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Licenses and Permits Committee Page 1 of 2 Printed 7/3/2019

Tagged Passions:license


Tagged Passions:license

Committee Meeting

Wednesday - July 10, 2019, 6:00 PM

Committee Room 2nd Floor City Hall


(Posted online: 7/3/19 at 7:17 AM)

1. Approval of the May 29, 2019 Minutes

Public Hearing: Item 207994 - New Used Car Dealer Class 2 License

Tagged Passions:hearing and license

Real Auto Shop, 39 Webster Ave

Tagged Passions:transportation

2. 207994: Recommend New Used Car Dealer Class 2 License, Real Auto Shop, 39 Webster

Tagged Passions:transportation and license

Ave, 0 vehicles inside, 20 outside, opening Mon-Fri 8AM-7PM, Sat 8AM-3PM, Sun

Tagged Passions:college prep


3. 207025: Discuss Robert Toro submitting comments re: C M Auto Sales, licensed as a Used

Tagged Passions:sale, transportation, and license

Car Dealer at 39 Webster Ave.

4. 208358: Recommend Submitted by Eversource to install 23 feet of conduit in Chester Ave

from Utility Pole 64/0 to a point of pickup at 141 Cross St.

Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, and pole

5. 208307: Recommend New Extended Operating Hours License, Papa Johns Pizza, 622

Tagged Passions:restaurants and license

Somerville Ave, seeking to remain open for in-store, take-out, and delivery service until

Tagged Passions:commercial

1AM Sun-Thu, and 2AM Fri-Sat.

Tagged Passions:college prep

6. 208247: Discuss (Rossetti) That the Director of the Arts Council, the Chief of Police and the Commissioner of Public Works appear before this

Council s Committee on Licenses and Permits to discuss future preparations for Porchfest.
Tagged Passions:council, arts, public safety, Public Works, public works, and license

7. 208246: Discuss (Ballantyne, Hirsch) That the Administration explore the constituent suggestion that would allow designating streets as block

party zones or car-free zones when
Tagged Passions:streets

Licenses and Permits Committee Page 2 of 2 Printed 7/3/2019

Tagged Passions:license

a certain number of bands are registered during Porch Fest.

8. 206864: Discuss (Clingan, and the Entire Board) That the Administration report to this Board, any instances of businesses found guilty of wage

theft by the Attorney General s Office, and what action was taken in accordance with our wage theft ordinance.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, business, and legal

9. 208476: Recommend (Rossetti, Scott, Ewen-Campen, Mbah, Davis, Hirsch, Ballantyne,

Clingan, White Jr.) That this Council's Committee on Licenses and Permits consider the attached amendment to Ordinance 9-31 regarding Wage Theft.

Tagged Passions:ordinance, council, and license

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