SC - Lexington 2: Monthly Meeting of the Board of Trustees

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Monthly Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Monthly Meeting of the Board of Trustees

7:00 p.m., January 16, 2020 Board Room, District Education Center

Tagged Passions:education

A Reception Honoring the Board of Trustees for

Tagged Passions:recognition

Board Appreciation Month will be held at 6:30 p.m.


I. Call to Order Chairman

II. Invocation / Pledge of Allegiance: Vice-Chairman

Led by Students from Airport High School

Tagged Passions:airport, education, and students

III. Consent Agenda: Chairman A. Approval of Agenda B. Approval of Minutes from the November 21, 2019, Board Meeting, and the December 18, 2019,

Special Meeting

IV. Public Participation Period Chief Administrative Officer A. Request from Community Youth Football Program to Discuss Board

Tagged Passions:program and youth

Policy KF, Community Use of School Facilities

Tagged Passions:education and policy

V. Report on Honors and Accomplishments of Students and Staff: Superintendent A. Recognition of Mackenna Maddox, Fourth Grade Student from Cayce

Elementary School, for her Community Service Project/Food Drive B Recognition of the Board of Trustees for School Board Recognition Month C. Official Signing of South Carolina School Board Member Ethical Principles D. Recognition of Bill Bingham, Beth Branham and Cindy Kessler for 20 Years, and Linda Wooten for Ten Years as Members of the Lexington District Two
Tagged Passions:recognition, superintendent, education, and students

Board of Trustees A Copy of January Honors and Accomplishments of Students and Staff is Attached

Tagged Passions:students

VI. Unfinished Business: No Unfinished Business

Tagged Passions:business

VII. New Business: A. Presentation of Financial and Procurement Audit Results for Fiscal Chief Financial Officer Year Ended June 30, 2019 B.

Consideration of First and Second Reading of the 2020/21 Calendar Chief Instructional Officer
Tagged Passions:business, finance, purchasing, and audit

Proposal C. Consideration of Administrative Review of Board Policy KF, Community Superintendent Use of School Facilities D. Consideration of

Scheduling a Finance Workshop at 6:00 pm on March 12, Chief Operations Officer
Tagged Passions:finance, superintendent, education, and policy

2020, and a 2030 Plan Facilities Workshop at 6:00 pm on March 26, 2020 E. Custodial Committee Report to the Board of Trustees F. Update on Closing

Walterboro Street G. Consideration of Possibly Paving of Walterboro Street and Eagle Drive around
Tagged Passions:streets

Fulmer Middle School H. Consideration of Analog Camera Replacement District Wide

Tagged Passions:education

Agenda, Board of Trustees Meeting January 16, 2020 Page 2

I. Consideration of Replacing the Security System at the Community Education Center J. Consideration of Replacing the Security System at Busbee

Creative Arts Academy K. Consideration of Installing New Hardware on Five Sets of Doors at Brookland-Cayce High School L. Consideration of Replacing the Doors and Hardware on the Old Media Mechanical
Tagged Passions:arts, security, and education

Room at Airport High School M. Consideration of Replacing the Door Hardware on Two Sets of Doors on the

Tagged Passions:airport and education

Front of the Old Gymnasium on Indigo Avenue at Brookland-Cayce High School N. Consideration of Replacement of the Doors and Door Hardware for the

Four Interior
Tagged Passions:education

Lobby Doors at the Old Brookland-Cayce High School Gymnasium on Indigo Avenue O. Replacement of the Fence around the Special Needs Playground at

Tagged Passions:parks and education

Elementary School P. Consideration of Additional Construction Contingency for the Airport High School 700 Wing Project Q. Consideration of Requests

for Overnight or Out-of-State Student Travel: Chief Administrative Officer 1. Airport High School Band Students Limestone College Honor Band Clinic, January 30 31, 2020
Tagged Passions:construction, airport, travel, university, education, and students

Limestone College, Gaffney, SC 2. Lexington Two Innovation Center Cosmetology Students

Tagged Passions:university and students

Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show, February 8-10, 2020 Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

3. Airport High School and Brookland-Cayce High School Wrestling Teams Lower State Individual Tournament, February 21-22, 2020

Tagged Passions:airport and education

Bluffton High School, Bluffton, SC 4. Airport High School and Brookland-Cayce High School Wrestling Teams Individual State Finals, February 28-29,

2020, Anderson Civic Center, Anderson, SC 5. Brookland-Cayce High School DECA Students SC State DECA Competition, February 28 March 1, 2020, N. Charleston, SC 6. Brookland-Cayce High School Honors Choir SCMEA All-State Chorus Weekend, March 5-7, 2020, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC 7. Brookland-Cayce High School DECA Students ICDC International DECA Competition, May 1-4, 2020, Nashville, TN
Tagged Passions:airport, university, education, and students

VIII. Administrative Divisional Reports: A. Superintendent: No Report B. Instruction: Chief Instructional Officer 1. Professional Development Schools

C. Finance: Chief Financial Officer 1. Monthly Financial Reports 2. 2020/21 Budget Calendar D. Administration and Student Services: Chief Operations Officer
Tagged Passions:finance, budget, development, services, Development, superintendent, education, financial report, and instruction

1. Construction Update E. Human Resources:

Tagged Passions:construction and human resources

No Report

IX. Executive Session: Vice-Chairman A. Consideration of Personnel Appointments and Resignations B. Discussion of Property Matters C. Discussion of

Contractual Matters D. Consideration of a Request for Student Readmission E. Consideration of a Request for Early Student Admission
Tagged Passions:appointments, personnel, and property

Agenda, Board of Trustees Meeting January 16, 2020 Page 3

X. Open Session/Action on Executive Session Items Vice-Chairman

XI. Announcements: Chairman

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday, Monday, January 20, 2020 Brookland-Cayce High School Educator Hall of Fame Gala

Tagged Passions:education and holiday

6:00 pm, Thursday, February 6, 2020, Seawell s Regular Monthly Meeting of the Board of Trustees

7:00 pm, Thursday, February 13, 2020, Board Room President s Day Holiday, Monday, February 17, 2020 SCSBA 2019 Annual Convention, February 20 23,

Tagged Passions:conventions and holiday

Marriott Resort, Hilton Head

Tagged Passions:hotel

XII. Adjournment Chairman

715 Ninth Street West Columbia, South Carolina 29169 Telephone (803) 796-4708 Fax (803) 739-4063

Tagged Passions:streets

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