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Citizen Involvement Committee

Citizen Involvement Committee

City of Oregon City

Meeting Agenda

625 Center Street Oregon City, OR 97045

Tagged Passions:streets


Commission Chambers7:00 PMMonday, July 1, 2019

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

1. Call to Order

2. Presentations

2a. PC 19-069 Oregon City 175 Commemoration, Lori Bell, Economic Development Coordinator (15 Minutes) Sponsors: Historic Review Board and City

Manager Tony Konkol
Tagged Passions:economic development, development, historic, Development, administrator, and manager

Oregon City 175 Commemoration WebsiteAttachments:

2b. PC 19-068 Revisions to Historic Review Board Policies and OCMC 17.40 Historic Overlay District, Laura Terway, Community Development Director (15-

Tagged Passions:development, historic, Development, and community development

Project Website

Proposal Chapter 17.40 Historic Overlay Draft Amendment

Tagged Passions:historic


3. Public Comment

4. Staff Liaison Update on Questions from the Last Meeting

4a. PC 19-054 Staff Liaison Update on Questions Asked at the Previous Meeting

Sponsors: Christina Robertson-Gardiner Staff Report

NA Meetings Sign Up Sheet (revised 6.21.19)

OC 2019 Five Year Pavement Maintenance Plan Update Presentation (June CIC Meeting)


5. General Business

Tagged Passions:business

5a. PC 19-067 Work Plan Update

Sponsors: Christina Robertson-Gardiner Staff Report

2018 Prioritized Work Plan- adopted

Public Involvement Plan


6. Approval of the Minutes

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/21/2019Page 1 of 7

July 1, 2019Citizen Involvement Committee Meeting Agenda

6a. PC 19-071 Draft Minutes October 1, 2018 Draft CIC Minutes

December 3, 2018 Draft CIC Minutes


7. Roundtable

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/21/2019Page 2 of 7

July 1, 2019Citizen Involvement Committee Meeting Agenda

7a. 18-081 Upcoming Neighborhood Association Meetings

Tagged Passions:neighborhood

Send all 2019 neighborhood meeting dates any updated contact information to Kesi McNall kmcnall@orcity.org for city website.

Tagged Passions:neighborhood

Barclay Hills Neighborhood Chair: Karla Laws, karla.laws@gmail.com Vice Chair: Aaron Wolf, wolftune@gmail.com Treasurer: Janice Morris,

mad91058@msn.com Secretary: OPEN CIC Primary Representative: Janice Morris, mad91058@msn.com CIC Alternate Representative: OPEN Meeting Information: Meetings held the second Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November beginning at 7:00 p.m. 2018 General Meeting Dates: January 9, March 13, May 8, July 10, September 11, and November 13. Located: St. John the Apostle Cemetery, 445 Warner Street, Oregon City, OR 97045
Tagged Passions:streets, Treasurer, TREASURER, and neighborhood

Canemah Neighborhood Chair: Ken Baysinger, k.baysinger@comcast.net Vice Chair: Bob Siewert, siewert.bob@gmail.com Secretary: Ben Deitch,

bfdeitch@gmail.com Treasurer : Terry Bee Enstad, Thebee29@gmail.com CIC Primary Representative: Dennis Anderson, GO2Danderson@gmail.com CIC Alternate Representative: Linda Baysinger, team.baysinger@comcast.net Canemah Cemetery Association: Mark Tacoma, 503-655-2192 Meeting Information: 2019 TBD Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m. Meeting Located: Community Room at Oregon City Library Steering Committee Meetings: Meets on the second (2nd) Wednesday in the month preceding each General Membership meeting held at the Meadows Courtyard Retirement Center, 13637 Garden Meadow Drive, beginning at 7:00 p.m
Tagged Passions:retirement, Telecommunications, seniors, telecommunications, Treasurer, TREASURER, Comcast, neighborhood, and library

Caufield Neighborhood Chair: Robert Malchow, r.malchow@comcast.net Vice Chair: Kristina Browning, kristina@PortlandHomeGal.com Secretary/Treasurer:

Tori Skipper, t.skipper@bhhsnw.com CIC Primary Representative: John Kies, jkies1@gmail.com CIC Alternate Representative: Robert Malchow, r.malchow@comcast.net Meeting Information: Held the fourth Tuesday of January (28th), March (26th), May (28th- may change), September (24th) , and November (26th) Located: Oregon City School District's Facilities and Maintenance Center
Tagged Passions:Telecommunications, telecommunications, Treasurer, education, TREASURER, Comcast, and neighborhood

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/21/2019Page 3 of 7

July 1, 2019Citizen Involvement Committee Meeting Agenda

(Bus Barn), 14551 Meyers Road, Oregon City at 6:45 PM.

Tagged Passions:streets and Public Transit

Gaffney Lane Neighborhood Chair: Amy Willhite, awillhit@yahoo.com Secretary/Treasurer: Angela Wright, englishimport@gmail.com CIC Primary

Representative: Amy Willhite, awillhit@yahoo.com CIC Alternate Representative: Vacant Meeting Information: Held the second Thursday of odd months (Jan. 10, Mar. 14, May 9 (cancelled), Jul. 11, Sep. 12, Nov. 14). Located: The Meadows Courtyard, 13637 Garden Meadows Drive, Oregon City, 7:00PM
Tagged Passions:Treasurer, TREASURER, and neighborhood

Hazel Grove-Westling Farm Neighborhood The Hazel Grove-Westling Farm Neighborhood is currently inactive. If you are interested in helping to

reactivate this neighborhood please contact Christina Robertson-Gardiner (crobertson@orcity.org). People requesting a neighborhood meeting for Land use applications should contact CIC staff to schedule a meeting with the CIC.
Tagged Passions:agriculture and neighborhood

Hillendale Neighborhood Chair: Roy Harris, royandanna@centurylink.net Vice Chair: Vacant Land Use Chair: William Gifford, william@smallflags.com

Secretary/Treasurer: Joyce Gifford, Joyce@smallflags.com CIC Primary Representative: Roy Harris, royandanna@centurylink.net CIC Alternate Representative: Ray Stobie, drakeel@gmail.com General Meetings: First Tuesday in January, April, July, and October Steering Committee Meetings: TBD Located: Living Hope Church - 19691 Meyers Road, Oregon City, 7:00PM
Tagged Passions:streets, Telecommunications, church, telecommunications, Treasurer, TREASURER, and neighborhood

McLoughlin Neighborhood Chair: Cameron McCredie, cmccredie@windermere.com Vice Chair/Land Use: Denyse McGriff, guttmcg@msn.com Land Use: TBD

Secretary: Josh Habre, mjshhbr@gmail.com Treasurer: Jesse Buss, jessebuss@gmail.com CIC Primary Representative: Denise Beasley, dbeasleym@gmail.com CIC Alternate Representative: Rita Mills, nprita3@outlook.com Meeting Information: General Meetings: January 3rd 2019 - Library, March 7th 2019 - Fire House*, May 2nd 2019 - Library, July 10th 2019 - Library, September 5th 2019 Library, November 7th 2019 (Electrion of New Steering Committee Members) - Library. Located: Oregon City Public Library - Community Room, 606 John Adams St. at 7:00 PM Steering Committee Meetings: Typically the first Thursday of February,
Tagged Passions:Public Transit, Treasurer, TREASURER, neighborhood, and library

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/21/2019Page 4 of 7

July 1, 2019Citizen Involvement Committee Meeting Agenda

April, June, August, and October. Located: *Fire Station, 7th John Adams, Neighborhood Conference Room, Basement at 7:00 PM

Tagged Passions:fire departments and districts and neighborhood

Park Place Neighborhood Chair: Greg Stone, gpstone72@yahoo.com Vice Chair: Steve Van Haverbeke, steve@vanhaverbeke.org Treasurer: Ray Renken,

rbrenken@comcast.net Secretary: Lisa Novak, novak0929@gmail.com CIC Primary Representative: Steve Van Haverbeke, steve@vanhaverbeke.org CIC Alternate Representative: Greg Stone, gpstone72@yahoo.com Meeting Information: General Meetings: 6:30 PM - February 18th 2019, May 20th 2019 and October 21st 2019 Located: Oregon City View Manor, Community Center, 280 S. Longview Way, Oregon City, OR 97045 Steering Committee Meetings: 6:30 PM - January 21st 2019, March 18th 2019, April 15th 2019, August 19th 2019, September 16th 2019 and November 18th 2019
Tagged Passions:Telecommunications, telecommunications, parks, Treasurer, TREASURER, Comcast, community center, and neighborhood

Rivercrest Neighborhood Chair: Ed Lindquist, ed-lindquist@msn.com Vice Chair: Karin Morey, Karin.morey@gmail.com Secretary/Treasurer Violet

Stephenson, hrvmstephenson@gmail.com CIC Primary Representative: Karin Morey, karin.morey@gmail.com CIC Primary Representative: Vacant Meeting Information: Steering Committee Meeting: February 14th, May 16th, October 17th. Located: First Presbyterian Church, 1321 Linn Avenue, Oregon City, 7:00 PM General Meeting: March 21st, June 20th, September 19th, November 21st. Located: First Presbyterian Church, 1321 Linn Avenue, Oregon City, 7:00 PM
Tagged Passions:church, Treasurer, TREASURER, and neighborhood

South End Neighborhood The Southend Neighborhood is currently inactive. If you are interested in helping to reactivate this neighborhood please

contact Christina Robertson-Gardiner (crobertson@orcity.org). People requesting a neighborhood meeting for Land use applications should contact CIC staff to schedule a meeting with the CIC.
Tagged Passions:neighborhood

Tower Vista Neighborhood Tower Vista Neighborhood Association Chair: Vern Johnson, verndonnajohnson@yahoo.com Secretary: Monica Mumper

Tagged Passions:cell tower, Cell tower, and neighborhood

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/21/2019Page 5 of 7

July 1, 2019Citizen Involvement Committee Meeting Agenda

CIC Representative: Vern Johnson, verndonnajohnson@yahoo.com Meetings: Meetings are held in conjunction with the Hillendale Neighborhood Association.

Tagged Passions:neighborhood

Two Rivers Neighborhood Chair: Bryon Boyce, bryony@birdlink.net, (503) 655-4457 Secretary: Margie Hughes, margiehughes1@aol.com CIC Primary

Representative: Bryon Boyce, bryony@birdlink.net, (503) 655-4457 CIC Alternate Representative: Vacant Meetings: Held the fourth Wednesday of January, April, July, and October at 7:00 PM Located: Rivershore Bar Grill, 1900 Clackamas Drive, Oregon City, OR 97045
Tagged Passions:restaurants, watershed, and neighborhood

Citizen Involvement Committee 2019 Meetings: January 7th, Febraury 4th, March 4th, April 1st, May 6th, June 3rd, July 1st, August 5th, October 7th,

November 4th, Decembr 2nd City Hall, Commission Chambers, 625 Center Street, 7:00PM Generally the 1st Monday of each month.
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and streets

CIC Liaison Assignments Development Stakeholders Committee (Amy Wilhite) Equitable Housing (Steven Vanhaverbeke, Amy Willhite) McLoughlin -Canemah

Trail (Karin Morey)
Tagged Passions:development, trails, Development, and housing

8. Adjournment


Public Comments: The following guidelines are given for citizens presenting information or raising issues relevant to the City but not listed on the

agenda. Complete a Comment Card prior to the meeting and submit it to the staff member. When the Chair calls your name, proceed to the speaker table and state your name and city of residence into the microphone. Each speaker is given 3 minutes to speak. To assist in tracking your speaking time, refer to the timer at the dais. As a general practice, Oregon City Officers do not engage in discussion with those making comments.

Agenda Posted at City Hall, Pioneer Community Center, Library, and City Web site(oregon-city.legistar.com). Video Streaming Broadcasts: The meeting

is streamed live on Oregon City s Web site at www.orcity.org and is available on demand following the meeting. ADA: City Hall is wheelchair accessible with entry ramps and handicapped parking located on the east side of the building. Hearing devices may be requested from the City staff member prior to the meeting. Disabled individuals requiring other assistance must make their request known 48 hours preceding the meeting by contacting the City Recorder s Office at 503-657-0891.
Tagged Passions:disability, hearing, community center, parking, and library

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/21/2019Page 6 of 7

July 1, 2019Citizen Involvement Committee Meeting Agenda

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/21/2019Page 7 of 7

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