NC - Cary: Athletic Committee Meeting

Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Athletic Committee Meeting

Parks Recreation and Cultural Resources Department Athletic Committee

Tagged Interests: parks, athletics, and recreation


Monday, February 17, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. Cary Town Hall

Room 11130

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A. Call to Order Andy Kirk, Chair

B. Clerk s Office Committee Orientation

C. Adoption of Agenda

D. Adoption of Minutes January 6, 2019 Athletic Committee Meeting

Tagged Interests: athletics

E. Public Speaks Out

F. Reports

PRCR Advisory Board Update-Andy Kirk, Chair Teen Council Update- Teen Council Representative Staff Update-Ted Jeffcoate

Tagged Interests: council

G. Committee Goals for 2020

H. Cricket in Cary - Devkanth Jijjavarapu

I. Coach Recruitment

J. Upcoming Events

Tagged Interests: events

Winter youth basketball tournaments February 25th through March 5th Spring youth baseball/softball team placements March 7th and 8th Spring adult

volleyball practices begin March 9th Spring adult softball practices begin March 9th
Tagged Interests: youth

Cary Parks Recreation and Cultural Resources Department Athletic Committee Meeting

Tagged Interests: parks, athletics, and recreation

January 6, 2020 Cary Town Hall

Room 11130

Call to Order/Roll Call

Andy Kirk called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Members Present Andy Kirk, Brian Ainslie, Peter Bolac, Kathy Hackett, Fonda Ingram, Devkanth Jijjavarapu, Reggie Jones, Rick Jones, David Morehead

Absent John Manuel, Maheswari Momidi

Staff Ted Jeffcoate

Introductions - Andy Kirk introduced and welcomed new committee members Fonda Ingram and Devkanth Jijjavarapu.

Adoption of Agenda The committee reviewed the January agenda.

Action: Rick Jones made a motion to accept the agenda as submitted, second by Brian Ainslie, motion carried by a unanimous vote.

Adoption of Minutes The committee reviewed the December 9, 2019 minutes.

Action: Peter Bolac made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted, second by Kathy Hackett, motion carried by a unanimous vote.

Public Speaks Out None

PRCR Advisory Board Report Andy Kirk The December Advisory Board meeting included a year in review report by staff covering upcoming projects,

attendance numbers from events, volunteer hours for the year and number of events/programs at the facilities.
Tagged Interests: events, program, and volunteer

Teen Council Report

Tagged Interests: council

No report

Staff Update Ted Jeffcoate Update on staffing, including retirement of Aubrey Clayton at the end of February. Opening weekend of Winter Basketball

games went well.
Tagged Interests: retirement, seniors, and human resources

Spring Baseball Softball registration will begin in late January and will be processed through myCary.

New Baseball/Softball Age Groups and Pitching Age -Changes will take effect with Fall 2020 season. -Age groupings will be the same for spring and

fall. -Pitching will be introduced at age 9-10 with coach rescue rules still to be determined.

-Considering whether to split 11-12 baseball by talent level or combining and zoning instead. -9-10 baseball will pitch on fields without mounds as

fields for that age group share space with youth softball.
Tagged Interests: zoning and youth

-Play up process would be advertised to 8 year olds for spring softball and fall baseball/softball.

Tagged Interests: advertising

-Possibly move 7-8 basketball to the winter and offer 7-8 fall league for baseball and softball in the future.

SPRING BASEBALL T-ball 5-6 Coach/Machine 7-8 Player (coach rescue) 9-10 Player 11-12 Player 13-14 Player 15-17

FALL BASEBALL Player (coach rescue) 9-10 Player 11-12 Player 13-14 Player 15-17

SPRING SOFTBALL Player (coach rescue) 9-10 Player 11-12 Player 13-14 Player 15-18

FALL SOFTBALL Player (coach rescue) 9-10 Player 11-12 Player 13-14 Player 15-18

PRCR Boards and Committees Mixer January 13, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Page Walker Arts and History Center. Committee members were reminded about the event.

Tagged Interests: arts, events, and history

2019 Athletic Committee Recap for New Members

Tagged Interests: athletics

Items discussed/Implemented Changes to baseball/softball pitching age

Keeping score in 9-10 leagues (no standings/tournaments)

Baseball/softball coach training

Tagged Interests: training

Changes to winter basketball playing time rules

Changes to special request process

Survey and evaluation data gathered and compiled to assist with decision making process

Coach Recruitment, Training and Retention

Tagged Interests: training

Current recruitment process -Contact coaches from last year to confirm who is returning.

-Check with individuals who indicated an interest in head coaching.

-Check with individuals who indicated an interest in assistant coaching.

-Check with individuals who have coached in the past.

-Contact all league participant s parents.

Tagged Interests: parents

-Contact adult sports league coaches and team members.

Tagged Interests: sports

-Contact local colleges.

Tagged Interests: university

Current Training Opportunities/Benefits -National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) training and certification. The Town pays for the first 3 years.

Tagged Interests: training, youth, and sports

-Coach meetings with staff.

-Coach clinics run by USA Baseball staff (baseball and softball) and Assist Basketball (basketball).

-Player clinics that coaches are invited to attend.

-Coaches may submit preferences for practice.

-Online resources Assist Basketball (age 9-18); Alpha Basketball (age 5-8); USA Baseball app for coaches

Committee Comments/Suggestions

-Waive or discount league registration fee for coaches.

-Apps to make communication easier between coach and parents (Team Snap, Teamsideline, etc.). Possibly mandate a certain app to be used by all

coaches for consistency of communication.
Tagged Interests: communications, Communications, and parents

-Head coaches need quality assistant coaches as well.

-Work with local colleges to create opportunity for a grade/college credit to students that coach a team.

Tagged Interests: university and students

-Is there a mismatch between quality/expectation of coaches and members of their team? Highly skilled players want/expect different things than the

recreational level player. Is there a way to better align coach and player expectations? Possibly add travel component to the leagues, top 10 of players paired with top level coach to compete against other teams (AAU, etc.)? Remaining players would be paired with more recreational level coaches.
Tagged Interests: travel and recreation

- Are there too many training resources? Coaches may get overwhelmed and don t have to time seek out information from various places. Could there be

a more centralized option with practice plans/drills for each week that could be distributed?
Tagged Interests: training

-Create preliminary coaching information packet that could be given to parents, making things as easy as possible to coach a team may help recruit

more new coaches.
Tagged Interests: parents

-Create a mentoring program where experienced coaches could be a resource to new coaches. Could answer questions or possibly attend some practices or

games to help.
Tagged Interests: program and mentoring

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:00 p.m.