NC - Jacksonville: Tourism Development Authority

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Tourism Development Authority

Jacksonville Tourism Development Authority

Tagged Passions:development, tourism, and Development

Meeting Agenda

February 13, 2020, 02:00 p.m.

Meeting Rooms quot;A quot; and quot;B quot;

Jacksonville City Hall

1. Call to Order, Michael Lazzara, Chairman

2. Welcome Introduction of Members, Staff, Visitors Others

Membership Listing

3. Adoption of the Agenda

4. Approval of the Minutes


5. Old Business: For Information: Vietnam Veterans Visitor Center

Tagged Passions:business and veterans

6. Arts Council Presentation, Noah White, Executive Director, Jacksonville Onslow Council for the Arts

Tagged Passions:council and arts

7. Wayfinding Gateway Signage Update, Deanna Trebil, Authority Capital Projects Manager

Tagged Passions:capital spending, Capital Spending, advertising, signage, manager, and gateway

7A. Transportation Services has led an effort to implement the directional signage program. A program for the installation of signs is provided.

Tagged Passions:transportation, advertising, signage, services, and program

Directional Wayfinding

7B. The City Council has approved a design for gateway signs. The first signs are to be funded from NC Department of Transportation funding. Future

signs could be funded by the Authority.
Tagged Passions:funding, council, transportation, and gateway

Gateway Sign Standard

Tagged Passions:gateway

8. Sturgeon City Environmental Education Center Enhancements, Deanna Trebil, Authority Capital Projects Manager

Tagged Passions:capital spending, Capital Spending, environment, manager, and education

Use of the Unspent Funds

Tagged Passions:funding

Use of Liquidated Damage Funds

Tagged Passions:funding

9. Strategic Initiative Work Promotion, Staff

Tagged Passions:strategic

10. Tourism Development Fund

Tagged Passions:development, tourism, and Development

10A. FY20 Event Recap, Teresa Beacham

Tagged Passions:events

Winterfest Flash Report

10B. Events Since the Last Meeting, Teresa Beacham

Tagged Passions:events

10C. Future Funding Discussion, Glenn Hargett

Tagged Passions:funding

11. Sturgeon City Update, Paula Farnell, Director of Development and Operations

Tagged Passions:development and Development

12. Work by the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission, Scott Smith, Executive Director

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and sports

Sledgehammer Races

Sports Hall of Fame Release

Tagged Passions:sports

13. Tourism Work by the Chamber of Commerce, Salem Clarke, Tourism Manager

Tagged Passions:tourism and manager

14. Annual Financial Report, Gayle Maides, Authority Finance Director and April L. Adams, Partner, Cherry Bekaert LLP

Tagged Passions:finance and financial report

Audit Management Letter

Tagged Passions:audit

JTDA Annual Financial Report

Tagged Passions:finance and financial report

15. FY20 Second Quarter Report Gayle Maides

16. City of Jacksonville Occupancy Tax Collections, Gayle Maides

Tagged Passions:taxes and Taxes

Tax Collections Documents

Tagged Passions:taxes and Taxes

Graphic Display of Tax Collection

Tagged Passions:taxes and Taxes

17. Staff Comments

17A. Census Moment

17B. One City Moment

18. Director Comments

19. Adjourn

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