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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Government Operations Committee


Government Operations Committee Monday, July 8, 2019 2:00 PM

Legislature Chambers

MEMBERS: Michael Lane, Chair; Amanda Champion, Vice Chair; Rich John; Deborah Dawson; Daniel Klein

Inclusion through Diversity

Tagged Passions:diversity

1. Call to Order (2:00)

2. Changes to Agenda (2:00)

3. Comments from the Public (2:05)

4. Minutes Approval (2:10)

a. June 6, 2019

5. Information Technology Services (2:15)

Tagged Passions:services, Technology, technology, information technology, and Information Technology

a. Information Item: Website Refresh (ID 8741)

6. Board of Elections (2:25)

Tagged Passions:voting, election, and board of elections

a. Resolution: Budget Adjustment and Authorization for the Purchase of Equipment

Tagged Passions:equipment, budget, and purchasing

Necessary for Early Voting in Tompkins County (ID 8740)

Tagged Passions:voting and voting rights

7. Finance Department (2:40)

Tagged Passions:finance

a. Resolution: Authorization to Execute Quitclaim Deeds Sale of Foreclosure Properties at Public Auction (ID 8728)

Tagged Passions:sale and auction

8. County Attorney (2:50)

Tagged Passions:legal

a. Resolution: Adoption of Local Law No. ____ of 2019 - A Local Law Amending the

Tompkins County Charter - Article 26 - Office of the Human Rights and Human Rights

Tagged Passions:human rights

Commission (ID 8735)

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

9. Administration (3:10)

a. Information Item: Update to Policy 02-42 Sexual Harassment Prevention (Complaint

Tagged Passions:policy and sexual harassment

Form) (ID 8737)

b. Resolution: Resolution to Update the Administrative Policy Manual: Policy 08-30, Open

Tagged Passions:policy

Meetings; Policy 01-06, Public Access to Records; and Policy 08-02, Preparing Local

Tagged Passions:policy

Laws (ID 8736)

10. Legislature (3:25)

a. Dedication of Beebe Window - Human Services Building

Tagged Passions:services

b. Resolution: Appropriation from Contingent Fund to Replace Motorized Projector Screens

Tagged Passions:funding

- Tompkins County Legislature (ID 8717)

c. Report/Discussion: Advisory Board Application (ID 8676)

11. Reports (3:40)

a. Committee Chair

b. County Administrator

Tagged Passions:administrator

c. Deputy County Administrator

Tagged Passions:administrator

d. County Attorney

Tagged Passions:legal

e. Director of Finance

Tagged Passions:finance

f. Public Information Officer

g. Committee Members

12. Adjournment (4:00)

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