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Mayor-Council Agenda

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 9:30 AM Parr-Widener Community Room

City and County Building Room 389


Tagged Passions:business

Community Planning and Development Theresa Lucero

Tagged Passions:planning, development, and Development

Approves an official map amendment to rezone property from E-SU-D to U-SU-C1, locate at 4891 Lincoln Street in Council District 9.

Tagged Passions:council, streets, zoning, and property

19-0352 Bill

Approves an official map amendment to rezone properties from E-SU-Dx to E-SU-D, for multiple properties in the University Park neighborhood in

Council District 6.
Tagged Passions:council, zoning, parks, university, and neighborhood

19-0380 Bill

Department of Public Health and Environment Elizabeth Babcock

Tagged Passions:health, Conservation, and environment

Approves a non-financial grant acceptance agreement with Natural Resources Defense Council Inc. through 12-31-20 for in-kind technical assistance to

implement climate programs and policies around transportation, electric vehicles and building codes, citywide (ENVHL-201846867-00).
Tagged Passions:grant, finance, council, transportation, program, electric, environment, Electric Vehicles, and building codes

19-0386 * Resolution

Finance Robin Gray, April Hansen, Rory Regan Jeffrey Steinberg

Tagged Passions:finance

Amends a contract with Mitchell International Inc. by adding 725,000 for a new total of 2,000,000 and one year for a new end date of 12-31-20 for

pharmacy benefit management services for the city s workers compensation program (201418934).
Tagged Passions:compensation, contract, services, program, and pharmacy

19-0285 * Resolution

Approves a contract with Zurich American Insurance Company for 3,650,000 and through 07-01-28 for an incurred deductible agreement to support a

previously approved Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program (ROCIP) that provides workers compensation, general liability, excess liability, contractors pollution, and builders risk insurance for the National Western Center
Tagged Passions:compensation, contract, risk, program, and insurance

19-0381 * Resolution

Mayor-Council Meeting Tuesday, April 30, 2019 Page 2

renovation project in Council District 9 (FINAN - 201844067).

Tagged Passions:council

Authorizes expenditures based on a letter of intent from the Colorado Division of Homeland Security to award 65,000 in funding for the 2019 Emergency

Management Performance Grant.
Tagged Passions:funding, grant, security, performance, emergency, and Immigration

19-0385 * Bill

Amends a contract with CorVel Corporation by adding 300,000 for a new total of 1,725,000 and one year for a new end date of 12-31-20 for bill review

services for the city s workers compensation program for the review of bills and medical reports for accuracy and medical necessity (201419255).
Tagged Passions:compensation, contract, services, and program

19-0387 * Resolution

Approves a purchase and sale agreement with Gary D. Luster and Alison L. Tyler for 5,100,000 to acquire property located at 4301-4307 Iliff Avenue

for future use as city park land in Council District 4 (FINAN-201948620-00).
Tagged Passions:council, sale, purchasing, parks, and property

19-0388 Resolution

Human Rights and Community Partnerships Aisha Rousseau

Tagged Passions:human rights

Approves a contract with LCM Architects for 720,000 and through 12-31-21 for consulting services for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance

citywide (HRCRS-201948988-00).
Tagged Passions:disability, contract, services, and compliance

19-0389 * Resolution

General Services Joseph Furman Michael Romero

Tagged Passions:services

Approves a purchase order with K H Printers Lithographers Inc. for 950,014.52 for ballot printing and postage in support of the city s election

processes (PO-00061867).
Tagged Passions:voting, election, and purchasing

19-0379 * Resolution

Approves a master purchase order with E-Z-GO A Division of Textron Inc. for 750,000 and through 12-31-25 for the procurement of parts, components,

maintenance and repair services of city golf cars and turf equipment manufactured by Textron, citywide (SC-00003092).
Tagged Passions:equipment, services, purchasing, and golf

19-0390 * Resolution

Mayor-Council Meeting Tuesday, April 30, 2019 Page 3

Parks and Recreation Doug Woods

Tagged Passions:parks and recreation

Approves a one-time capital equipment expenditure with a not to exceed price of 105,000 for one Bobcat 5610 Toolcat in place of an Industrial Farm

Tractor that was authorized in the 2019 Long Bill, to support citywide Parks and Recreation maintenance projects.
Tagged Passions:equipment, agriculture, industrial, parks, and recreation

19-0392 * Bill

Public Works Jason Gallardo

Tagged Passions:Public Works and public works

Relinquishes the 16 utility easement, in its entirety, as established in Vacating Ordinance No. 255, Series of 1986, located at West 38th Avenue and

North Julian Street in Council District 1.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, council, streets, utility, Utility, and easement

19-0382 * Bill

Approves a purchase order with Wagner Equipment for 759,364 for two Caterpillar 966 M Wheel Loaders for Public Works street maintenance operations,

citywide (PO-00062824).
Tagged Passions:equipment, streets, purchasing, Public Works, and public works

19-0383 * Resolution

Approves a contract with AECOM Technical Services Inc. for 953,258 and through 10-31-20 for engineering design services for multimodal improvements

on Peoria Street from 37th Avenue to 56th Avenue in Council Districts 8 and 11 (201948462).
Tagged Passions:council, streets, contract, and services

19-0384 * Resolution

Technology Services Sonya Martin

Tagged Passions:services, Technology, and technology

Approves the annual Microsoft enterprise agreement (EA) with Insight Public Sector for 2,950,428.59 and through 02-28-20 for the continued use of

software licenses such as Office 365, as well as patches, enhancements, and new releases for the products covered in this agreement, citywide (PO-00063465).
Tagged Passions:license, information technology, and Information Technology

19-0391 * Resolution


Tagged Passions:council


Tagged Passions:council

IV. EXECUTIVE SESSIONS: City Attorney's Office -- Hollie Birkholz

Tagged Passions:legal

Mayor-Council Meeting Tuesday, April 30, 2019 Page 4

*indicates consent agenda item **indicates the item will be on committee agenda this week

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