SC - City of Charleston: Board of Architectural Review-Large (BAR-L)

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Board of Architectural Review-Large (BAR-L)


Tagged Passions:board of architectural review


A meeting of the Board of Architectural Review-Large (BAR-L) will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 2 George Street, First

Floor (Gaillard Center Municipal Building). The following applications* will be considered:
Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, streets, and board of architectural review

1. Approval of minutes from the October 23, 2019 meeting.

2. Approval of minutes from the November 13, 2019 meeting.

3. 68 Gadsden Street - - TMS 457-03-01-035 Request demolition of one-story medical office building. Not Rated (Harleston Village) c. 1955-67 Old and

Historic District Owner: Russ and Laura Schaible/ 68 Gadsden Street LLC Applicant: Russ and Laura Schaible/ 68 Gadsden Street LLC
Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, streets, historic, and demolition

4. 575-79 Meeting Street - - TMS 463-16-04-019

Tagged Passions:streets

Request approval of mock-up panel for new construction of mixed-use development. (East Central) Historic Corridor District Owner: Madison Capitol

Group Applicant: Karo Wheeler/ Goff D Antonio Associates
Tagged Passions:construction, development, historic, Development, commercial, and corridor

5. 16 Broad Street - - TMS 458-09-03-026

Tagged Passions:streets

Request final approval for replacement of existing slate roof with new Buckingham slate. Category 1 (French Quarter) c. 1817; 1850 Old and Historic

District Owner: WF Charleston LLC Applicant: Peter Johnston/ Baker Roofing Co.
Tagged Passions:historic

6. 273 Meeting Street - - TMS 457-04-04-031

Tagged Passions:streets

Request final approval to add gutters and downspouts to existing Trinity United Methodist Church building.

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and church

Category 1 (none) c. 1848-50 Old and Historic District Owner: Trinity United Methodist Church Applicant: David Lilja/ Pastor Mike Woods

Tagged Passions:historic and church

7. 221-23 Saint Philip Street - - TMS 460-08-02-095/094

Tagged Passions:streets

Request conceptual approval for renovation of three existing buildings and new construction of three houses.

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and construction

Category 4- (Cannon-Elliottborough) c. 1902-44 (221 St. Philip) Old City District c. 1852-72 (223 St. Philip)

Owner: Revival St LLC Applicant: Andrew Gould


Tagged Passions:board of architectural review

8. 237 Meeting Street - - TMS 457-08-01-003

Tagged Passions:streets

Request preliminary approval for renovation of existing hotel to include altering Meeting Street entrance and elements surrounding pool deck.

Tagged Passions:streets and hotel

Not Rated (none) c. 1964 Old and Historic District Owner: WLRHS Charleston Lessee, LLC Applicant: Clark Batchelder/ Goff D Antonio Associates

Tagged Passions:historic

* Files pertinent to the above applications are available for public review at the Permit Center, 2

George Street, 1st Floor, during normal business hours. Contact the Preservation Division at 843-

Tagged Passions:streets and preservation

958-6400 for more information, or view our website at

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, people who need alternative formats, ASL (American Sign Language) Interpretation or other

accommodation please contact Janet Schumacher at (843) 577-1389 or email three business days prior to the meeting.
Tagged Passions:business

02-12-20/ 1-2

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