FL - Delray Beach: Code Enforcement Board

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Code Enforcement Board

Code Enforcement Board

Tagged Passions:codes enforcement

City of Delray Beach

Tagged Passions:beach

Advisory Board Agenda

100 N.W. 1st Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33444

Tagged Passions:beach

City Hall Council Chambers1:30 PMThursday, February 27, 2020

Tagged Passions:council

Code Enforcement Board Workshop

Tagged Passions:codes enforcement

1 Review of Florida Statute Governing Code Enforcement

Tagged Passions:codes enforcement

2 Review of General Rules of Procedure/ Robert's Rules and Making Motions

Tagged Passions:procedure

2 A Motions (Making Motions)

2 (A)(1) 1st Hearings

Tagged Passions:hearing

2 (A)(2) Non-Compliance

Tagged Passions:compliance

2 (A)(3) Fine/ Lien Reduction

3 Review of the Role of the Code Enforcement Board Attorney

Tagged Passions:legal and codes enforcement

4 Sunshine Law/ Ethics

Tagged Passions:ethics

4 (A) Public Records

Tagged Passions:public records

4 (B) Form 8B Voting Conflict Form

Tagged Passions:voting

5 Discussion of Code Enforcement Policies and Procedures

Tagged Passions:procedure and codes enforcement

5 (A) Entering Private Property

Tagged Passions:property

5 (B) Resident's Expectation of Privacy

Tagged Passions:privacy

5 (C) Landlord Permits

Tagged Passions:rental

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Tagged Passions:beach

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