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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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I. Meeting Called to Order/Pledge of Allegiance/Invocation II. Conflict of Interest Statement III. Adoption of the Agenda IV. Consent Agenda 1.

Approval of the January 27, 2020 Minutes 2. Tax Releases/ Refunds/Collector's Report 3. Approval to Enter into the N.C. Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement Between N.C. Emergency Management Carteret County 4. Approval of Budget Amendment for the Appropriation of 22,200 in State Drug Revenue for the Purchase of Small Equipment for the Sheriff's Department 5. Approval of the Contract for the Salter's Creek Maintenance Dredging Event Approval of Corresponding Budget Amendment: 105,000 6. Approval of the Contract Agreement for the Straits Landing Channel Maintenance Dredging Event Approval of Corresponding Budget Amendment: 63,000 7. Approval of Rental Agreement Between the Mill Creek Fire EMS and Carteret County Emergency Services for a One-Bedroom House Authority for the County Manager to Execute the Contract 8. Approval of the Carteret County Volunteer Policy Application Process 9. Approval of Tax Penalty Waivers 10. Approval to Accept Additional Funding - Agreement Addendum 452 Breast and Cervical Cancer Program; Revision 2, 9,750 Approval of Corresponding Budget Amendment 11. Approval of Budget Amendment to Appropriate Grant Funding for Waterway Property Purchase, 7,900,000 12. Approval of Request from Marshallberg Fire Department to Release 40,000 in Reserves to Purchase a Used 1992 E-One Pumper Tanker Fire Apparatus Approval of Corresponding Budget Amendment 13. Approval of Request from Mill Creek Fire Department to Release 7,166 in Reserves for the Annual Audit Repairs of Basic Life-Pack Monitor and Approval of Corresponding Budget Amendment 14. Approval of Request from Broad Gales Creek Fire Department to Release 80,227 in Reserves to Purchase Ten (10) New Self-Contained Breathing Units Approval of Corresponding Budget Amendment 15. Approval to Appropriate Funds for the Purchase of a New Animal Control Vehicle due to Accident Approval of Correspnding Budget Amendment: 26,695 16. Approval of Resolution Declaring Carteret County's Support of Second Amendment Rights 17. Approval of Easement Agreement with Duke Energy Progress, LLC for Access to Property Owned by the County at Carteret Community College
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V. Public Comment VI. Public Hearing to Consider a Request to Rezone Properties Totaling 63.40 Acres Located at the Highway 24 Cagle Road

Intersection in Newport from R-20 (Single-Family Residential District) to R-15 (SIngle-Family Residential District) VII. Proposed Text Amendment to the Carteret County Manufactured Home, Manufactured Home Park, and Recretional Vehicle Park Ordinance, Article 3, Section 1.18 VIII. Review of Departmental Strategic Plans IX. Accept/Reject Bid to Purchase County-Owned Land at 118 Tradewinds Road, Lot 24, Newport X. Manager's Report XI. Appointments Board of Equalization Review Carteret County Nursing Home Advisory Board Consolidated Human Services Harbor Authority Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
Tagged Passions:rfp, RFP, ordinance, council, strategic, streets, appointments, zoning, seniors, services, purchasing, parks, ports, boating, hearing, manager, and crime

XII. Commissioners' Comments XIII. Adjournment

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