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Prince Edward County, Virginia - Agenda - February 11, 2020

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Agenda - February 11, 2020

Click on the blue links in the agenda (below) to download documents. To view the complete Board Pack in its entirety, click here (4.29 MB).


5:30 p.m. - VDOT Six Year Plan Work Session

1. The Chair will call to order the February meeting of the Board.

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Conflict of Interest Disclosures

5. Recognitions

Tagged Interests: recognition

6. Public Participation

Citizens wishing to address the Board are asked to please sign the Public Participation Register prior to the beginning of the meeting.

7. Board of Supervisors Comments

8. Consent Agenda

a. Treasurer's Report: December 2019

Tagged Interests: Treasurer and TREASURER

b. Approval of Minutes

January 14, 2020

February 4, 2020

c. Review of Accounts Claims

d. The County Administrator reported that checks have been issued pursuant to the order of the Board of Supervisors as to salaries, etc., the amount

of which salaries have been heretofore approved.
Tagged Interests: administrator

9. Public Hearing: Special Use Permit - Piedmont Regional Jail

Tagged Interests: hearing and jail

The Board will receive citizen input prior to considering a request for a Special Use Permit by the Piedmont Regional Jail to erect a lighted sign on

Tax Map Parcel 12-A-1A.
Tagged Interests: taxes, Taxes, property, and jail

10. Public Hearing: Request for Rezoning - Blackstone Building Group

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, zoning, and hearing

The Board will receive citizen input prior to considering a request to rezone Tax Map Parcels 23-A-40, 23-A-23 and 23-A-40A from R-2, General

Residential, to R-3, Medium Density Residential.
Tagged Interests: taxes, Taxes, zoning, and property

11. Public Hearing: Amendment to County Zoning Ordinance

Tagged Interests: ordinance, zoning, and hearing

The Board will receive citizen input prior to considering amendments to the County Zoning Ordinance to allow Construction Camps in an A-1,

Agricultural Conservation District, by Special Use Permit.
Tagged Interests: ordinance, construction, agriculture, zoning, and Conservation

12. Public Hearing: Special Use Permit - A.Q. and Tracy Ellington

Tagged Interests: hearing

The Board will receive citizen input prior to considering a request for a Special Use Permit by A.Q. and Tracy Ellington to operate a construction

camp on property identified as Tax Map 40-A-23, which is in an A-1, Agricultural Conservation District.
Tagged Interests: construction, agriculture, taxes, Taxes, Conservation, and property

13. County Administrator's Report

Tagged Interests: administrator

14. Correspondence/Informational

a. Letter, ER: Federal Waste Disposal Act

b. Thank You, Habitat For Humanity

15. Monthly Reports

a. Animal Control

Tagged Interests: pets and animal control

b. Building Official

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder

c. Cannery - Home Canning Operations

d. Cannery - Commercial Operations

Tagged Interests: commercial

e. Commonwealth Regional Council

Tagged Interests: council

f. Prince Edward County Public Schools

Tagged Interests: education

g. Tourism

Tagged Interests: tourism

(Note: Additional agenda items may be added to the Table Packet, which will be available for review after 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 11, 2020.)

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