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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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We empower our students to lead, learn, serve, and excel.

Tagged Passions:students


Tagged Passions:education


Lexington Four District Office

2.0 Executive Session 2.1 Public session recessed to enter into executive session* 2.2 Discussion of the Employment of Personnel 2.3 Reconvene in Public Session*
Tagged Passions:personnel and employment

3.0 Call to Order General Session

No additional detail provided

3.1 Pledge of Allegiance Moment of Silence

No additional detail provided

3.2 Notification of Media: In accordance with the S.C. Code 1976, Section 30-4-80 (d), as

amended, the following were notified of the date, place, and agenda of the meeting:

The Lexington County Chronicle and Dispatch-News and The GPS Triangle News.

Tagged Passions:911

4.0 Voting on Executive Session Action Items

Tagged Passions:voting

No Items

5.0 Approval of Minutes*

No additional detail provided

5.1 December 9, 2019

6.0 Consent Agenda*

7.0 Public Forum: The public is cordially invited to attend board meetings. Speakers may offer objective comments on school operations and programs that concern them. Each person that signs up to speak will be limited to a three minute presentation. (Lexington 4 Board Policy BEDH) 8.0 Office of the School Board
Tagged Passions:program, education, policy, and school operations

8.1 SCSBA Recognition for 10 years of Service: Mr. Daniel Martin

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:recognition

8.2 School Board Recognition: Annual Signing of Ethical Principles for School Board

Members 8.3 NSBA 2020 Annual Conference*
Tagged Passions:recognition and education

8.4 Board Reflections

9.0 Teaching and Learning

No additional detail provided

9.1 Systemic District Team Strategic Focus Areas

10.0 Operations

Tagged Passions:strategic

10.1 Construction Update

10.2 Fine Arts Athletics Open House We empower our students to lead, learn, serve, and excel. 11.0 Fiscal Services
Tagged Passions:construction, arts, services, athletics, and students

11.1 General Fund Financial Statement

12.0 Office of the Superintendent
Tagged Passions:finance, superintendent, and financial report

12.1 First Reading*

12.1.1 Board Policy IMG ANIMALS IN SCHOOLS
Tagged Passions:education and policy

12.2 2019-2020 System Goals Update

12.3 Notice of Special Election

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:voting and election

12.3.1 Election to be Held March 3rd

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:voting and election

12.4 2020 Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) Report: March 30, 2020

12.5 Upcoming Meetings Events:

Tagged Passions:events

12.5.1 Lexington County Night, January 14, 2020

No additional detail provided

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