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archive event

HARNETT COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS County Administration Building 102 East Front Street Lillington, North Carolina

Regular Meeting
Tagged Interests: streets

Call to order Chairman Jim Burgin

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Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation Commissioner

3. Consider additions and deletions to the published agenda

Consent Agenda A. Minutes B. Budget Amendments C. Tax rebates, refunds and releases D. Harnett County Emergency Services requests appointment of Dr. Erin Wirths as the new Harnett County EMS Medical Director. Staff also requests approval of the EMS Medical Director contract with Dr. Erin Wirths effective December 1, 2016. E. Harnett County General Services requests adoption of Policy of Non-Discrimination and CDBG/HUD Recipient Section 504 Compliance Officer/Grievance Procedures for Commerce Fellows Capacity Building Project. Staff also requests designation of the General Services Director as the Section 504 Compliance Officer. F. Proclamation 2016 Adoption Awareness Month and Day G. Resolution awarding Corporal Delisa M. Straps her service weapon upon her retirement H. Harnett County Emergency Services requests approval of North Carolina Department of Public Safety / Division of Emergency Management, State - Applicant Disaster Assistance Agreement and Resolution Designation of Applicant's Agent (Hurricane Matthew). I. Resolution to Convey Certain Real Property to the Trustees of Central Carolina Community College J. Harnett County Cooperative Extension requests approval of a salary compression increase in the amount of 1,270.18 for Community Rural Development Agent Kittrane Saunders. K. Finance Officer requests approval of the revised Harnett County Fiscal Policy Guidelines L. Approval of the Harnett County Board of Education s request to fund four additional teaching positions up to 200,000. These positions will be used to benefit students at schools designate as low performing such as Harnett Primary School, Johnsonville Elementary School and South Harnett Elementary School.

Tagged Interests: rural, recognition, finance, budget, retirement, appointments, taxes, Taxes, development, contract, public safety, union, discrimination, seniors, procedure, services, emergency, Development, property, university, compliance, EMS, education, policy, human resources, students, and cdbg

Period of up to 30 minutes for informal comments allowing 3 minutes for each presentation

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Tagged Interests: appointments

Employee Compensation Discussion

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Tagged Interests: compensation

Funding request from the Averasboro Town Restoration (non-profit) The purchase of the Shaw House Property

9. County Manager s Report Joseph Jeffries, County Manager Harnett County Financial Summary Report September 2016 Harnett County Sales Tax Analysis by Article July 2016 Harnett County Veteran Services Activities Report October 2016 Development Services Report September 2016

Tagged Interests: funding, finance, sale, taxes, Taxes, development, services, purchasing, Development, property, administrator, and manager

New Business

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Closed Session

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