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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Regular Monthly Meeting


Tuesday, January 14, 2020 7:00 p.m. Commissioners Board Room, City Hall

Commissioner Ron Bullock Commissioner Teresa Gilreath

Commissioner James (Danny) Currin Commissioner Patricia T. Fields Commissioner S. Quon Bridges Commissioner John Tovey

Calvin (C.J.) Harris, Jr., Mayor Pro Tem J. Thomas Burnette, City Attorney M. Alan Thornton, City Manager Jackie Sergent, Mayor Cynthia Bowen, City

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The mission of the City of Oxford is to serve and improve our community by providing high

quality, affordable services, sound planning for growth and development, and offering the

Tagged Passions:planning, development, services, Development, and growth

highest possible quality of life - while maintaining the public s trust through open

communication and ethical standards at all times.

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Tagged Passions:strategic

The City of Oxford will partner with the community to build upon the charm and character of

our historic, vibrant, and walkable city to create an extraordinary quality of life for all.

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Core Values - ETHICORE

The elected officials, staff, and volunteers of the City of Oxford value and commit to model the

Tagged Passions:volunteer


EQUAL TREATMENT for everyone with DIGNITY, COURTESY, and RESPECT TEAMWORK within our organization and our community HONESTY in all of our dealings

with citizens, fellow workers, and other organizations INTEGRITY in every action and service COST-EFFECTIVE and QUALITY services for our community OPEN and TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION with all parties RESPONSIBILITY for our decisions and actions EXCELLENCE in every deed
Tagged Passions:services, communications, and Communications

**The mnemonic ETHICORE was adopted as a helpful tool to remind us of our core values**

[Please be reminded to turn off or mute all cell phones and/or electronic devices]

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Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting January 14, 2019 Page 2


1. Prayer by Reverend Jenny Wilson, Oxford United Methodist Church.

Tagged Passions:religion and church

2. Pledge of Allegiance Commissioner Danny Currin.

3. Consider adjustments to and approval of the Agenda:

4. Opening Remarks by Mayor Sergent In order to provide for the highest standards of behavior and transparency in governance, the Board of

Commissioners has
Tagged Passions:behavior

approved a Code of Ethics to establish guidelines for ethical standards for Board Members and to provide guidance in determining appropriate conduct.

Among those: Board members should avoid impropriety in the exercise of their official duties and should conduct the affairs of the board in an open and public manner. The Mayor now inquires whether any Board Member knows of any conflict of interest or appearance of conflict, with respect to matters before the Board. If any Board Member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict, please state so at this time.
Tagged Passions:ethics


5. Report The 2018-2019 Audit Report will be presented by Carleen Evans of Winston, Williams,

Tagged Passions:audit

Creech, Evans and Company, LLP.

A) Consider accepting the annual financial report for FY 2018-2019 from Winston, Williams, Creech, Evans, and Co., LLP (Attachment 5A)

Tagged Passions:finance and financial report

6. Presentation to Harold Slaughter.

7. Presentation to Gina Chappell.


Citizens may speak on Agenda as well as Non-Agenda items at this time. Citizens wishing to address the Board must sign-in on the form located with

the City Clerk prior to the beginning of the meeting. When recognized by the Mayor, come forward to the podium, state your name, address, if you are a City resident, and identify the subject about which you wish to speak. Please review the Public Comment Guidelines that are provided alongside the sign-in form.
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Tagged Passions:business

8. Consider authorizing the city clerk to investigate the sufficiency of the petition for a non-

contiguous annexation for Oxford Preparatory School and certifying its sufficiency.

Tagged Passions:education and annexation

Andrew Swanner on behalf of Oxford Preparatory School is petitioning for a non- contiguous annexation of 16+/- acres located at 6041 Landis Rd. The

applicant is taking the necessary steps to apply for a special use permit to build the lower school.
Tagged Passions:education and annexation

Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting January 14, 2019 Page 3

The requested petition for annexation is for a site that currently is the site for Oxford Preparatory High School. The requested annexation is needed

to accommodate a lower school (grades K-6). (Attachment 8)
Tagged Passions:education and annexation

Recommended action: Staff recommends authorizing city clerk to investigate the sufficiency of the petition and certifying its sufficiency.

9. Consider annual review and signing of the Code of Ethics for the Board of Commissioners.

Tagged Passions:ethics

In 2011 The Board amended City Ordinance 2-461 in accordance with N.C.G.S. 160A-86 and renamed it the Code of Ethics. The Board recommended that the

signature of each Board member, on a yearly basis, reaffirm their commitment to this agreement at the beginning of each calendar year. (Attachment 9)
Tagged Passions:ordinance and ethics

Recommendation: Staff recommends that the Board sign the Statement of Receipt of Code of Ethics for the Board of Commissioners for the City of

Tagged Passions:ethics

10. Consider calling for a public hearing to be held at the February 11th Board of Commissioners meeting regarding approval for a 58 +/- Planned Unit

Development on Lewis Street (adjacent to the solar farm).
Tagged Passions:streets, agriculture, development, subdivision, Development, and hearing

The development will consist of commercial/offices, townhomes and single family homes.

Tagged Passions:development, Development, and commercial

The developers held a pre-filing meeting with City staff on 12/12/19. On March 26th, the developers held a meeting with neighboring property owners

to share the intent and concept of a Planned Unit Development. On Oct. 1st, the developers held another community meeting with the neighboring property owners to review the updated plans for the development. After meeting the required pre- filing requirements, the developers would like approval of the submitted masterplan in order to move forward for developing the property as proposed.
Tagged Passions:development, subdivision, Development, and property

Recommendation: Staff recommends calling for a public hearing.

Tagged Passions:hearing


11. Accept the December Financial Report by Finance Director Ung.

Tagged Passions:finance and financial report

12. Approve the following 2019 meeting minutes: * December 2, Agenda Session * December 10, Regular Session


Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting January 14, 2019 Page 4


If you need additional information about the following items, please see the City Clerk.

Monday, January 20 City Hall Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Monday, January 27 Granville County Chamber of Commerce Banquet VGCC Civic Center 6:30 pm.

Saturday, February 8 Art Stroll in Downtown.

Tagged Passions:arts and downtown

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