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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Emergency Operations Center 1403 West Boulevard, Laurinburg, NC AGENDA

Tagged Passions:streets and emergency

Item Presenter Call to Order Chairman Bob Davis Invocation Pledge of Allegiance Approval of the Agenda Chairman Bob Davis Public Forum (please state

name and address and observe a three-minute time limit)

1.Consent Agenda (a) Approve Minutes of December 2 Regular and Special

Meetings (b) Surplus Vehicle 2008 Dodge Caravan SE

Tagged Passions:surplus

VIN:2D8HN44H38R706085 (c) Tax Department Releases, Refunds, and Discoveries (d) Health Department Requests: A. New Labs 2 Go:

Tagged Passions:health, taxes, and Taxes

Name _ CPT TEST PRICE Iron 83540 001339 8.00 Reticulocyte Count 85045 005280 13.00 Amylase 82150 001396 14.00 Antigliadin Abs, IgA 83516 161646 30.00

Inflammatory Bowel Disease 86256 164830 97.00 (IBD) 86671 Lipase 83690 001404 14.00 HSV 2 REFLEX 86696 NO 57.00 CA27.29 86300 140293 35.00 5 Nucleotidase 83915 001701 26.00 Copper, Serum 82525 001586 23.00 Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Blood 84425 121186 28.00 Vitamin B6, Plasma 84207 004655 40.00 Zinc, Plasma or Serum 84630 001800 12.00

B. New Funding Family Planning Title X Funds 14,828

Tagged Passions:planning and funding

2. JCPC Budget Requests Rogena Deese, JCPC Coordinator

Tagged Passions:budget

3. Scotland County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Bylaws Changes

Tagged Passions:parks and recreation

Bryan Graham, Parks and Recreation Director

Tagged Passions:parks and recreation

4. Communication Tower Request Mike Edge, Communications Director

Tagged Passions:cell tower, Cell tower, communications, and Communications

5. Fire Truck Purchase Mac McDougald, Fire Commission Chairman

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, fire departments and districts, transportation, and purchasing

6. Mid-year financial report Beth Hobbs, Finance Officer 7. Meeting Place Discussion Commissioner Tim Ivey 8. Board of Elections Request County

Manager Kevin Patterson 9. Tax Assessor/Administrator Appointment County Manager Kevin Patterson 10. Boards and Committee Appointments a. Aging Advisory Council- Brenda Gilbert and Phil Rech
Tagged Passions:finance, council, appointments, voting, taxes, Taxes, election, administrator, manager, financial report, and board of elections

Vice-Chair Carol McCall

11. County Manager s Report County Manager Kevin Patterson 12. County Commissioner News 13. Recess until January 28, 2020 at Cooperative Extension at

11:30 am
Tagged Passions:administrator and manager


Emergency Operations Center 1403 West Boulevard, Laurinburg, NC

Tagged Passions:streets and emergency

Procedural Bulletin -- Public Forum Effective Date: February 18, 2000

It is the intent of the Scotland County Board of Commissioners to allow a Public Forum at each of its regular meetings for citizens to address the

Board regarding issues or questions of benefit and/or interest to the general public in a positive fashion. It is the Board s further intent that matters shared during this forum not be harmful, discriminatory, or embarrassing to any citizen or employee of Scotland County, but that any concerns brought forward be expressed in general terms that provide the Board appropriate data to research the issue and respond to the speaker at a later time.
Tagged Passions:discrimination

It is strongly suggested that personnel concerns go first through the Office of the County Manager (517 Peden Street, Laurinburg NC 28352) or

directly to County Commissioners, preferably in writing, in order for staff and/or Commissioners to attempt to address those concerns privately and with the necessary available resources.
Tagged Passions:streets, personnel, administrator, and manager

To assure the Board of Commissioners positive intent for the Public Forum is upheld, the following ground rules have been set by the Board of


1) Each speaker shall register his/her name and mailing address in order to assure accurate minutes and/or ability

to respond. 2) There will be a time limit of no more than three minutes per speaker. 3) Only one speaker will be recognized at any given time. Others

must wait their turn. 4) Any applause shall be held until the end of the Public Forum. 5) Discussion of County personnel issues is limited to only those issues where satisfactory resolution has been
Tagged Passions:recognition and personnel

pursued, but not achieved, through the chain of command ending with the County Manager. 6) Derogatory references to specific County staff, by name,

are prohibited.
Tagged Passions:administrator and manager

It should be understood that the Board allows the Public Forum in the interest of sharing information, which serves the common good.

Scotland County Board of Commissioners

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