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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Board of Commissioners


WEDNESDAY JUNE 26, 2019 9:30 A. M. Early Is On Time, On Time Is Late

NOTICE: The Board of Commissioners complies with ADA. If anyone needs interpretative services while attending a Commissioners meeting, please notify

this office 24 hours in advance
Tagged Passions:disability and services

A PRESENTATION: 9:35 A.M. Solid Waste Calendar Contest Winners Brandi Schnell

Tagged Passions:utility, solid waste, and Utility


1. Investments

Tagged Passions:investment

2. Appropriations

Tagged Passions:funding

3. Transfers

4. Advances/Repayments

5. Requisitions

6. Travel

Tagged Passions:travel

7. Bills

8. Authorize various personnel actions as indicated on the summary sheet for employees within the jurisdiction of the Lorain County Board of

Commissioners (at the conclusion of today s Board meeting, the Commissioners may recess into an Executive Session to discuss: personnel/new hires)
Tagged Passions:personnel

9. Approve waive reading of the County Commissioners meeting minutes for June 19 25, 2019

10 Approve change order 2 in amount of 2,550.93 to Crown Commercial Construction, Inc., Medina for additional work at 201 Burns Rd annex to include

outlets, lights, door and extinguishers
Tagged Passions:construction, commercial, and annexation

11. Establishing one (1) board for Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health in Lorain County, Ohio, pursuant to Revised Code Chapter 340, effective

July 1, 2019
Tagged Passions:drugs, alcohol, health, and mental health

12. Pursuant to Section 5722.21 of the Ohio Revised Code, it hereby waives the current delinquent taxes owed the Elyria Library on the parcels of

property having permanent parcel numbers 06-023-014-000- 044 and 06-23-014-000-017
Tagged Passions:taxes, Taxes, property, and library

Airport: 13 Award contract to Jess Howard Electric Company, Blacklick in the amount of 522,612.20. 3 bids were received on May 28, this being the

most responsive complying with specifications. 95 state share reimbursed thru ODOT aviation grant and 5 local share to be paid from Acct 7300; Issue notice to proceed and complete within 180 days; Authorize Administrator to notify Auditor to release retainage at completion of project
Tagged Passions:rfp, RFP, grant, airport, contract, electric, administrator, and audit

Page 1 of 3 Board agenda cont. 06/26/19

Children Families Council; 14 Approve enter into contracts for the purchase and delivery of services for the Ohio Family and Children First Family

Centered Services and Support FY20, effective July 1, 2019 June 30, 2020 1) Catholic Charities 25,000.00 2) Childcare Resource Center 18,000.00
Tagged Passions:council, contract, services, purchasing, and Child Care

15 Approve enter into contracts for the purchase and delivery of services for the Help Me Grow Early Intervention program of Lorain County for FY20,

effective July 1, 2019 June 30, 2020 1) Mercy 2,000.00 2) Cleveland Speech Hearing 4,500.00 3) Neighborhood Alliance 493,954.00
Tagged Passions:contract, services, program, purchasing, hearing, and neighborhood

Job Family Services: 16 Authorize lease agreement with MT Business Technologies, Avon Lake for copy machines, effective retroactive June 18, 2019

through June 18, 2024 at a cost of 9,034.80/year; Authorize Director to execute on behalf of the Board with Prosecutors approval as to form
Tagged Passions:business, leasing, services, and family services

17. Authorize Subgrant Agreement with Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and the Ohio Department of Medicaid. The purpose of this Subgrant

Agreement is to establish the terms, conditions, and requirements governing the administration and use of the financial assistance received by or used by the Lorain CDJFS/CSEA, effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021.
Tagged Passions:finance, services, health insurance, and family services

Sanitary Engineer 18 Approve enter into an Agreement with K. E. McCartney Assoc., for Civil Engineering Services for the Boone Road Sanitary Sewer

and Lift Station in Columbia Township, in the amount not to exceed 824,000.00
Tagged Passions:sewer, streets, utility, Utility, and services

Children Services: 19 Authorize various personnel to utilize the agency s MasterCard s for year 2019 not to exceed 2500 in accordance with the policy

Tagged Passions:personnel, services, and policy

Domestic Relations: 20 Amend Res 19-285, adopted May 15, 2019 entering into an agreement with Juvenile Court and Penfield Township Trustees for use

of Township hall with kitchen in event of emergency evacuation of the residential facilities. Amendment is to reflect the Trustees of Penfield Township and expires December 2024
Tagged Passions:legal, events, emergency, and court

Health District 22 Approve change order 3 to Seitz Builders, Inc., in the amount of 15,710.73 for waterline

Tagged Passions:health and water

Mental Health: 23. Authorize employment of legal counsel in an amount not to exceed 25,000.00 providing legal counsel to the Lorain County Board of

Mental Health
Tagged Passions:health, legal, employment, and mental health

C Public Comment: (Please limit comments to 3 minutes Thank-you)

D Mr. James R. Cordes, County Administrator:

Tagged Passions:administrator

E Mr. Gerald A. Innes, Assistant County Prosecutor:

Tagged Passions:hotel

F Commissioner s Report:

Page 2 of 3 Board agenda cont. 06/26/19

G Clerk s Report: 1. Commissioners will not meet the week of July 4, 2019

H Board Correspondence:

1. August 8, Lyndhurst Library and August 15, Brooklyn Library Conquer Invasive plants without toxic pesticides. Register at www.cuyahogariver.org

Tagged Passions:agriculture, plant, pesticide, and library

2. Sheriff in compliance with ORC 301.27 estimates gas for July will be 400

Tagged Passions:public safety and compliance

3. Engineer issued various highway user permits 1) 19-070 to Consumers Gas Cooperative, Orrville to install 1 gas service tap on west side of Cowley

Rd at 0.8 mi.+- north of Grafton Eastern Rd teeing off existing as main then bore under road on east side to service house 14783, Grafton Twp 2) 19-071 to Columbia Gas of Ohio, Middleburg Hts, install 266 +- of 4 plastic gas main on south side of Redfern Rd at east side of Bridle path Rd then go west by open cut road and tying into bypass per attached plans, Columbia Twp
Tagged Passions:streets, utility, and Utility

4. Publications; City of Elyria newsletter on updates water meters and city progress ; AG competition Matters : NACO county news ; Ohio Turnpike ;

County Clips : CCAO statehouse reports ; Counties Current ;
Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, and water

5. Neighborhood Alliance has 10 raffle tickets to Avon hot Summer Nights Country Festival July 5

Tagged Passions:festival and neighborhood

6. Lorain County Farm Service Agency committee seeks nominations from June 14 August 1, 2019. http://www.fsa.usda.gov/elections

Tagged Passions:agriculture, voting, and election

7. Ross Incineration Services, Inc., notification of Class 1 permit modification request OAC Rule 3745- 50-51-(D)(1)(a)(ii) update to certain

compatibility, lab procedure and storage language in RIS permit application. ? s call Justis Clifford, 440-366-2081
Tagged Passions:procedure and services

8. June 27 from 2-3 pm., Vermilion Boat Club, hosted by ACC Adult Home Care. The Ohio Judicial System and You , featuring Ohio Supreme Court Justice

Sharon Kennedy. Rsvp at Aaron@ACCAdultHOmeCAre.com
Tagged Passions:legal, boating, and court

9. Office of Community Development reduced county s grant B-F-16-1BQ-1 by 24,737 due to undrawn funds (cc: LCCDD)

Tagged Passions:funding, grant, development, Development, and community development

10. June 27 at 2 pm., County Planning Commission tentative meeting packet

Tagged Passions:planning and boards and commissions

11. Community Foundation of Lorain County Report to the Community Focusing on 2018

12. July 1 at 6 pm., The Alcohol, Drug Addiction Mental Health Board (ADAMH) of Lorain County will have their initial and organizational meeting at

226 Middle Avenue, Elyria, Ohio 4th Floor, meeting room b
Tagged Passions:drugs, alcohol, health, and mental health

Please note that the Commissioners meetings are open to the public. The scheduled air times for the meetings will be shown on Sat. at Noon Mon. at 11

p.m. and subject to change at the discretion of the Lorain County Community College. The meetings might be also broadcasted in additional time periods as scheduling permits. If anyone wants to purchase a copy of the Commissioners Meeting Tapes, please call Lorain County Records Center at (440) 326-4868 Page 3 of 3
Tagged Passions:college prep, purchasing, and university

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