914-723-3281 or email msaenger@sfcsinc.org.
Tagged Passions:program

Trustee Ross stated that the Finance Committee held its final meeting this evening in anticipation of the adoption of the 2019-2020 Village Budget.

The process is not quite finished yet as next month the Village Board will be holding a public hearing April 9th to adopt the budget on April 23rd. The process has been a long and exhaustive one. It has included five public meetings of the Finance Committee. There have also been two public briefing sessions held solely for the purpose of keeping the public informed and answer any questions that might arise. In addition, prior to the beginning of the process, the League of Women Voters and the Scarsdale Forum jointly presented a very informative program entitled Where Your Village Property Tax Dollars Go an Overview which was attended by many Village residents as well as the Village Manager, Village Treasurer and other senior Village officials. After much discussion and examination of both costs and revenues, in consideration of input from the Board and other concerned residents, there is now a proposed budget of 58,025,449, an increase 1,450,736 or 2.56 from the 2018/2019 budget of 56,574,713. Of the 58,025,449 total, 41,207,438 is to be raised from real estate
Tagged Passions:finance, budget, taxes, Taxes, program, property, Treasurer, hearing, manager, TREASURER, and property tax

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 205

taxes which represents an increase of 2.88 from the 2018/2019 figure. This is well under cap which is 4.84 which consists of the 2 inflation

adjustment, a 1.32 growth factor, and a 1.52 fiscal year 2018/19 carryover because we were also under the cap last year.
Tagged Passions:taxes, Taxes, and growth

Trustee Finger reported briefly on the joint meeting between the Village Board and the Scarsdale Board of Education yesterday evening. The agenda

included the Freightway Redevelopment project, community safety and security, construction issues associated with the summer recreation program, the Butler Field track replacement and lights, and the possible Middle School comfort station. A very thorough discussion was held. The Village Board is continuing to try to improve and enhance communications with the School Board and to work together for areas that are of significance to the community including the items mentioned by the Village Manager earlier this evening.
Tagged Passions:construction, security, program, communications, manager, education, Communications, and recreation


Public Hearing

Tagged Passions:hearing

Trustee Arest stated that he would like to make a few points on process before the public hearing this evening is opened. He stated that he is very

hopeful that the Board will not be voting on this item tonight. He stated that he has spoken about this multiple times this year and he thought that the Board had come to an agreement, though not voted on, that there was an understanding that unless there was really a time sensitive or administrative issue, there is no reason to vote right after a public hearing. He stated that there should be an extra meeting separation, and hoped that would be the case for the public hearing this evening.
Tagged Passions:voting and hearing

Secondly, Trustee Arest stated that he would like some confirmation as to how the checklist in connection with the item on for public hearing would

be changed in the future. The proposed amendment is simple in what it does, but the checklist itself becomes administrative and staff can change it without any action from the Board. If that is the case, not only is the Board taking away the discretion from the volunteers on the BAR, but we also taking away the ability to change this and adapt based on community concerns unless we amend the law again. That is something he would like addressed.
Tagged Passions:hearing and volunteer

In terms of process, Trustee Arest stated that while he has been a Trustee, the solar discussions began at a Land Use Committee meeting which he sits

on with Trustee Veron as the Chair and Trustee Callaghan as a member. What got him to vote this out of that committee was the discussion that this was going to be a process with the BAR and the CAC, and that the two of them were going to work on something. The discussion was also that this was the impetus for all of this was that the BAR was actually driving this, and this was something that was going to save them time and it was something they were interested in. Now fast forward, a question that he asked at the last Joint Land Use/Law Committee meeting to someone on the BAR was what the actual vote was, because he never heard what

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 206

the vote was or recommendation of the BAR. To his dismay, he found out that there was no vote. Trustee Arest stated that he found out yesterday that

there wasn t even a conversation on the dais by the BAR. He stated that he has no idea the composition of this Board that actually safeguards the aesthetics of the community that we are taking these powers away from. He stated that he has no idea how they actually feel about it and he is curious how that happened and how the process is being driven on some of these issues. Process is something that should be important to us all whether we are for or against a matter.

Trustee Finger introduced the Public Hearing on a local law to amend Section A317- 24 of Chapter A317 of the Scarsdale Village Code entitled

Architectural Review Board Rules and Regulations. He stated that over the years, the Board has gone through a series of discussions regarding solar panels and how to properly encourage their use as a source of alternative energy. He noted that two years ago, a variety of criteria was compiled under which if a solar panel application met those criteria, the idea was that the application could potentially not be submitted for BAR review. However, at that point it was determined that we could have those criteria available, but still have all solar panels reviewed by the BAR.
Tagged Passions:regulation, hearing, solar power, and energy

In the last year, another meeting was held where a discussion was held with the idea of encouraging solar panels to the point of the possibility of

an applicant not needing to go before the BAR process under certain criteria. The Board asked the CAC and the BAR to have representatives in a working group and develop the criteria. The Board received the criteria back from the BAR CAC as well as a checklist to list the items an applicant would have to address with the Building Department. The basic premise of the legal change is much simpler. The current law requires all solar panel applications to go before the BAR; if this proposed law is enacted, all solar panels will not be required to be reviewed by the BAR. The criteria that would be applied by the Building Department are essentially administrative, but the Building Department presumably will be following the Board s instruction in that regard.
Tagged Passions:legal, solar power, and instruction

Trustee Finger stated that after a fair amount of discussion at the last Committee meeting, there was one major aspect that was considered, in terms

of administrative criteria as to whether an application would have to be submitted for BAR review as determined by the Building Inspector. That pertained to the installation of rear facing solar panels. One of the proposals the Board has been discussing is on the administrative criteria and whether or not it is significant to require those who wish to install solar panels facing the street to go through the Board of Architectural Review process.
Tagged Passions:streets, board of architectural review, and solar power

Trustee Finger stated that when he opens the public hearing for comments, he would like to ask any public speakers to give their name and address. It

stated that it would be also helpful if the speaker could indicate whether they are generally in favor of solar panels being exempt from having to undergo BAR review and in addition, any comments on
Tagged Passions:hearing and solar power

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 207

whether street facing solar panels should be included in that, or if street facing solar panels should still have to undergo BAR review.

Tagged Passions:streets and solar power

Trustee Finger opened the public hearing at this time.

Tagged Passions:hearing

Jen Premisler, 238 Rock Creek Lane, stated that she is a proud homeowner with solar panels currently on her home. She stated that she did go through

the BAR process and it was quite onerous and it took a lot of documentation and conversation. Ultimately the solar panels have been quite successful on her home and they are on two street facing sides. She stated that she has offset her energy usage by 136 . She stated that she is supportive in the change of the law so that applications no longer have to go through the BAR. She stated that during BAR review there was a lot of discussion about the color of a panel, materials and aesthetics. She stated that she feels there are important reasons why solar panels should be encouraged the inventory of homes in Scarsdale and the home purchasers we are appealing to. The generation buying homes now are very interested in environmentally friendly policies. Another reason is environmental; we want to be a community that thinks about the generations to come and thinks about what we are doing and the impacts of what we are doing. In addition, if we limit the front or rear of the home that can install solar panels we will be categorizing sections of homes from an economic perspective. Homes that don t have large not street facing roofs, you potentially take a population and inform them that they are not able to have them.
Tagged Passions:streets, materials, environment, solar power, and energy

Jeanne Marie Castiello, 280 Mamaroneck Road, stated that she is a member of the CAC. She stated that she agrees with moving street facing solar

panels out of the BAR application process and to add street facing solar. The legislation should be adopted to allow for the installation of solar panels on any side of a home. Limiting the solar panels to the back side of the home, or non-street facing side of homes we would be excluding many homeowners from the ability to install the panels. This practice would unfairly discriminate against residents who own homes but do not have south facing rear sides. Ultimately the current code would be to homeowners not being able to embrace cleaner energy sources. The CAC views this part of the Code as a disservice to the overall mission of the Village to incorporate more environmentally sound energy practices and move towards the elimination of the use of fossil fuels. If the Code is not amended, parts of the Code would severely limit installation of solar panels for a great number of Scarsdale residents and would barely be a move forward in the right direction.
Tagged Passions:streets, solar power, and energy

Adam Kanowitz, 10 Seneca Road, stated that he is a junior at Scarsdale High School. He stated that in his opinion, the classification of solar panels

under the BAR requiring a checklist of aesthetic preference is absurd. He believes that the difference between street facing and back facing solar panels really serves no other purpose than an aesthetic purpose. If there were to be a separation of different solar panels, it should only whether or not they are facing the south and receiving the most sun or not. Having an unnecessary solar panel can be aesthetically distracting. Having useful and effective solar
Tagged Passions:streets, education, and solar power

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 208

panels are more efficient than any other form of energy for their size and cost of installation. In consideration of solar panels, he stated that the

effectiveness that they offer the Village outweighs any aesthetic complaints.
Tagged Passions:solar power and energy

Laura Wilcox, 20 Vernon Road, stated that she is a senior at Scarsdale High School. She stated that solar panel installation should not be about

aesthetics and should be placed in the most effective place on the home that receives the most sunlight.
Tagged Passions:streets, education, and solar power

Eric, 12 years old, stated that the sense of aesthetics won t matter that much by the time climate change happens. Scarsdale is one of the richest

towns in America and we do very little to help fight it. You are stopping solar panels but you are allowing people to build enormous homes and cut down lots of trees. Each house needs a massive boiler that would be enough for 100 people in an apartment building. Switching to solar panels can be more efficient and better for the environment. People say solar panels are ugly but what will that matter? You need to think about the next generation and the footprint you are leaving behind to fix. Do we want to go down in history as a town that didn t try to stop climate change? Do you want to leave these problems behind for the next generation?
Tagged Passions:Conservation, environment, trees, solar power, and history

Abby Fehrenbaker, 8 Herkimer Road, stated that she is a junior at Scarsdale High School. She stated that solar panels should not have to go through

BAR review because they are much better for the environment as previously mentioned. People should have the right to do what they want.
Tagged Passions:streets, Conservation, environment, education, and solar power

J.T. Rosen, 1 Fox Meadow Road, stated that he is a senior at Scarsdale High School. He stated that he believes that installing solar panels should be

as streamlined as possible because it is the best thing to do for the environment.
Tagged Passions:streets, Conservation, environment, education, and solar power

Jane Cyzner, 41 Cambridge Road, stated that she is a junior at Scarsdale High School. She stated that installing solar panels will help the

environment and people should be allowed to place solar panels on their house.
Tagged Passions:streets, Conservation, environment, education, and solar power

Richard Cantor, 11 Innes Road, stated that he and his wife are here this evening to support the use of solar energy in all capacities. Scarsdale

should do much more by putting solar panels on public buildings and schools. We should also look at our fleet of vehicles and see what we can do. We really need to be a part of the revolution of moving away from fossil fuels.
Tagged Passions:streets, hotel, education, solar power, and energy

Anil Lalwani, 46 Greenacres Avenue, stated that she is a physician. She stated that solar panels are a great way to reduce our carbon footprint and

make a contribution to fight climate change and global warming. She stated that she strongly believes that it is our duty to encourage the use of solar panels and make it possible for anyone to make this change without any additional hurdles or discrimination. It is unfair to restrict its use. The Board
Tagged Passions:discrimination, environment, and solar power

V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 209

should vote to pass a solar code to allow for installation of solar panels based on the circumstances of each house and not limit the installation to

one side or the other.
Tagged Passions:solar power

Jared Blinken, Sylvan Lane, stated that he is a senior at Scarsdale High School. He stated that he is generally in favor of the law that requires

solar panels to go through the BAR review, however, he understands that changing the law now could make it more difficult for the renewal process in the future. He stated that he is strongly against requiring street facing solar panel application to go through BAR review. If one of the options is to improve the application process in the near future, perhaps rather than changing the law now, solar panel technology will be beautified in a few years. They are already shaped like tiles in California.
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Ezra Levine, 15 Forest Lane, stated that he is a senior at Scarsdale High School. He stated that he would like to speak in favor of sustainability

initiatives and against the decision making process of the BAR. Solar panels should not have to go through the BAR and they should not have to be south facing either. Looking at aesthetics only when approving solar panel installation on a house is damaging both to the environment and the Village. Not allowing for environmentally friendly solutions will be damaging to Scarsdale s economy. According to statistics, the majority of millennials want to add solar panels to their homes and they are less likely to move to Scarsdale if they cannot do that. If we abandon sustainability measures, this Village is not only refusing to listen to the voices of future parents, it is also risking a crash in the Scarsdale Housing market. Solar panels must be a priority both to entice new residents and to keep current residents from moving out.
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Lana Harding, 22 Hampton Road, stated that she is in favor of streamlining the solar panel application process and removing it from the BAR review.

She stated that she is also in favor of street facing solar panels. Limiting them to only rear facing is not only unfair for some residents, but also goes against the whole premise of helping the environment and moving to removable energy in general.
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Seema Jaggi, 14 Overhill Road, stated that she is in favor of allowing solar panels both rear facing and front facing. Climate change is already here

and she stated she would be thrilled if our Federal government would take the necessary steps to build large scale wind farms and solar farms. Local governments need to be bold in the action that they take to encourage residents to be mindful of their carbon footprint and reduce where they can. The Village should encourage residents who want to install solar panels and make it as easy for them as possible to accomplish that.
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Darlene LeFrancois-Haber, stated that she is not a member of the CAC but is Co- Chair of the Sustainability Committee and she would imagine everyone

on the Board here would know where she stands on this issue. She stated that she is highly in favor of removing this from BAR review, allowing it to go only through the Building Inspector. We should not be discriminating on the basis on how a person s house is positioned. If the
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V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 210

south facing exposure is on the street side, they should be able to put the solar panel there. Let s be practical. We are in the middle of a global

crisis and we need to do everything and anything we can to thwart that. We ve got to reduce our fossil fuel consumption. She noted she was impressed with the checklist that was developed and does not in any way assure that there will not be thoughtful process that the solar panels will be installed with.
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Noah Smith, 92 Sheldrake Road, stated that he is a junior at Scarsdale High School. He stated that he doesn t think that people that want to put

solar panels on their homes regardless what side of their house they want to place the solar panel. When addressing this issue you have to think of how the positives outweigh the negatives. People shouldn t have to go through obstacles to install solar panels.
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Jordan Tepper, 26 Lincoln Road, stated that she is a junior at Scarsdale High School. She stated that anyone that wants to install solar panels on

their homes should have the right to do so and should not have to go through the BAR. People should not be told they can t provide climate change just because their solution is not aesthetically pleasing. There should not be any limits on where southern panels face because that way many more residents would have the opportunities to have solar panels on their homes.
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Ashley Doherty, 54 Claremont Road, stated that she is a junior at Scarsdale High School. She believes that residents should not have to go through

the BAR to be able to place their solar panels on whichever side of the house they want in order to reduce the production of carbon. They should not be limited to placing their solar panels on one side in order to keep the aesthetics in the community. The focus should be more on reducing carbon production and the use of fossil fuels than the aesthetics of the community.
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Heather Rosenstein, 22 Harvest Drive, stated that she and her husband went before the BAR in 2006 and had their solar panel application denied for

aesthetic reasons. There were neighbor petitions, protests and criticisms but thankfully when they returned before the BAR, the application was reconsidered and approved as long as they hid the panels with 14 to 16 foot high trees so the neighbors wouldn t see them. She stated that she was very impressed with all the high school students that came out this evening to speak. That is the generation that cares about reducing our carbon footprint. She implored the Board to vote to allow solar panels to be installed as the committee as recommended.
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Emily Block, stated that she is a teacher at the High School and that many of the young people here this evening are her students. She stated that

they were eager to attend the meeting and participate in local democracy. Although she does not live in Scarsdale, through her work with students she is connected to the community and cares about its future. This proposal is another opportunity for the community to prioritize the interests of this generation. She echoed the comments that Darlene made earlier; she agreed that living in a beautiful place contributes to one s quality of life and aesthetics do matter. However, our understanding of aesthetics is culturally constructed which means that our perception of
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V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 211

what is pleasing to the eye can evolve. She urged the Board to approve this proposal to move the application process outside the BAR and remove any

restrictions. She also urged the Board to vote on this proposed law tonight.

Kylie McRobie, 10 Morris Lane, stated that she is a senior at Scarsdale High School. She stated she supports solar panel installation on either side

of a house, no matter which side they face, and not having to go before the BAR to do that. She believes that fixing and reducing climate change by way of renewable and sustainable practices is important to all of our lives. Being a community that supports solar energy and streamlines the process of installing solar panels shows that we care about the environment.
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Polly Adler, 247 Nelson Road, Scarsdale High School, stated that you can sell the energy you store back to energy companies. You not only make money

but are helping the environment. On Nelson Road they lose power all the time during storms. One of her neighbors bought a small solar panel that he could put on his driveway. During one of those storm where they lost power for a week, he was able to charge all his electronics through that little solar panel.
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Sabine Bochner, member of the BAR, stated that it has been very interesting to hear all these comments. She stated that she thinks that they can

consider aesthetics and consider the panels. She thinks that some of the members of the BAR were not involved in the process of giving their opinion. She felt that the BAR could come with solutions and parameters. The industry could come up with mock panels that add to the design of those solar panels on the roof. She asked the BAR members for their opinions and stated that even though they don t agree on whether the applications should go before the BAR or not, and whether the panels should be on the front or the back of a home, she does think they agree on the aesthetic parameters that they are giving to the community. If they people know what is expected of them aesthetically, they could bring better solutions to the table. If you saw the neighbors attend the BAR meetings where there are applications for solar panels, you would see the complaints applicants have to face. There is no consensus, but there is consensus that the BAR would like to see better aesthetics.
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Adie Shore, 8 Oakstwain Road, stated that she appreciated the efforts to put together a checklist so that residents are aware of what is involved to

install solar panels. However, she disagrees with the checklist limitation that the installations must be rear- facing. It seems to her that only the most basic installations would go through this checklist process. Any installation that deviates from these requirements would still go through the BAR. The checklist includes the ability for the Building Inspector to send any application to the BAR if he feels that the application didn t meet the spirit or intent of the checklist. She felt that limiting the checklist to rear facing installations will deprive many homeowners of the opportunity to do their part in positively impact climate change. She urged the Board to remove this condition on the checklist.
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V i l l a g e B o a r d o f T r u s t e e s 0 3 / 2 6 / 2 0 1 9 212

Elaine Weir, 138 Brewster Road, stated she loves seeing homes with solar panels because it indicates to her that we are getting cleaner air and

getting a renewable system going. She is in favor of all solar panels being exempt from the BAR and she does not think that there should be any restrictions on solar panels the more, the better. She stated that she is also in favor of all the public buildings, including the schools, to have solar panels installed.
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Oliver Stebich, 28 Valley Road, stated that any restriction for renewable energy sources is a bad idea. Scarsdale should be a leader, not a follower.

We represent an opportunity here as being one of the most important towns in this country to really pave the way for our future and our children. South facing, whether you are facing the street, or rear should not be an issue. It s not harming anyone, so let us put up solar panels if we would like to.
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