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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Historic and Cultural Advisory Board

Historic and Cultural Advisory Board

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City of North Port

Meeting Agenda


City Hall Room 2446:00 PMThursday, February 13, 2020

MEETING PROCEDURE: By submitting a Request to Speak card to the City Clerk, the Public may comment during the course of the meeting. Comments on all

scheduled Agenda Items will be heard immediately following the presentation by the Staff or Petitioner. Please wait until you are recognized by the Presiding Officer, state your name and address so that your comments may be properly recorded and limit your remarks to a period of three (3) minutes or less. The Board will act on an Agenda Item after comments from the Staff, Petitioner and Public have been heard.
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1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Public Comment

5. Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes for the January 9, 2010 Historic and Cultural Advisory Board Meeting.

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6. Presentations

Oral Histories Presentation from WKDW20-1870A.

7. Unfinished Business

Tagged Passions:business

Discussion on Commission Directed Historical Timeline20-1871A.

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and historical

Dates from Joan MorganAttachments:

Draft Annual Report20-1872B.

Draft Annual Report - 2019Attachments:

Discussion on Centennial Participation Plan20-1873C.

8. Future Agenda Items

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February 13, 2020Historic and Cultural Advisory Board Meeting Agenda

9. Public Comment

10. Adjournment

No stenographic record by a certified court reporter is made of these meetings. Accordingly, anyone seeking to appeal any decisions involving the

matters herein will be responsible for making a verbatim record of the meeting/testimony and evidence upon which any appeal is to be based. (SEE: F.S. 286.0105) Note: Persons with disabilities needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the City Clerk's office 48 hours in advance of the meeting. (SEE F.S. 286.26)
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NONDISCRIMINATION: The City of North Port does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, family or

religious status in administration of its programs, activities or services.
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AMERICAN WITH DISABILITIES ACT OF 1990 - The North Port City Hall is wheelchair accessible. Special parking is available on the west side of City

Hall and the building may be accessed from the parking area. Persons with hearing difficulties should contact the City Clerk to obtain a hearing device for use during meetings.
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Art Advisory Board 4 Regular Members, 2 Alternates, 1 Youth Member Audit Committee 2 North Port Citizens Beautification Tree/Scenic Highway Committee

1 Regular Members, 2 Alternates, 1 Youth Member Charter Review Advisory Board 2 Regular Members, 2 Alternates Citizens Tax Oversight Committee 6 Regular Members Community Economic Development Advisory Board, 1 Homeowners Association Board Member Representative, 1 Diversified Light Industrial/Manufacturing Representative, 1 Land Use Attorney Representative; 1 Public Relations Representative Environmental Advisory Board 1 Alternate Members; 2 Youth Member Firefighters Pension Board of Trustees 1 North Port Resident, appointed by the Commssion Historic and Cultural Advisory Board 2 Regular Members, 2 Alternates Joint Management Advisory Board 1 North Port Citizen; 1 Citizen Representative of Sarasota County North Port Youth Council 3 Student Members Parks Recreation Advisory Board 1 Alternates; 1 Youth Planning Zoning Advisory Board 1 Regular Member, 2 Alternates Public Utility Advisory Board 2 Regular, 2 Alternates, 1 Alternate may be a youth 14-17 Zoning Board of Appeals 2 Alternates
Tagged Passions:planning, council, legal, economic development, retirement, appointments, taxes, Taxes, arts, utility, development, industrial, historic, Utility, fire departments and districts, zoning, environment, parks, trees, Development, audit, youth, public relations, and recreation


02-08-20 Scott Duff Firefighters Pension Board of Trustees (Chosen by majority of the other 4) 02-27-20 David MacIntyre Public Utility Advisory Board

02-27-20 Judy Scheil Citizens Tax Oversight Committee 03-27-20 Carol Palm-Abramhoff Environmental Advisory Board 03-27-20 Allain Hale Environmental Advisory Board 03-27-20 Mark Harms Police Pension Board of Trustees (Elected by other Officers) 04-11-20 Hannah Wik North Port Youth Council 04-24-20 Virginia Haley Community Economic Development Advisory Board 04-26-20 Thomas Nicholson, Jr. Planning Zoning Advisory Board
Tagged Passions:planning, council, economic development, retirement, taxes, Taxes, utility, development, Utility, public safety, fire departments and districts, zoning, environment, Development, and youth

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