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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Board of Commissioners


WEDNESDAY April 17, 2019 9:30 A. M. Early Is On Time, On Time Is Late

NOTICE: The Board of Commissioners complies with ADA. If anyone needs interpretative services while attending a Commissioners meeting, please notify

this office 24 hours in advance
Tagged Passions:disability and services


1. Investments

Tagged Passions:investment

2. Appropriations

Tagged Passions:funding

3. Transfers

4. Advances/Repayments

5. Requisitions

6. Travel

Tagged Passions:travel

7. Bills

8. Authorize various personnel actions as indicated on the summary sheet for employees within the jurisdiction of the Lorain County Board of

Commissioners (at the conclusion of today s Board meeting, the Commissioners may recess into an Executive Session to discuss: personnel/new hires)
Tagged Passions:personnel

9. Approve waive the reading of the County Commissioners meeting minutes for April 3 10, 2019

911 10 Enter into professional consulting services proposal with MissionCriticalPartners in amount of 22,500 including expenses to provide an

in-depth on site assessment of public safety IT infrastructure to be paid from Acct prof serv
Tagged Passions:911, public safety, and services

Children Families Council: 11. Amend Res 18-387, adopted June 13, 2018 3 Neighborhood Alliance contract for help me grow early intervention program

for FY19. Said amendment is to reflect suspend prohibition for subcontracting for duration of current contract June 30, 2019
Tagged Passions:council, contract, program, and neighborhood

Community Development: 12 Approve change order 2 to Mark Haynes Construction, Inc., Norwalk in the amount of 0 for Fortune Ditch stream restoration

project. Said change order was Alternate 2 non performing pool rock (transplanted) and install 11.5 cubic yards of pool rock (imported) in same amount of 612.50; Authorize Administrator to execute on behalf of the Board
Tagged Passions:construction, development, Development, administrator, and community development

Job Family Services: 13 Authorize payment of the County General Fund Mandated Share in Compliance with O.R.C. 5101.16 And O.A.C. 5101:9-6-31 in total

amount of 1,000,343.00 for 2019 - 2020
Tagged Passions:services, compliance, and family services

Transit: 14 Approve the Title VI Program for 2019-2022 Page 1 of 3 Board agenda cont. 04/17/19

Tagged Passions:program

Airport: 15 Approve enter into a Agricultural Land Lease Agreement with Dechant-Notley Farms to farm 591.11 tillable acres at the Airport for

201.50/acre to grow corn, soybeans and wheat, effective March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2022
Tagged Passions:leasing, airport, and agriculture

Auditor: 16 Authorize Auditor to donate various HP desktop computer and monitors to the Townships, in accordance with ORC 307.12(D)

Tagged Passions:audit

Engineer: 17 Approve enter into proposal for Professional Surveying Services with Rafter A. LTD for 1 year in amount not to exceed 49,500 to

supplement engineering staff to assist with surveying associated with road, bridges and ditch projects to be paid from Acct mvgt; Authorize Engineer to execute on behalf of the Board with Prosecutors approval as to form.
Tagged Passions:streets and services

18 Advertise notice for Chip Seal on various roads. Notice to be in Chronicle on 4/19 26 and open at 2 pm on May 7

Tagged Passions:streets, advertising, and health insurance

Health Department 19 Approve Change Order 1 to Sona Construction, LLC in the amount of 1,394.52 for changes in plumbing work on the Public Health

Building, add a cleanout within 5 feet of building in the storm line
Tagged Passions:health and construction

Law Library: 20 Enter into MOU with Statewide consortium of county law library resource boards for a grant in amount of 5,000 for the County Law

Library to purchase a Dell Server, effective April 5, 2019 May 31, 2020
Tagged Passions:grant, purchasing, information technology, library, and Information Technology

Sheriff: 21 Authorize the release of all claims and agreement to indemnify sole ownership of K9 Johnny to Corrections Officer Jeffery Fide for 1.00.

K9 Johnny will retire due to his age and health condition
Tagged Passions:health, public safety, and jail

22 Authorize Sheriff to dispose of 7 old Samsung S5 phones in accordance with ORC 307.12(B)(1)

Tagged Passions:public safety

B Public Comment: (Please limit comments to 3 minutes Thank-you)

C Mr. James R. Cordes, County Administrator:

Tagged Passions:administrator

D Mr. Jerry Innes, Assistant County Prosecutor:

Tagged Passions:hotel

E Commissioner s Report:

F Clerk s Report:

1. Friday, April 26 at 11 a.m., - Investment Advisory meeting 2. Tuesday, April 30 at 9:30 a.m., Commissioners meeting 3. Wednesday, May 1 May 8 NO

Commissioners meetings
Tagged Passions:investment

Page 2 of 3 Board agenda cont. 04/17/19

G Board Correspondence:

1. Sheriff in compliance with ORC 301.27 estimated the gas expense for February, March, April and May will be 500

Tagged Passions:public safety and compliance

2. May 17 at 11:30 am 1:30 p.m, Mental Health annual luncheon. Keynote Speaker Pete Earley, A Father s Struggle to Help His Son.

Tagged Passions:health and mental health

3. Publications: Chamber membership directory ; Pulse ; FCW ; County Clips ; CCAO Statehouse reports ; Counties Current ; LCCAA mission moment ;

4. April 18 Township Association meeting Camden Township and minutes of March 21

5. Silver Maple Recovery, Lorain is now open and admitting clients into sub-acute detox, residential and outpatient addiction treatment services.

440-830-3400 or www.silvermaplerecovery.com
Tagged Passions:services

6. Engineer issued various highway use permits 1 - 19-044, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Columbus to install 1 gas service tap on south side of Caribou Court

at 90 +- east of Stag Thicket Lane tie off existing 2 gas main then bore under to north side to service house 12257 (s/l 63), Columbia Township 2 - 19-045, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Columbus to install 1 gas service tap on south side of White Tail Run at 125 +- east of Hunting Meadows Dr tie off existing 2 gas main to service house 11884, Columbia Township
Tagged Passions:legal, utility, Utility, hunting, and court

Please note that the Commissioners meetings are open to the public. The scheduled air times for the meetings will be shown on Sat. at Noon Mon. at 11

p.m. and subject to change at the discretion of the Lorain County Community College. The meetings might be also broadcasted in additional time periods as scheduling permits. If anyone wants to purchase a copy of the Commissioners Meeting Tapes, please call Lorain County Records Center at (440) 326-4868
Tagged Passions:college prep, purchasing, and university

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