WA - King: Law and Justice Committee

Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Law and Justice Committee

Law and Justice Committee

King County

Meeting Agenda

1200 King County Courthouse

516 Third Avenue Seattle, WA 98104

Councilmembers: Larry Gossett, Chair; Kathy Lambert, Vice-Chair;

Reagan Dunn, Joe McDermott, Dave Upthegrove

Staff: Clifton Curry, Lead Staff (206-477-0877) Marka Steadman, Committee Assistant (206-477-0887)

Room 10011:00 PM Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Pursuant to K.C.C. 1.24.035 A. and F., this Cancellation Notice is also noticed as a cancellation of the Metropolitan King County Council, whose

agenda is limited to the committee business.
Tagged Interests: business and council

The November 26, 2019, meeting of the Law and Justice Committee is cancelled.

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