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Massachusetts Department of Transportation meeting

Tagged Passions:transportation

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Home Public notices Massachusetts Department of Transportation meeting

Tagged Passions:transportation

Last updated: 06/05/2019 - 10:17am

Massachusetts Department of Transportation meeting

Tagged Passions:transportation

Massachusetts Department of Transportation Office of Outdoor Advertising will hold a public meeting on July 11 at 11 a.m.

Tagged Passions:transportation and advertising

Discussion Topics


1. 636 Beacon Street

Tagged Passions:streets

Application 2019047 (existing structure, permit 2008040, facing west)

2. 645 Beacon Street

Tagged Passions:streets

Application 2019048 (existing structure, permit 2008038, facing east)

3. 918 Commonwealth Avenue

Application 2019049 (existing structure, permit 2002198, facing east)

4. 890 Commonwealth Avenue

Application 2019050 (existing structure, permit 2002266, facing east)

5. 560 Commonwealth Avenue

Application 2019051 (existing structure, permit 2002213, facing west)

6. 560 Commonwealth Avenue

Application 2019052 (existing structure, permit 2002214, facing east)

7. 500 Commonwealth Avenue

Application 2019053 (existing structure, permit 2008041, facing south)

8. 4 Yawkey Way @ Fenway Park

Tagged Passions:parks

Application 2019054 (existing structure, permit 2002212, facing west)

9. 621 Huntington Avenue

Application 2019055 (existing structure, permit 2002193, facing east)

10. 405 Huntington Avenue

Application 2019056 (existing structure, permit 2002209, facing west)

11. 369 Huntington Avenue

Application 2019057 (existing structure, permit 2002274, facing west)

12. 800 Boylston Street

Tagged Passions:streets

Application 2019058 (existing structure, permit 2002259, facing south)

13. 47 Huntington Avenue

Application 2019059 (existing structure, permit 2003195, facing south)

14. 110 Huntington Avenue

Application 2019060 (existing structure, permit 2003205, facing east)

15. 200 Dartmouth Street

Tagged Passions:streets

Application 2019061 (existing structure, permit 2002097, facing north)

16. 139 Saint James Avenue

Application 2019062 (existing structure, permit 2012005, facing east)

17. 90 Saint James Avenue

Application 2019063 (existing structure, permit 2002057, facing east)

18. 245 Summer Street

Tagged Passions:streets

Application 2019064 (existing structure, permit 2002201, facing south)

19. 60 Seaport Boulevard

Tagged Passions:streets

Application 2019065 (new structure, facing north)

20. 158 Seaport Boulevard

Tagged Passions:streets

Application 2019066 (existing structure, permit 2005158, facing west)

21. 212 Seaport Boulevard

Tagged Passions:streets

Application 2019067 (existing structure, permit n/a, facing west)

Public comment regarding the proposed billboard(s) and/or display(s) may be presented at the meeting or in writing prior to the meeting to:

Tagged Passions:advertising and signage

The Office of Outdoor Advertising, Attention John R. Romano, Director Ten Park Plaza, Room 6141 Boston, MA 02116

Tagged Passions:advertising and parks

July 11, 2019


Transportation Building

Tagged Passions:transportation

10 Park Plaza

Tagged Passions:parks

Conference room/s 5 6, Second Floor

Boston, MA 02116



Lydia Quirk


Tagged Passions:neighborhood

Back Bay


06/05/2019 - 10:30am


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Tagged Passions:policy, privacy, and public records

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