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Tagged Passions:planning

Board Room Davidson Town Hall

May 20, 2019


Tagged Passions:planning

(Held in the Town Hall Board Room)





(a) Review/Approval of the April 29, 2019 Minutes



Tagged Passions:business

(a) Mobility Plan Update

(b) Potts Street Residential Master Plan - Review Comment

Tagged Passions:streets


Tagged Passions:business

(a) Tree Canopy Study Update

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Agenda Title: Review/Approval of the April 29, 2019 Minutes

Summary: The Planning Board will review and consider approval of the previous meeting's minutes.

Tagged Passions:planning

ATTACHMENTS: Description Upload Date Type April 29, 2019 Minutes - Draft 5/16/2019 Exhibit

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Tagged Passions:planning

Town of Davidson, NC April 29, 2019

A meeting of the Davidson Planning Board was held at 6:00 p.m. in the Davidson Town Hall Board Room.

Tagged Passions:planning

I. CALL TO ORDER: 6:02 pm


Present Board Members: Susan Cooke; Kelly Ross; Matt Dellinger (Chair); Ellen Donaldson; Shawn Copeland; Michael Flake; Nora Barger; Bob Miller; Mike

Minett; Lindsey Williams; John Swope; Kate Barr

Absent Board Members: None

Town Representatives: Jason Burdette, Trey Akers



a. Approval of Minutes from February 25th, 2019: Planning Board members voted to approve the March 2019 Minutes.

Tagged Passions:planning

Motion to Approve: Kate Barr Second: Ellen Donaldson

Vote: 11-0 (Minutes Approved. Not Present at Vote: Williams)



Tagged Passions:business

a. Mobility Plan Update: Mobility Plan Committee Chair Matt Dellinger provided an overview of recent events and the next steps in the process: That

public comments and committee feedback were being consolidated and that once those edits are made the Planning and Livability Boards will review the draft plan. He noted that the draft plan is still available online for review and encouraged Mobility Plan Committee members to respond to the poll indicating their availability to meet and finalize feedback.
Tagged Passions:planning, election, and events

b. Comprehensive Plan Update: Senior Planner Trey Akers provided an update regarding the Shaping What s Next workshop held on April 1-3. He described

the engagement activities undertaken, noted that many of the participants were new to the process, and discussed the overall project schedule in the coming months.
Tagged Passions:strategic

c. Summers Walk Master Plan: Planning Board Chair Matt Dellinger began by outlining the Planning Board s required action for the item: Issuing

official comments related to the site plan to further guide technical review of the proposal by staff. Senior Planner Trey Akers presented an overview of the proposed master plan, with Matt Gallagher of Blue Heel Development (the applicant) covering the site history and highlights of conversations with the Summers Walk HOA. Akers noted that the project team had responded positively to each of the items raised by Planning Board
Tagged Passions:planning, development, Development, and history

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members in previous meetings: Adjustment of the proposed path to allow a fuller experience of the open space areas; increased traffic calming;

clearer action on affordable housing (information provided to Davidson Housing Coalition); and, information about specimen trees on site. He also shared that through a revised site design a large specimen tree would now be saved and become a focal point of the development. Akers and Gallagher emphasized that a collaborative spirit had resulted in an improved plan, which Planning Board members commended. No further comments were offer by board members.
Tagged Passions:planning, recognition, development, trees, Development, traffic, and housing


Tagged Passions:business

a. Potts Street Residential Master Plan - FYI Presentation: Planning Board Chair Matt Dellinger began by discussing the status of the master plan,

noting that the proposal was currently in a lawsuit and that as part of that lawsuit the court had ordered for the town to fulfill the outstanding process requirements for reviewing the master plan. Planning Director Jason Burdette provided an overview of the proposal for 250 apartments on approximately 15 acres along Potts Street. He described the site context and evolution of plans before touching on highlights of the staff analysis. In the ensuing discussion, board members discussed the following:
Tagged Passions:planning, legal, streets, and court

- Transportation: The general topics covered in the Transportation Impact Analysis, including whether the Potts St. realignment was studied; proposed

street connections and current status of each; fire access; whether the multi-use path easement across the YMCA property had been secured; and, the status of the NCDOT roundabout in Cornelius and the pedestrian/bicycle implications of that project in Cornelius and Davidson.
Tagged Passions:streets, transportation, property, Bicycles, Pedestrian, easement, and bicycles

- Housing: The compatibility of the proposed buildings and parking areas with surrounding residences; the need for integration of the proposal into

the surrounding community fabric to a greater extent and in a context-sensitive manner; the anticipated price-point of the apartments; and, whether affordable housing is required for multi-family development (no).
Tagged Passions:development, Development, parking, and housing

- Environmental Impacts: The requirements for an above-ground stormwater detention facility compared to the underground system proposed in earlier

plans; and, the effects of the development on the existing tree canopy including water quality (impervious coverage requirements were also touched on).
Tagged Passions:facility, utility, development, Utility, water, environment, trees, Development, detention, and stormwater

- Overall: The lack of creativity concerning numerous aspects of the proposed site and building designs; the need for greater continuity with

surrounding buildings/context; and, the number of outstanding issues or clarifications required as listed in the staff analysis.

The Planning Board also received public comment on the proposal. Many of the public s comments reflected the Planning Board s earlier discussion.

Topics included: Concerns about the lack of connectivity and vehicular traffic impacts; impervious coverage requirements of the Watershed Overlay District; water quality and ecosystem concerns; access to the lake via the western parcel and required easement; the siting and scale of the buildings, including height, as well as stepping up the scale of the buildings gradually as they move away from existing homes; the impact of the Potts St. realignment on the proposed park and open space areas; and, the importance of verifying the plan s details. Overall, members of the public noted that they are not opposed to development but would like to see a more collaborative effort by the landowner to produce a plan that more appropriately reflects the character of development in Davidson.
Tagged Passions:planning, utility, development, Utility, water, watershed, parks, Development, property, traffic, and easement

VIII. OTHER ITEMS: Senior Planner Trey Akers reminded board members and members of the public in attendance that the May Planning Board meeting would

be held on Monday, May 20, 2019 due to the Memorial Day holiday the following week.
Tagged Passions:planning and holiday


Tagged Passions:selection

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Motion to Adjourn: Susan Cooke Second: Shawn Copeland


___________________________________ Signature/Date Matt Dellinger Planning Board Chair

Tagged Passions:planning

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Agenda Title: Mobility Plan Update

Summary: Planner Travis Johnson and Mobility Plan Committee members will provide an update on the draft Mobility Plan.

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Agenda Title: Potts Street Residential Master Plan - Review Comment

Tagged Passions:streets

Summary: Planning Director Jason Burdette will provide an overview of the master plan and project history. The Planning Board will have the

opportunity to offer formal comments on the proposal.
Tagged Passions:planning and history

ATTACHMENTS: Description Upload Date Type

Potts Street Residential - Staff Analysis 5/17/2019 ExecutiveSummary Potts Street Residential - Staff Review Comments 5/17/2019 Exhibit

Tagged Passions:streets

Potts Street Residential - Public Input Session Report 5/17/2019 Exhibit

Tagged Passions:streets

Potts Street Residential - TIA Letter 5/17/2019 Exhibit Potts Street Residential - TIA Summary of Recommendations 5/17/2019 Exhibit

Tagged Passions:streets

Potts Street Residential - Site Documents 5/17/2019 Exhibit

Tagged Passions:streets

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Date: May 20, 2019 To: Planning Board Members From: Jason Burdette, Planning Director Re: Potts Street Residential Master Plan

Tagged Passions:planning and streets



Owner: Davidson Acquisition Company, LLC

Developer: Crescent Acquisitions, LLC

Project Team: ColeJenest Stone, P.A.

Location: 21221 Potts St. (Parcel IDs: 00320511, 00320536, 00324101)

Tagged Passions:property

Planning Area(s): Village Infill Planning Area

Tagged Passions:planning

Area: 15.441 Acres


The applicant proposes 250 multi-family residences located on approximately 15.441 acres primarily on Potts Street. The master plan includes open

space, park, and multi-use path features along with street infrastructure. The applicant intends to meet all applicable requirements as part of the Master Plan process identified in Davidson Planning Ordinance (DPO) Section 14.8; the proposal is being reviewed according to the requirements in effect on the application submittal date (May 23, 2017).
Tagged Passions:planning, ordinance, streets, and parks


Tagged Passions:planning


The total master plan area consists of three parcels two fronting Potts Street (PIDs 00320511, 00324101) and a third parcel adjacent to Lake

Cornelius (PID 00320536, addressed as 513 Catawba Avenue). The overall land area straddles the jurisdictional line between Cornelius, NC and Davidson, NC; however, only the Davidson, NC portions of the land area are included as project area in the master plan.
Tagged Passions:streets and property

Note: The documentation and process requirements are governed by the ordinance in effect at the time of the 2017 Master Plan application.

Tagged Passions:ordinance

The site design has evolved in response to DPO requirements and various meetings with town and county officials. The original plan submitted in May

2017 proposed 19 townhomes and 276 multi-family residential units. A number of regulatory and site constraints emerged over the ensuing months, including: Reconciling requirements of two different municipal zoning codes (Cornelius, Davidson); treatment of stormwater; location within the Lake Norman Critical Watershed; and, potential
Tagged Passions:regulation, zoning, watershed, and stormwater

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transportation impacts. An informal site visit was conducted in July 2017 with the project team, staff, elected officials, and members of the

community. Initial concerns raised through the visit ranged from the amount of impervious coverage (i.e. hardscape) and the infrastructure necessary to support the proposed development to the compatibility of the proposed buildings with surrounding residences.
Tagged Passions:development, transportation, and Development

The design continued to evolve from 2017-2018 with the addition of stormwater treatment facilities and shifting of building locations. Eventually,

the size of the stormwater facilities increased and townhomes were removed from the proposed plan in early 2018. Some amount of open space has remained along Potts Street throughout each iteration and, likewise, the parcel adjacent to Lake Cornelius has always been designated open space. A Transportation Impact Analysis was conducted in the Summer of 2018 and the results are discussed in this report.
Tagged Passions:streets, transportation, property, and stormwater

In August 2018, the Davidson Board of Commissioners approved Resolution 2018-12, bringing approvals of water and sewer extensions to the Board, as

permitted under a 1984 agreement with Charlotte Water. Charlotte Water has not yet classified the Potts Street Residential development as a connection or extension; in August 2018 the Davidson Board of Commissioners denied approval of water and sewer extensions.
Tagged Passions:sewer, streets, utility, development, Utility, water, and Development

A lawsuit was filed by Davidson Acquisition Company, LLC and Crescent Acquisitions, LLC in October 2018. In mid-April 2019, a court order directed

the town to fulfill the remaining process requirements for the development proposal as soon as possible this included scheduling a Public Input Session for Thursday, May 2, 2019 and the soliciting of the Planning Board s comments during their scheduled review at their May 20, 2019 meeting.
Tagged Passions:planning, legal, development, Development, and court


Tagged Passions:planning, development, and Development


The proposed development is located on Potts St. about 500 feet north of its intersection with South Main Street/NC 115. Surrounding uses are as

follows: To the east the development borders Potts St. and the railroad tracks across Potts Street; to the south a mix of undeveloped and single-family residential parcels; to the southwest the Lake Norman YMCA; to the west undeveloped parcels adjacent to Lake Cornelius; and, to the north and northeast it borders single-family residential parcels along Catawba Ave. and Potts Street. Outside of its surrounding context, there are a number of different uses in the area. The project s location affords access to a variety of places including the South Main St. area, downtown Davidson, the Circles @ 30, the Lake Norman YMCA, and businesses along NC 115 in Cornelius.
Tagged Passions:business, streets, development, downtown, Development, and property

Overall, the transportation infrastructure surrounding the site is limited and underdeveloped: Most streets are unmarked and unimproved. A fuller

discussion of these issues is in the Transportation section below.
Tagged Passions:streets and transportation


The subject parcels lie within the Village Infill Planning Area, which the Davidson Planning Ordinance (DPO) describes as the traditional,

residential neighborhoods surrounding the historic town center (DPO 2.2.4.A). Through its standards this area provides for infill development and encourages a range of housing types; at the time of the proposal s submittal, the multi-family building type was an allowed building type within this planning area.
Tagged Passions:planning, ordinance, development, historic, Development, property, neighborhood, and housing

The ordinance emphasizes that development and buildings, in particular should be designed to be pedestrian-oriented (i.e. front streets and

sidewalks) and compatible in scale with surrounding buildings. In addition to the minimum standards applicable within this planning area, an overlay district places an extra set of standards on buildings in the Village Infill to reinforce the importance of size relationships between adjacent parcels. DPO 2.3.4.A notes that while Davidson s older neighborhoods will change the character of these areas is to be preserved through thoughtful, context-sensitive development. The
Tagged Passions:planning, ordinance, streets, development, Development, property, Pedestrian, and neighborhood

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Potts Street Residential development lies within the Village Infill Orange Overlay District, which restricts buildings to 32 feet in height. This is

measured from the bottom of the first floor to the highest point on the roof where there is no ridgeline. Building elements which are not intended for human occupancy are excepted from the height restrictions. There are numerous other ordinance criteria governing building features such as fa ade design, window placement, and materials. Because the buildings are multi- family, their design is subject to approval by the Davidson Design Review Board (DRB), a citizen advisory board tasked with ensuring the design meets the ordinance requirements and respects the town s approach to high-quality, contextually-appropriate development. Given the single-family residential uses on the northern and eastern boundaries, it will be imperative for the larger-scale multi-family buildings to respect the character of the existing development. Clarification as to how this proposal meets DPO 4.4.1 has been requested, especially since surrounding buildings have been documented in the National Register Historic District.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, streets, development, historic, materials, and Development

The proposal currently lacks a building presence along Potts St. the front door to the development. As such, it does not appear to meet DPO

4.3.1.A.7, 4.3.1.B.1, which require plans to integrate existing and proposed streets into plans and contain buildings fronting such streets. This is inconsistent with existing development to the north and south where buildings line the Potts Street, albeit with significant front setbacks on the order of 30 to 50 feet. The approved realignment of Potts Street has significant impact on the proposal s ability to comply with DPO standards. The realigned street shall be shown on the plans and accounted for when verifying DPO compliance.
Tagged Passions:streets, development, Development, and compliance

The minimum five-foot front and rear setbacks are met, as is the 10-foot side setback, by clustering the buildings into the middle of the parcel. It

s one way to deal with the scale of the buildings; but it comes at the expense of orienting the buildings towards existing streets or around public spaces. Likewise, this clustering is not consistent with other larger-scale multi-family development such as the Bexley Apartments on Davidson Gateway Drive (which lines several streets and faces two types of homes, including single-family homes). The approach there showcases the benefits of utilizing multiple building heights (a mix of two- and three-stories) and designs depending on a building s location on the street or which street/building type it faces rather than a more uniform building approach as proposed with Potts Street Residential.
Tagged Passions:streets, development, Development, property, and gateway

It s possible that a mix of larger-scale and smaller-scale buildings will afford greater site flexibility as well as a more suitable transition from

the surrounding single-family homes to the larger multi-family buildings. The Village Infill standards permit such an approach by allowing single-family, duplex, and attached housing types along with townhomes.
Tagged Passions:housing

Lastly, regarding affordable housing: The construction or payment-in-lieu provisions of DPO 5 do not apply to this proposal since it contains only

for-rent housing.
Tagged Passions:construction and housing


Tagged Passions:transportation

Vehicular access to the site is planned via Potts Street and Public Street A. The proposed street network contains four streets (Public Streets A-D)

and one street type: Neighborhood General Street (DPO 6.7). As proposed here, it contains sidewalks, street trees, and on-street parking on both sides of each street. There are four connection points to surrounding parcels. Additionally, the plan provides an alternate fire access pathway from Potts Street. This access was approved by the County Fire Marshall in July 2018. It is assumed that Potts St. will receive the concentrated impacts of the development s full vehicular traffic until additional connections via adjacent parcels are made. However, per DPO 6.6.1, proposed developments must conform to adopted transportation plans: The lack of an additional connection to Catawba Ave. fails to meet the connectivity requirements identified in the Davidson Circulation Plan (Pg. 42); the connection to Catawba is required by the Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA).
Tagged Passions:streets, development, transportation, Development, property, Pedestrian, traffic, neighborhood, and parking

As noted earlier, the overall transportation infrastructure surrounding the site is limited and underdeveloped: Most streets are unmarked and

unimproved. Although transit stops are within
Tagged Passions:streets and transportation

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walking distance, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure is incomplete or inadequate to accommodate safe travel. However, these conditions are

beginning to change with infill development along Catawba Ave., and greater change is set to occur in the coming years.
Tagged Passions:travel, development, Development, Bicycles, Pedestrian, and bicycles

Work is underway to complete the Potts-Sloan-Beaty connector linking North Main St. at Beaty St. to Potts St. at South Main St./NC 115 via a

continuous vehicular route. The project will feature an improved streetscape with bicycle and pedestrian facilities and is anticipated to begin in 2019 and be completed in 2020. Concurrently, NCDOT is working with Cornelius and plans to improve South Main Street s intersections with Potts St. and Davidson St. realigning South Main St. as it passes under the railroad trestle and installing an expanded traffic circle to improve the safety of vehicular movements at this busy juncture that provides a link between Davidson and Cornelius as well as connection to a major regional destination, the Lake Norman YMCA. These improvements are accompanied by enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities. However, the proposed plan does not accommodate the realigned Potts St. as required per DPO 4.3.1.A.7, 4.3.1.B.1. Nor is this omission consistent with DPO 6.6.1 or 6.6.3, which require developments conform to adopted transportation plans (see CRTPO s Comprehensive Transportation Plan, Inset D) and improve existing sub-standard streets.
Tagged Passions:streets, development, transportation, streetscape, Development, Bicycles, Pedestrian, traffic, and bicycles

A Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) was required by the DPO due to the size of the development. TIAs study the potential impacts of developments

on current/projected vehicular and pedestrian/bicycle movements. The TIA was conducted in the fall of 2017 assuming 246 dwelling units 14 townhomes (260 total units); the subsequent reduction in dwelling units to 250 total units is assumed to result in less traffic impacts. The TIA evaluated six scenarios. They included:
Tagged Passions:development, transportation, Development, Bicycles, Pedestrian, traffic, and bicycles

1) 2017 Existing Conditions 2) 2019 Background Conditions (w/existing road alignments) 3) 2019 Build Conditions (w/existing road alignments) 4) 2022

Background Conditions (w/ NCDOT projects U-5873 and U-5907) 5) 2022 Build Conditions (w/ NCDOT projects U-5873 and U-5907) 6) 2022 Build Conditions (w/ NCDOT projects U-5873 and U-5907 and Catawba Ave. access)
Tagged Passions:streets

In sum, the TIA recommend various improvements to streets and intersections covered by the study, which the applicant has agreed to construct or pay

mitigation funds towards. The TIA was approved with conditions (DPO 6.10.4.B.2). Those conditions include:
Tagged Passions:funding and streets

1. The approved Potts Street realignment (U-5873) must be shown on all drawings and the impervious and requisite right-of-way improvements must be

removed from all base calculations. This is determined to be a reasonable condition to ensure that the proposal will comply with all DPO standards.
Tagged Passions:streets

2. Per the TIA recommendation, the connection to Catawba Street must be provided. Given the size of the development (250 units), two means of ingress

and egress are imperative to reduce the burden on the existing infrastructure and secure public safety.
Tagged Passions:streets, development, public safety, and Development

3. Per the TIA, the greenway to the western parcel shall be constructed. Appropriate documentation from the adjacent parcel owner detailing the

intent to provide an easement is determined to be a reasonable condition of the TIA approval.
Tagged Passions:parks, property, and easement

4. All payments-in-lieu must be made to the Town of Davidson prior to any final plat approval. 5. Payments directed to the Town of Cornelius (per the

TIA) must be provided prior to the Town of
Tagged Passions:zoning

Davidson approving any final plat. Appropriate documentation of such payment must be provided to the Town of Davidson.

Tagged Passions:zoning

Concerning pedestrian and bicycle improvements, the plan illustrates a multi-use path connection from east to west from Potts St. to the Lake

Cornelius parcel as required by the Walks Rolls Plan for a connection to the Lake Norman YMCA. This path is contingent on an easement connection across the YMCA s land that has yet to be provided; It s not clear that the required greenway access has been or will be provided (DPO 6.5.3.B), or that lakefront access has been secured (DPO 2.2.4.E). The plan also
Tagged Passions:parks, property, Bicycles, Pedestrian, easement, and bicycles

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shows a five-foot sidewalk along Potts Street. Overall, the internal pedestrian connectivity appears to meet several requirements; however,

additional clarifications or revisions are required to ensure that the following standards for sidewalks and paths are met: Mid-Block Crossings (DPO 6.5.3.A), Interior Sidewalks (6.8.1.E), Crosswalks (6.8.1.G), Greenway Routing (6.8.3.E), and Access to Parks (14.15.2.D).
Tagged Passions:streets, parks, and Pedestrian

Lastly, the project proposes to meet the parking requirements on-site through a mix of off-street and on-street parking spaces. Table 8-1 requires a

minimum of 1.0 parking spaces per unit, with a maximum of 2.0 spaces per unit allowed. The project s envisioned 360 spaces fall within the 250-500 parking spaces permitted for the project. This includes 79 on-street spaces, which should help to create a buffered walking environment for pedestrians.
Tagged Passions:streets, Conservation, environment, Pedestrian, and parking

Concerning the parking areas, the approach of breaking the parking areas into smaller bays appears compliant with the DPO. With the extensive parking

areas required for this proposal, as the project moves forward it will be important for the site design to be mindful of the parking area design and landscaping requirements. To that end, additional clarification is required to ensure that: The appropriate amount of bicycle parking has been provided and sited (DPO 8.3.1, 8.6.4.A, 8.6.6.A, 7.4.1.F.3) as well as factored into impervious coverage calculations; the design of the parking lots meets the placement (8.4.1.B), size (8.4.1.C), access (8.4.1.A, 8.4.1.D, 8.4.5), and landscaping requirements (9.6).
Tagged Passions:Bicycles, parking, and bicycles


Tagged Passions:trees and preservation

All parcels included within the proposal are currently heavily wooded with mature trees. The ordinance requires that a minimum 20 percent of the

mature tree canopy be preserved (DPO 9.3.2.A.4). According to the DPO mature trees are those over 12 inches (eight inches for smaller maturing trees). Per the Environmental Inventory (Sheet C-001) 691 trees are located on site, with 138 required to be preserved. The data indicates 145 trees (20.8 ) have been saved. However, the following issues have been identified:
Tagged Passions:ordinance, environment, trees, and property

Land Areas: It is unclear whether all project areas have been included in the calculations. Based on C-001, it does not appear that the parcel east

of Potts St. has been included (PID 00324101B) and it is unclear whether the Lake Cornelius parcel has been considered (PID 00320536). There is inconsistency in the conservation areas depicted on C-001 and C-003. This should be clarified in the Cycle 6 technical review.
Tagged Passions:Conservation and property

Open Space Trees: It is unclear whether mature trees in all designated open space areas have been preserved per DPO 9.3.2.A.1. Specifically, the open

space areas on Lake Cornelius and on the south/southwest side of Street A near its intersection with Potts St. illustrate open space but do not designate tree preservation. This should be clarified in the Cycle 6 technical review.
Tagged Passions:streets and preservation

Specimen Trees: No information on specimen trees has been provided. Per DPO 9.3.2.A.3, specimen trees must be identified.

Tagged Passions:trees

Percent Saved: The plans indicate 145 trees have been saved as shown on C-001, but the number of mature trees illustrated on the plan indicates

approximately 116 mature trees have been saved.
Tagged Passions:trees

A significant amount of the proposed tree preservation for the project has been accomplished at the front of the development. The preservation of

tree stands along the northern/northeastern boundaries seem to offer greater screening benefits. This particular use does not require a buffer; however, the ordinance contains requirements for natural buffers adjacent to parking areas that must be fulfilled as the project moves forward (DPO 9.6.2.F). The plans illustrate a 25-foot vegetated buffer along the western, northern, and northeastern boundaries. Additionally, lighting impacts must be taken into account and the standards of DPO 10 met for the buildings, streets, and parking areas. Clarification on these features has been requested.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, streets, development, trees, Development, preservation, and parking

Regarding open space: At the time of the proposal s submittal, open space was not required in the Village Infill Planning Area by the DPO. Based on

Mecklenburg County s Post-Construction Stormwater
Tagged Passions:planning, construction, and stormwater

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Ordinance, the project must provide undisturbed open space equal to at least 17.5 percent (2.62 acres) of the project area. Sheet C-003 illustrates

these areas, which do not appear to be depicted consistently across all sheets including C-002 and C-004 (the latter possibly showing grading conflicts where designated open space is located on the west, north, and east sides of the main parcel). Nearly all of the proposed open space is shunted to the proposal s periphery as residual land area; it is not used as an organizing element as in many other Davidson neighborhoods.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, property, grading, and neighborhood

Although there are no minimum open space standards, the ordinance requires a neighborhood park, which is sited along Potts St. at the development s

entrance. The park contains a designated area for a dog park, which will be an important feature given the proposed building types. However, there are a number of revisions and/or clarifications required to ensure the designated park areas meet requirements. These include: Making the park(s) a focal point of the development (DPO 7.4.1.A.2); ensuring the parks are adequately sized based not only on the minimum requirements but also on based on intended function (7.4.1.C.1, 7.4.2.A.D); providing adequate amenities and access (7.4.1.F.1, 7.4.2.A.E); and that future ownership and maintenance is clearly outlined (7.5).
Tagged Passions:ordinance, pets, development, parks, Development, and neighborhood


Tagged Passions:watershed

The project s parcels are located in the Critical Area of the Lake Norman Watershed. Within this district the DPO limits more intense development

such as this to a maximum of 50 percent built-upon-area (BUA, or hardscape). The plan indicates that that total site area of all parcels has been considered in calculating the permitted BUA. However, DPO 17.7.1 and indicate that the total project area shall include total acreage in the tract on which the project is to be developed. Mecklenburg County has determined that tract requires contiguity. At this point, it is unclear whether the BUA calculation was done correctly. Because the parcels are non-contiguous, the project (in its current iteration) will be required to pursue the Density Averaging process outlined in DPO 17.8 and as required by state statute. The state watershed statute [NCGS 143-214.5(d2)(2)] only permits averaging on up to two non- contiguous parcels (the plans currently indicate three). This should be clarified in the Cycle 6 technical review.
Tagged Passions:development, watershed, Development, and property

In addition to the BUA criteria, high-density developments must also feature stormwater controls. At the time of this project s submittal, the

ordinance permitted only wet detention ponds as the primary treatment system. These facilities tend to be large structures requiring significant land area, as the plans illustrate in the project s northwest corner. The ordinance has since been revised to allow a more context-sensitive approach to stormwater treatment by allowing other facilities to serve as a site s primary features so long as treatment requirements are met. With anticipated plan revisions due to the Potts St. realignment, an opportunity exists to more fully integrate this facility into the project design as an organizing facet that is beautiful, rather than a utilitarian feature relegated to the periphery. Examples of such approaches include: Water St., Celebration, FL; Harbor Bend Rd./Harbor Isle Dr., Harbor Town, Memphis, TN; and, even Harbor Park Dr. in Davidson, NC.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, facility, utility, development, Utility, water, parks, ports, boating, Development, detention, and stormwater


Below is a list of town-adopted documents and a brief summary of each s applicability to the proposed master plan:

The General Principles for Planning in Davidson (2015) include tenets to guide development in Davidson. Principles relevant to this proposed

development are listed below. They can be summarized as: Residential development should be context-sensitive in its design, include a variety of housing and transportation options, and be integrated with thoughtful open space/preservation.
Tagged Passions:planning, development, transportation, Development, preservation, and housing

1. We must preserve Davidson s character and sense of community.

Compact developments with community open space A street, sidewalk, and greenway network that knits the community together

Tagged Passions:streets, development, parks, Development, and Pedestrian

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Engaging public spaces Neighborhoods welcoming to all citizens Neighborhoods as integral parts of town

Tagged Passions:neighborhood

3. We must encourage alternative means of active transportation.

Tagged Passions:transportation

Development and redevelopment in walkable, mixed-use, connected neighborhoods

Tagged Passions:development, Development, commercial, and neighborhood

New greenway, bike, and sidewalk connections to existing developments

Tagged Passions:streets, development, parks, Development, Bicycles, Pedestrian, and bicycles

5. We must use our scarce land resources wisely.

Preserving rural views, significant hardwood forests, farmland, wildlife habitats, rock

Tagged Passions:rural

outcroppings, parkland, and watersheds in their pristine form

Tagged Passions:watershed

Ensuring that development builds up and not out

Tagged Passions:development and Development

6. We must create an environment that fosters diversity. To encourage diversity of all economic levels, all races and ethnic groups, all ages, and

all physical and mental abilities we will:
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Provide a mixture of housing types and prices in every neighborhood

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The Davidson Comprehensive Plan (2010) characterizes the project site area as a Village Area

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Growth Reserve context, describing these areas as places for future infill development [that] serve as transition areas between the more intense

growth targets and existing low-intensity neighborhoods or protected open space. Residential development, public services and civic uses (such as churches and schools) and additional neighborhood-support centers are ideally located within the Village and Smart Suburban Growth Reserve. The plan also discusses the importance of balancing infill development with the impacts of such development on local residents quality of life (Pg. 65 Maintain Quality Design Sound Planning Principles).
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The Town of Davidson Water/Sewer Policy (2018) requires a determination by Charlotte Water regarding their ability to serve a site as well as whether

a development proposal constitutes an extension (i.e. construction of a non-existing line) or connection (i.e. tapping into an existing line). This proposal has not yet received a determination from Charlotte Water.
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Below is a list of items that require further clarification/resolution prior to the plan s approval. Several of these have been noted previously in

the Planning Staff Review section above. They are consolidated here to provide a single location for the identified issues. Note: These notes are based upon plans submitted during Cycle 5 which were approved by the County Fire Marshall and LUESA Land Development (Mecklenburg County); the Town of Davidson and LUESA Zoning determined Cycle 5 had unresolved issues and were not approved. Outstanding items shall be addressed by the applicant in Cycle 6 EPM submittal. Integration of the approved Potts Street alignment into the site is a minimum requirement to verify compliance with DPO standards. This may not be a complete list of outstanding items.
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Building Orientation/Scale: The scale and orientation of buildings to existing streets and adjacent uses should be carefully considered as the

project evolves.
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Connectivity/All Modes: The impacts of the development are significant and the provision of adequate vehicular as well as pedestrian/bicycle

facilities are warranted given the development s size. Required connection to Catawba Street per the TIA.
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Tree Preservation: Clarity that the tree preservation requirements will be met must be provided.

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Open Space: Confirmation that the Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance requirements have been met must be provided. Additionally, open space as a

central feature/organizing principle should be more fully integrated into the plan.
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Watershed: Clarity regarding the amount of BUA envisioned is required, as well as an understanding of when the project will require BUA Averaging per

DPO 17.8.
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Greenways: Easements from the adjacent property owner to the Lake Cornelius parcel requires clarification

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Water/Sewer: Per Resolution 2018-12, this project requires a determination from Charlotte Water regarding extension/connection.

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Documentation: All applicable documentation requirements must be met.


This analysis was produced for the May 20, 2019 Planning Board meeting. Board members are asked to provide a consolidated set of formal comments that

will be included as part of staff s technical review of the project.
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Application/Preliminary Sketch Plan Submittal: May 2017 Transportation Impact Analysis Completed: December 2017 Master Plan Schematic Design

Submittal: July 2018 Planning Board FYI: April 2019 Public Input Session: April 2019 Planning Board Review Comment: May 2019 Revised Master Plan Schematic Design Submittal: TBD Final Master Plan Submittal for Review/Approval: TBD
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Master Plan Schematic Design Version 5 (see Documents tab).

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Summary of TIA Recommendations


Davidson Planning Ordinance (2015):

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Comprehensive Plan (2010): Plan

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POTTS ST RESIDENTIAL MASTER PLAN (LD 376674) Village Infill Planning Area Staff Review Comments: EPM Cycle 5-B 5/17/19 Jason Burdette, Planning

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STAFF REVIEW COMMENTS Note: All references to the Davidson Planning Ordinance are abbreviated DPO and pertain to the ordinance in effect at the time

of application submission (May 2017). Additionally, a response to each item below must be provided as part of the next plan submittal. If responses are not received as part of the next submittal, intake will not be performed and the documentation will not be reviewed.
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Overall, the documentation package requirements numerous clarifications. Review comments are organized by Documentation Requirements and Ordinance

Requirements, but at points significant overlap exists between these two sections. Staff will be able to clarify any review comments or ordinance requirements as needed throughout the process.
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1. Environmental Inventory (DPO 14.15.1): The following items require clarification or

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revision: a. Significant Vegetation (DPO 14.15.1.A): An inventory documenting existing trees has

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been provided; thank you. However, a description (i.e. list) of significant trees exceeding 12 inches in diameter has not been provided, nor have the

location of any specimen trees been identified.
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b. Natural Features (DPO 14.15.1.B): i. Overall: The following features need to be labeled, identified, or a statement

confirming their applicability to plan must be provided: Lake Norman (label); conservation easements (confirm presence of on subject site as well as

adjoining parcels); and, historic/cultural features (i.e. identified of or statement describing any known features).
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ii. Main Parcel: Natural drainage ways do not appear to have been identified. Note: These include features beyond perennial streams (i.e.

intermittent and other types of drainage patterns).
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iii. Western Parcel: The following features appear to apply to this parcel but have not been illustrated: Stream buffer; SWIM buffer;

floodplain/floodway; and, soil types. Additionally, it is unclear whether the site contains any slopes exceed 20 percent.
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c. Survey (DPO 14.15.1.C): Although C-002 specifies that these properties lie within a regulated watershed, this information must also be reported on

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d. Solid Waste (DPO 14.15.1.C): Confirmation of any areas that have been used for the disposal of solid waste must be provided.

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Action Required: Please revise the inventory (i.e. C-001) to address the tree/vegetation, natural features, survey, and solid waste requirements

noted above. Note: For guidance on how to document the tree requirements, see the Mayes Hall Master Plan documents. Application Response: XXXX
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2. Survey (DPO 14.15.2.A): The following items require clarification or revision:

a. Survey Information: In several instances it does not appear that the exact master plan boundaries are being utilized (i.e. just the Davidson

portion of the assembled land area) or that the boundaries reflect current conditions (i.e. whether non-contiguous parcels may be included or the proposed Potts St. alignment).
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i. Eastern Parcel: The survey distances on the North/South/West boundaries are unclear.

Tagged Passions:property

ii. Western Parcel: The survey distances on the North/West boundaries are unclear. iii. Main Parcel: The survey distances on the South/West

boundaries are unclear.
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b. Notes: It is unclear whether the site contains any existing easements or other significant features.

Tagged Passions:easement

c. Water Courses: The Environmental Inventory (EI) C-001 does not illustrate known wet areas/drainages on the site.

Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, water, environment, and stormwater

d. Parcel IDs: The Master Plan C-002 does not clearly list the land area assigned to each parcel in the Zoning Code Summary.

Tagged Passions:zoning and property

Action Required: Please revise the plans to clarify the survey boundaries based on the exact project area, not the assembled parcel area.

Additionally, clarify the features listed in b. Notes, the water features in c. Water Courses, and the land area associated with each Parcel ID. Application Response: XXXX
Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, water, and property

3. Vicinity Map (DPO 14.15.2.C): The vicinity map is not to scale.

Action Required: Please revise the plans to illustrate a vicinity map to the correct scale. Application Response: XXXX

4. Site Design (DPO 14.15.2.D): The following items require clarification or revision: a. Streets: As required by the DPO, proposed streets shall be

shown. The approved Potts
Tagged Passions:streets

Street realignment significantly impacts the development s ability to comply with the DPO. Include the approved alignment and requisite right-of-way

to verify compliance with the DPO.
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b. Easements: i. Greenway Easement: Confirmation that the multi-use path easement connecting

Tagged Passions:parks and easement

the main parcel to the western parcel has been secured must be provided.

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ii. Temporary Construction Easements: Based on the proposed site work, particularly for access to the western parcel as well as the grading for

Public Street D, it is unclear whether any temporary construction easements from adjacent property owners are required.
Tagged Passions:construction, streets, property, grading, and easement

c. Transit Facility Reservations: It is unclear whether a transit stop has been provided or is required. Per DPO 6.5.3.D, projects with 100 or more

units must be reviewed by CATS to determine whether the site merits a stop.
Tagged Passions:facility and pets

d. Building Setback Lines: Setback lines have not been illustrated as required and it is unclear whether the buildings meet the setbacks listed in

Table 2-12.

e. Building Labels: The buildings have not been labeled for clear identification. f. Open Space/Parks:

Tagged Passions:parks

i. Consistent Depiction: Open space has not been shown consistently between C-002 and C-003, with C-002 showing space in the southwest bend of Street

A but neither diagram on C-003 showing this space.
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ii. Access Points: Access to the Dog Park, including the types of facilities such as ADA features, has not been illustrated. Nor is it clear how the

Neighborhood Park is designed to connect to the intended greenway as described in the Parks Recreation Master Plan, per DPO 7.4.2.A.E.
Tagged Passions:disability, pets, parks, neighborhood, and recreation

iii. Improvements: Envisioned improvements (i.e. facilities/features) of the neighborhood park have not been illustrated or described.

Tagged Passions:parks and neighborhood

Action Required: Please provide revised plans illustrating the approved Potts Street realignment, confirmed/needed easements; building set back

lines; building labels (i.e. A, B, etc.); and the requested open space/parks information. Based on revisions and the anticipated unit count, TOD staff will contact CATS and request plan review for a stop. Application Response: XXXX
Tagged Passions:streets, pets, parks, and easement

5. Site Calculations (DPO 14.15.2.E ): The following items require clarification or revision: a. Acreage:

i. Sub-Parcel Acreage: The acreage associated with each parcel has not been provided and it is unclear how the 15.4 total was reached (preliminary

calculations suggest a total of 14.77 accurately reflects the included parcels).
Tagged Passions:property

ii. Acreage Considerations: The plans do not appear to reflect the Potts Street realignment. The proposed realignment significantly impacts this

development s ability to comply with the DPO. Also, the plans shall reflect that the western parcel s inclusion is contingent on dedicated access (easement) and Board of Adjustment approval through the Density Averaging process (DPO 17.8).
Tagged Passions:streets, development, Development, property, and easement

iii. Reporting: In addition to acreage, the values must be listed in square feet due to the project s location in the critical area of the watershed.

Tagged Passions:watershed

b. Built-Upon-Area (BUA) Values: i. Zone Labels: As done on C-004, the specific zones listed in the Impervious Surface

Areas table on C-003 should be labeled to clearly correspond to the related illustration (i.e. C: Building Footprints, etc.). Additionally, the Other

Surface areas listed on C-004 should be illustrated on C-003.

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ii. Reporting: As noted above, the values of the parcels must be listed in square feet on C-003 and C-004.

Tagged Passions:property

c. Open Space Values: Project Park Space and Undisturbed Open Space have been listed; however, a value for overall open space (of which those two

categories are each a subset) has not been provided.
Tagged Passions:parks

Action Required: Please revise the plans to clarify the acreage, square footage, BUA, and open space values and labels as noted above. Include the

approved Potts Street realignment and verify compliance with DPO standards. Application Response: XXXX
Tagged Passions:streets and compliance

6. Site Details (DPO 14.15.2.F): The following items require clarification or revision: a. Owner Address: It is unclear whether the owner address as

been listed. Note: In some

cases, the owner may be different than the developing entity. b. Current Use: It is unclear whether the current use has been identified. c.

Names/Uses of Adjoining Property Owners: It is unclear whether the names, uses, and
Tagged Passions:property

zoning classification of adjoining properties have been listed. d. County Designation: It is unclear whether the county has been listed in the title

Tagged Passions:zoning

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