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The City of Falls Church is committed to the letter and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act. To request a

Tagged Passions:church

reasonable accommodation for any type of disability, call 703-248-5015, TTY711.

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Harry E. Wells Building 300 Park Avenue Falls Church, Virginia 22046 703-248-5015

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Tagged Passions:zoning

City Council Chambers

300 Park Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046

Tagged Passions:church and parks

February 13, 2020 7:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order 2. Roll Call 3. Petitions 4. Old Business 5. New Business

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a. Variance application V1610-19 by David Ogden, applicant and owner, for a variance to Section 48-238(3)a, to allow rear yard setback of 37 feet

instead of 40 feet, for the purpose of constructing a 1-story rear addition on

premises known as 610 Oak Haven Drive, RPC 51-121-053 of the Falls Church Real Property Records, zoned

Tagged Passions:zoning, church, and property

R-1A, Low Density Residential.

b. Variance application V1611-20 by Mill Creek Residential Trust, applicant, for a variance to Section 48-1265 to allow the following:

1) Section 48-1265(1), to allow three (3) walls signs instead of two (2); 2) Section 48-1265(1)a., to allow a total wall sign area of 144 (rounded

up) square feet instead of 50 square feet; 3) Section 48-1265(2), to allow two (2) projecting signs instead of one (1); 4) Section 48-1265(2)a., to allow a total projecting sign area of 303 (rounded up) square feet instead of 20

square feet;

5) Section 48-1265(2)b., to allow placement of projecting signs to extend above the lower sill line of the second floor windows, and to project 16

feet from the building instead of 4 feet.
Tagged Passions:Homebuilder

6) Section 48-1265(10), to allow five (5) building identification signs instead of one (1), with a total sign area of 368 square feet instead of 80

square feet, to be partially composed of non-individually stylized lettering, and
Tagged Passions:Homebuilder

for two (2) of such signs to be mounted on a non-street-facing side of the building, on premises known as 110

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and streets

Founders Avenue, RPC 51-222-001of the Falls Church Real Property Records, zoned B-1, Limited

Tagged Passions:zoning, church, and property

Business. Prior to the BZA public hearing, this item will be reviewed at a public meeting by the Architectural

Tagged Passions:business and hearing

Advisory Board (AAB) on February 5, 2020 for recommendation to the Board of Zoning Appeals

Tagged Passions:zoning

c. Appeal application A1612-20 by Rani Doyle, appellant, to appeal a determination by the Zoning Administrator dated December 12, 2019, and amended

and corrected in a letter dated December 13, 2019 in response to a
Tagged Passions:zoning and administrator

request for determination regarding the subdivision application for 807 Villa Ridge Road, RPC 53-207-048 of

Tagged Passions:streets and subdivision

the Falls Church Real Property Records, zoned R-1A, Low Density Residential.

Tagged Passions:zoning, church, and property

d. Election of Officers

Tagged Passions:voting and election

e. 2020 BZA Annual Calendar

6. Approval of Minutes a. Approval of the October 17, 2019 Meeting Minutes

7. Other Business 8. Adjournment

Tagged Passions:business

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