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ROWAN COUNTY COMMISSION AGENDA February 17, 2020 - 6:00 PM J. Newton Cohen, Sr. Room

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

J. Newton Cohen, Sr. Rowan County Administration Building 130 West Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, streets, and hotel

Call to Order


Provided By: Chaplain Michael Taylor

Pledge of Allegiance

Consider Additions to the Agenda

Consider Deletions From the Agenda

Consider Approval of the Agenda

Board members are asked to voluntarily inform the Board if any matter on the agenda might present a conflict of interest or might require the member

to be excused from


Tagged Passions:voting

Consider Approval of the Minutes: February 3, 2020

1 Consider Approval of Consent Agenda

A. The Duke Endowment - Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas Grant B. Community Health Grant Year Three Continuation Application C. Heplisav-B Vaccine

D. Fee and Financial Policy E. Interlocal Detention Center Agreement With Cabarrus County F. Consider Second Vote to Approve STA 02-19 G. Home and Community Care Block Grant Advisory Committee Appointment H. Tax Refunds for Approval I. Schedule Public Hearing for March 2, 2020 for HOME Funding Action Plan J. Change Order for Library West Branch K. Request for Public Hearing for 'Project Toaster'
Tagged Passions:funding, grant, health, finance, appointments, taxes, Taxes, hearing, policy, detention, and library

L. Donation of Parcel 032 065 To The Town of Spencer, NC M. Proclamation Honoring Salisbury Post Journalist Mark Wineka

Tagged Passions:recognition, donation, Donation, and property

2 Public Comment Period

3 Financial Report 4 Budget Amendments

Tagged Passions:finance, budget, and financial report

5 Adjournment

Citizens with disabilities requiring special needs to access the services or public meetings of Rowan County Government should contact the County

Manager's Office
Tagged Passions:services, administrator, and manager

three days prior to the meeting by calling (704) 216-8180.


130 West Innes Street - Salisbury, NC 28144 TELEPHONE: 704-216-8180 * FAX: 704-216-8195

Tagged Passions:streets and hotel


FROM: Carolyn Barger, Clerk to the Board DATE: February 6, 2020 SUBJECT: Consider Approval of the Minutes: February 3, 2020

ATTACHMENTS: Description Upload Date Type February 3, 2020 Minutes 2/6/2020 Cover Memo

Greg Edds, Chairman Aaron Church, County Manager Jim Greene, Vice- Chairman Carolyn Barger, Clerk to the Board

Tagged Passions:church, administrator, and manager

Mike Caskey John W. Dees, II, County Attorney

Tagged Passions:legal

Judy Klusman Craig Pierce

Tagged Passions:body art

Rowan County Board of Commissioners 130 West Innes Street Salisbury, NC 28144 Telephone 704-216-8180 Fax 704-216-8195

Tagged Passions:streets and hotel

Equal Opportunity Employer


February 3, 2020 3:00 PM J. NEWTON COHEN, SR. ROOM


Tagged Passions:Homebuilder


Jim Greene, Vice-Chairman Mike Caskey, Member Judy Klusman, Member Craig Pierce, Member

Tagged Passions:body art

Absent: Greg Edds, Chairman

County Manager Aaron Church, Clerk to the Board Carolyn Barger, County Attorney Jay Dees and Assistant County Manager/Finance Director Leslie

Heidrick were present.
Tagged Passions:finance, legal, church, administrator, and manager

Vice-Chairman Greene convened the meeting at 3:00 p.m.

Chaplain Michael Taylor provided the Invocation.

Vice-Chairman Greene led the Pledge of Allegiance.

CONSIDER ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA There were no additions to the agenda.

CONSIDER DELETIONS FROM THE AGENDA There were no deletions from the agenda.

CONSIDER APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA Commissioner Pierce moved, Commissioner Klusman seconded and the vote to approve the agenda passed unanimously (4-0).

Tagged Passions:body art

CONSIDER APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES Commissioner Klusman moved, Commissioner Pierce seconded and the vote to approve the minutes of the January 6, 2020,

January 10, 2020 and January 21, 2020 Commission Meetings passed unanimously (4-0).
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and body art


1. CONSIDER APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA Commissioner Klusman moved approval of the Consent Agenda. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Pierce and

passed unanimously (4-0).
Tagged Passions:body art

The Consent Agenda consisted of the following:

A. Emergency Management Preparedness Grants Application B. Topaz Development, Inc. Settlement Agreement and Release C. Martin Starnes Associates FY

2020 Audit Contract D. Purchase of Vehicle for Facilities Management E. Cooperative Extension/4H Shoot Sports Program NRA Grant F. Rowan County 4H Grants G. Lease Purchase Agreement Authorization Letter for South Salisbury Fire
Tagged Passions:gun control, grant, leasing, development, contract, program, emergency, purchasing, Development, audit, Gun Control, sports, and settlement

Department H. Revised JCPC Funding Plan for FY 20 I. Appointment of County Manager s Designee for Juvenile Crime Prevention

Tagged Passions:funding, appointments, administrator, manager, and crime


Tagged Passions:council

2. PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD Vice-Chairman Greene opened the Public Comment Period to entertain comments from any citizens wishing to address the Board.

With no coming forward, Vice-Chairman Greene closed the Public Comment Period.

3. PUBLIC HEARING FOR STA 02-19: SUBDIVISION STREET STANDARDS Assistant Planning Director Shane Stewart recalled that on December 2, 2019 the Board

of Commissioners conducted a public hearing for STA 02-19 concerning road width and turn around standards from Appendix D of the North Carolina Fire Code for adoption into the Subdivision Ordinance. The Commissioners voted to table a decision until after it heard from the North Carolina Department of Transportation during the Annual Planning Work Session held on January 10, 2020. Mr. Stewart said Planning Staff had prepared revisions based on the discussions regarding street width, turn- around standards and provisions for secondary access for developments creating more than thirty (30) residential lots.
Tagged Passions:planning, ordinance, streets, development, transportation, subdivision, Development, hearing, and building codes

Using a power point, Mr. Stewart highlighted the proposed text amendments.

In response to an inquiry from Commissioner Klusman, Fire Marshal Deborah Horne stated over time the firetrucks could become longer; however, she did

not see them getting wider due to road width standards.
Tagged Passions:streets

Vice-Chairman Greene opened the public hearing to receive citizen input regarding STA 02-19 and with no one coming forward, Vice-Chairman Greene

closed the public hearing.
Tagged Passions:hearing

Commissioner Pierce moved approval of STA 02-19. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Klusman and passed unanimously (4-0).

Tagged Passions:body art


County Attorney Jay Dees said Staff would put STA 02-19 on the Consent Agenda at the next Commission Meeting for a second reading since all five (5)

Commissioners were not present.
Tagged Passions:legal and boards and commissions

The text amendments were approved as follows. Existing text proposed for deletion appeared highlighted with strikethroughs while new text appeared as

bold red text.

Section 22-10. Other Definitions. NCDOT means the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Tagged Passions:transportation

Specific Type Roads: Cul-de-sac. A short street having but one end open to traffic and the other end

Tagged Passions:streets and traffic

being permanently terminated and a vehicular turnaround provided. A permanent dead-end street which has one (1) end open to traffic and terminates in

a circular turnaround.
Tagged Passions:drugs, streets, and traffic

Section 22-80. Road Standards.

Tagged Passions:streets

Every lot shall have access to it that is sufficient to provide a means of ingress and egress for emergency vehicles as well as for all those likely

to need or desire access to the property in its intended use. In situations where an original lot is provided access via a non-state standard right-of-way or easement (public or private) and is proposed to be subdivided, the subdivider shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary right-of-way and for all aspects of road construction for upgrading said access to the proposed subdivision. Road construction and right-of-way standards shall meet the requirements of Section 22-80(a) or (b) of this ordinance.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, construction, streets, subdivision, emergency, property, and easement

(a) Public Roads.

Tagged Passions:streets

All subdivision lots shall abut on a public road except as provided in section 22- 80(b) and (d) of this ordinance. All public roads shall be paved

and built to all applicable standards of this ordinance and all other applicable standards of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Roads which are not eligible to be put on the NCDOT system because there are too few residences shall nevertheless be dedicated for public use and shall be built in accordance with the standard necessary to be put on the NCDOT System. A written agreement with provision for maintenance of the street until it is put on the State System shall be included with the final plat and recorded with Rowan County Register of Deeds office. The maintenance agreement shall provide A final plat shall contain the road maintenance disclosure statement from section 22-59 (2) notifying prospective buyers that either the subdivider or property owners shall be responsible for the maintenance of all proposed public streets until the responsibility has been transferred to either a homeowner's association established for the owners of properties in the subdivision or has been accepted for public road maintenance by NCDOT.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, streets, zoning, transportation, subdivision, and property

(b) Private Roads.

Tagged Passions:streets

Private roads shall be permitted only when the roads proposed within a

Tagged Passions:streets


subdivision will not be eligible for inclusion into the NCDOT state maintained system or by a municipality in Rowan County because of their standards

for acceptance. Such roads shall meet all right-of-ways and construction standards of NCDOT unless specifically provided otherwise. The subdivider shall provide certification from a registered professional engineer that the subject roads were built to these standards. All private roads shall be marked as such on the preliminary and final plat, include the road maintenance disclosure statement from section 22-59 (2) on the final plat, and record a maintenance agreement shall be provided and recorded with the plat at the Rowan County Register of Deeds office once the final plat has been approved.
Tagged Passions:construction, streets, zoning, and subdivision

Said maintenance agreement shall include, but not be limited to, the following items:

(1) That a homeowner's association shall be established as a legal entity for the property owners within the entire subdivision.

Tagged Passions:legal, subdivision, and property

(2) That all property owners within the subdivision shall be members of the homeowner's association.

Tagged Passions:subdivision and property

(3) That the subdivider shall convey all private streets in fee simple ownerships within the subdivision to the homeowner's association.

Tagged Passions:streets and subdivision

(4) That the responsibility for maintenance of private streets from the developer to the homeowners association shall be noted in the deed of each

purchaser of property within the subdivision.
Tagged Passions:streets, subdivision, and property

At the time of the preparation of the sales agreement the developer shall include a disclosure statement to the prospective buyer as herein outlined.

The developer and seller shall include in the disclosure statement an explanation of the consequences and responsibility about the maintenance of a private street, and shall fully and accurately disclose to the party or parties upon whom responsibility for construction and maintenance of such street or streets shall rest.
Tagged Passions:construction, streets, and sale

Private roads for a family subdivision, as defined in section 22-9, shall not be required to meet construction standards of NCDOT, instead the lot(s)

created shall be provided ingress and egress via a twenty-foot easement or right-of-way (new or existing) in continuity to a publically maintained road, which shall be shown on the final plat. Furthermore, family subdivisions may also occur in situations where prior minor subdivision approval was granted but not within a major subdivision. In addition, the street frontage requirements of section 22- 79(a) Lot Dimensions shall not apply to these lots. For the purposes of determining other required setbacks, street and street right-of-way shall be interpreted to mean the twenty-foot exclusive easement. The establishment or extension of a new easement or right-of-way shall not be prevented by the required setback of an existing structure if the Subdivision Administrator determines no other feasible options are available. Any family subdivision that cannot comply with the provisions of this subsection shall not be approved as a family subdivision and shall be approved and comply
Tagged Passions:grant, construction, streets, zoning, subdivision, administrator, and easement


Not to Scale

with the provisions of a minor or major subdivision.

Tagged Passions:subdivision

(e) Street Design Standards.

Tagged Passions:streets

The design of all streets and roads within the jurisdiction of this ordinance shall be in accordance with the accepted policies and standards of the

North Carolina Department of Transportation, Division of Highways. The most recent edition of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Division of Highway's Subdivision Roads Minimum Construction Standards, shall apply for any items not included in this ordinance or where stricter than this ordinance.
Tagged Passions:ordinance, construction, streets, transportation, and subdivision

The following design standards shall apply to all streets proposed in subdivisions:

Tagged Passions:streets and subdivision

(1) Street jogs with centerline offsets of less than one hundred fifty (150) feet are not permitted.

Tagged Passions:streets

(2) Street intersections shall not include more than four (4) street approaches.

Tagged Passions:streets

(3) Streets shall be laid out to intersect as nearly as possible at right angles. No street shall intersect another at less than sixty (60) degrees,

other arrangements for smooth merging of traffic shall be permitted where the total effect on the intersection is to reduce traffic hazards and provide for smooth traffic flow at the intersection as a whole. As an example, where a one-way street leaves or enters a street divided by a median strip or otherwise controlled to prevent left turns, the angle of departure or entry might be less than sixty (60) degrees. All angles of street intersections shall meet current NCDOT standards.
Tagged Passions:streets and traffic

(4) To ensure streets are appropriately designed to support the efficient and safe movement of emergency service vehicles and the general public,

minimum pavement dimensions shall be as follows unless an alternative design is accepted by the Rowan County Fire Marshal: 1. Twenty (20) feet in width; 2. Twenty-six (26) feet in width when adjacent to a dry or municipal hydrant in accordance with the below figure; and 3. When proposed, cul-de-sacs shall be ninety (90) feet in diameter in accordance with the below figure.
Tagged Passions:streets and emergency

Additional right-of-way may be necessary to

accommodate width and turnarounds which exceed


NCDOT minimum standards.

(f) Other Requirements.

(1) Sidewalks.

Tagged Passions:streets and Pedestrian

Sidewalks may be required by the Board of Commissioners on one or both sides of the street in areas likely to be subject to heavy pedestrian traffic

such as near schools and shopping areas. Such sidewalks shall be constructed to a minimum width of four (4) feet, and shall consist of a minimum thickness of four (4) inches of concrete. All sidewalks shall be placed in the right-of-way. Sidewalks shall consist of a minimum of six (6) inches of concrete at driveway crossings. Sidewalks shall be constructed of concrete with a minimum compressive strength of two thousand five hundred (2,500) pounds per square inch or greater.
Tagged Passions:streets, education, Pedestrian, and traffic

(2) Street Names.

Tagged Passions:streets

Proposed streets which are obviously in alignment with existing streets shall be given the same name. In assigning new names, duplication of existing

names shall be avoided and never shall the proposed name be phonetically similar to existing names in the county irrespective of the use of a suffix such as street, road, drive, place, court, etc. Street names shall be subject to the approval of the Planning Department and shall be in accordance with section 22-78.
Tagged Passions:planning, legal, streets, and court

(3) Street Name Signs.

Tagged Passions:streets

The subdivider shall be required to reimburse Rowan County for providing and placing street name signs to county standards at all intersections

within the subdivision. This fee shall be paid before final plat approval.
Tagged Passions:streets, zoning, and subdivision

(4) Permits for Connection to State Roads.

Tagged Passions:streets

An approved permit is required for connection with any existing state system road. This permit is required before any construction on the street or

road. The application is available at the office of the nearest district engineer of the Division of Highways.
Tagged Passions:construction and streets

(5) Wheelchair Ramps.

In accordance with G.S. 136-44.14, all street curbs in North Carolina being constructed or reconstructed for maintenance procedures, traffic

operations, repairs, correction of utilities, or altered for any reason after September 1, 1973, shall provide wheelchair ramp for the physically handicapped at all intersections where both curb and gutter and sidewalk are provided and at other major points of pedestrian flow.
Tagged Passions:streets, utility, Utility, procedure, Pedestrian, and traffic

(6) Secondary Access. In addition to the primary access required in section 22-80 (a), a

residential subdivision creating more than thirty (30) lots shall also

Tagged Passions:subdivision


construct a separate and approved access road twenty (20) feet in width for emergency service vehicles, which meet or exceed the construction

standards of section 22-80 (g). The Board of Commissioners may waive the secondary access road requirement for developments with limited public road frontage, environmental constraints, including topography, or similar circumstances, which prevent or significantly inhibit construction.
Tagged Passions:construction, streets, development, zoning, emergency, environment, and Development

(g) All-Weather Access Road for Water Point Sources

Tagged Passions:streets, utility, Utility, and water

In situations where the water point source cannot be directly accessed by a mobile water supply apparatus via the proposed subdivision street; or, an

existing state maintained road; or a linkage of hoses not to exceed twenty (20) feet, then the subdivider shall be responsible for construction of an access road in fire districts with a PPC rating of 8 or lower. In districts with a PPC rating of 9 or 9S, the fire department having jurisdiction shall participate equally with the subdivider in sharing the costs for access road construction.
Tagged Passions:construction, streets, utility, Utility, fire departments and districts, subdivision, and water

This access road shall be maintained in accordance with the following NFPA 1142 Chapter 7 guidelines to which it was built. These standards are

intended to serve as the maximum requirements that may be imposed, subject to (11) below.
Tagged Passions:streets

(1) Roadways shall have a minimum clear width of twelve (12) feet (3.7 m) for each lane of travel.

Tagged Passions:travel

(2) Turns shall be constructed with a minimum radius of one hundred (100) feet (30.5 m) to the centerline.

(3) The maximum sustained grade shall not exceed eight (8) percent.

(4) All cut-and-fill slopes shall be stable for the soil involved.

(5) Bridges, culverts, or grade dips shall be provided at all drainageway crossings; roadside ditches shall be deep enough to provide drainage with

special drainage facilities (tile, etc.) at all seep areas and high water table areas.
Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, water, and stormwater

(6) The surface shall be treated as required for year-round travel.

Tagged Passions:travel

(7) Erosion control measures shall be used as needed to protect road ditches, cross drains, and cut-and-fill slopes.

Tagged Passions:streets

(8) Where turnarounds are utilized during firefighting operations, they shall be designed with a diameter of one hundred twenty (120) feet (36.5 m)

or larger, as required, to accommodate the equipment of the responding fire department.
Tagged Passions:equipment and fire departments and districts

(9) Load-carrying capacity shall be adequate to support the imposed load of fire apparatus weighing at least 75,000 pounds carry the maximum vehicle

load expected.


(10)The road shall be suitable for all-weather use.

Tagged Passions:streets

(11)Upon determination from the SRC that lesser standards are adequate and comply with the intent of this article, deviations may be permitted on an

individual basis.

4. PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER NO WAKE ZONE FOR EMERALD BY HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Vice-Chairman Greene stated the Emerald Bay Homeowners Association

(HOA) had requested to establish a No Wake Zone (NWZ) going up to their property on High Rock Lake.
Tagged Passions:property and hearing

Vice-Chairman Greene opened the public hearing to receive citizen input regarding the request from the HOA for the No Wake Zone and the following

individuals came forward:
Tagged Passions:hearing

David Porter of 645 Panther Point Trail was opposed to the request. Mr. Porter said he did not see what the benefit would be to implement the NWZ.

Mr. Porter said residents enjoyed seeing the boats coming through the channel enjoying the lake life. Mr. Porter said two (2) neighbors (Jim Bassinger and Dennis Troutman) also preferred the channel remain as is. Mr. Porter said he had not encountered any damage to his dock and he questioned what defined the NWZ. Mr. Porter agreed there were boats that did cause wakes; however, he was opposed to the NWZ. (Note: Mr. Porter came back to the podium later in the meeting and was no longer opposed to a NWZ).
Tagged Passions:boating and trails

Vice-Chairman Greene referred to the map in the agenda packet and noted the Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) had submitted three (3) options for

the Board of Commissioners to consider. The first option began at the Emerald Bay Property. Option 2 began further down the cove and Option 3 was where the cove entered the waters of High Rock Lake.
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, utility, Utility, water, and property

Commissioner Klusman asked Mr. Porter where he lived in proximity to the Emerald Bay HOA. Mr. Porter estimated he lived 300 yards from the HOA.

Commissioner Klusman said one of the issues raised had been the wakes eroding the shore. Mr. Porter said yes, to some extent. Mr. Porter said he had lived at his property for ten (10) years and had not observed any noticeable erosion.
Tagged Passions:property

Mark Scott, of 414 Emerald Bay Drive and President of the Emerald Bay HOA, said he attended a Board of Commissioners meeting around one (1) month ago

and made the request for the NWZ. Mr. Scott said the request was not made due to property damages even though there was damage to the docks and the shoreline. Mr. Scott said request was strictly from a safety standpoint. Mr. Scott stated jet skis and boats pulling skiers/children on tubes down Panther Creek made their turns frequently in front of the HOA dock. Mr. Scott expressed concern that someone on a tube, a water ski, etc. were eventually going to hit
Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, water, boating, and property


one of the docks. Mr. Scott said the other two (2) recommendations were proposed by the WRC after its investigation.

Tagged Passions:boating

County Attorney Jay Dees said the County needed to identify who planned to pay for the buoy. Mr. Scott said the Emerald Bay HOA had agreed to pay for

the buoy if it was approved.
Tagged Passions:legal

Commissioner Greene said if the Board approved the request, it would submit a resolution to the WRC indicating which option was preferred. The WRC

would start the process for consideration/approval and make the final decision.

Stephen Kidd of 710 Emerald Bay Drive said he had lived on his property since 2004 near the second option provided by the WRC. Mr. Kidd said Emerald

Bay had continued to grow and the growth had brought more piers, which made travel from both directions more difficult. Mr. Kidd noted 150 feet of the cove was taken up by piers along both sides, which tightened up the space for boats to pass through. Mr. Kidd pointed out skiers or children on tubes behind boats were not pulled in a straight line but rather swayed left and right. Mr. Kidd noted if the Board were to approve the requested option (from the HOA), boaters would start turning around where Option 1 was shown. Mr. Kidd also mentioned the increasing popularity of wake boats used for skiing.
Tagged Passions:travel, beach, ports, boating, property, and growth

Commissioner Klusman questioned the width of the cove and Mr. Kidd responded that the width of the cove varied.

In response to Commissioner Klusman, Mr. Kidd said while wake boats had been around for awhile, they had increased in popularity over the past few

years. Commissioner Klusman asked if the reason for the NWZ request boiled down to damage to docks and Mr. Kidd said the primary reason was for the safety of those on tubes.
Tagged Passions:boating

Commissioner Klusman asked who would be liable if a child was to hit one of the piers. Vice-Chairman Greene said typically the owner of the boat was

responsible for injuries that might be received.
Tagged Passions:beach, ports, and boating

Mr. Kidd felt if the Board were to approve the requested option for the NWZ people would start turning around at Option 1 and the issue would not be

resolved. Mr. Kidd felt if Option 1 was approved to implement the NWZ, people would more than likely stop skiing in the cove altogether.

Commissioner Pierce stated the Board of Commissioners could submit the request; however, the final decision was up to WRC.

Tagged Passions:body art


Commissioner Caskey asked if people paid attention to the NWZ areas. Mr. Kidd said anytime people see the NWZ, they typically assume the Wildlife

Officers are just around the corner.

Commissioner Caskey asked if most of the people doing the tubing lived in the cove and Mr. Kidd estimated the percentage to be 50 .

Timothy and Carol Isenburg said they also had property in the area shown on the map as Option 1. Ms. Isenburg said their family endured the same

issues described by Mr. Kidd. Ms. Isenburg said when the water levels drop in the summer the conditions worsen. Mr. and Mrs. Isenburg supported Option 2 for implementation as the NWZ.
Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, water, and property

In response to Commissioner Klusman, Mr. Isenburg said the number of boats was not tracked; however, he stated the number had increased over the

years making the situation hazardous. Mr. Isenburg said unless kayaks, etc. had reflectors on them, they could get run over. Mr. Isenburg expressed concern that someone could be killed.
Tagged Passions:boating

Vice-Chairman Greene asked if it had been determined if the No Wake Zoning Matrix had been filled out by the HOA or by the WRC. County Attorney Jay

Dees said the Association representative had submitted the information.
Tagged Passions:legal and zoning

Mr. Dees said once the County submitted the information, the WRC would review it and post a rule for comment for sixty (60) days. Mr. Dees said the

WRC had already done some review. Mr. Dees said the WRC would hold a meeting where citizens could attend in person and provide comments before the rule was adopted.

Vice-Chairman Greene asked if there was anyone else who wished to address the issue.

David Porter came back to the podium and clarified information regarding the depth of the water in various locations. Mr. Porter continued by

agreeing with Mr. Kidd that if a NWZ was going to be implemented, it would be better to put it at the front of the lake (Option 2). Mr. Porter said when he initially spoke he had not been considering the safety factor. Mr. Porter felt Option 1 would not solve the problem.
Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, and water

Steve Six of 345 Panther Point Trail said he moved to the area last June. Mr. Six talked about the speed and turning location of the boaters. Mr.

Sexton stressed the safety issue versus the use of the water for someone.
Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, water, and trails

With no one else wishing to address the Board, Vice-Chairman Greene closed the public hearing.

Tagged Passions:hearing


Commissioner Pierce moved approval of a Resolution to Establish No Wake Zone in the Vicinity of Panther Creek / Emerald Bay Community Piers. The

motion was seconded by Commissioner Klusman and passed unanimously (4-0).
Tagged Passions:beach, ports, and body art

Commissioner Pierce read the Resolution as follows:

Tagged Passions:body art

WHEREAS, under authority of North Carolina General Statutes Section 75A-15 any subdivision of the State of North Carolina may at any time, after

public notice, make formal application to the Wildlife Resource Commission for special rules and regulations with reference to the safe and reasonable operation of vessels on any water within its territorial limits; and
Tagged Passions:regulation, boards and commissions, utility, Utility, subdivision, and water

WHEREAS, Rowan County has given public notice of its intention to make formal application to the Wildlife Resources Commission for special rules and

regulations with reference to the safe and reasonable operation of vessels on High Rock Lake within the territorial limits of Rowan County, and for the implementation of the Uniform Waterway Marker System in all the waters of the County.
Tagged Passions:regulation, boards and commissions, utility, Utility, and water

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that in accordance with NCGS 75A-15, the Board of Commissioners of Rowan County requests the North Carolina Wildlife

Resources Commission to promulgate special rules and regulations with reference to safe and reasonable operation of vessels on the waters of High Rock Lake located in said County, the pertinent substance of which proposed regulations is as follows:
Tagged Passions:regulation, boards and commissions, utility, Utility, and water

No wake zone in the waters of High Rock Lake from the Panther Creek shore to shore west of a line that

Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, and water

is 50 yards east of community piers at Emerald Bay at 35.60186 N, 80.25738 W or for any distance

Tagged Passions:beach and ports

deemed appropriate by the Wildlife Resources Commission (Option 2 on No-Wake Zoning Matrix)

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and zoning

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Rowan County Board of Commissioners requests the said Commission to promulgate regulations fully implementing the

Uniform Waterway Marker System in all of the waters of said County.
Tagged Passions:regulation, boards and commissions, utility, Utility, and water

Vice-Chairman Greene noted the responsible party to purchase any buoy approved had already been identified (Emerald Bay HOA).

Tagged Passions:purchasing

Commissioner Pierce moved to authorize staff to submit the necessary application and supporting documentation. The motion was seconded by

Commissioner Klusman and passed unanimously (4-0).
Tagged Passions:body art

5. UPDATE REGARDING CARDINAL INNOVATIONS HEALTHCARE Melissa Bunker, Regional Executive for Cardinal Innovations, along with Alyssa Smith of Healthy

Rowan were present to discuss the shift in changes from Cardinal s Community Boards.
Tagged Passions:healthcare

A power point was provided as Ms. Bunker and Ms. Smith talked at length about the governance structure, partnership, Healthy Rowan Community

Coalition, the Board of Commissioners and the Rowan County Advisory Council.
Tagged Passions:council

The Southern Region consisted of Rowan, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Stanly and Union counties with the following membership:

Tagged Passions:union


Commissioner Klusman suggested to Ms. Bunker that public comment be allowed at all meetings.

Continuing with the power point, Ms. Bunker reviewed the purpose, membership appointments and meeting cadence for the Community Advisory Committees

Tagged Passions:appointments

Ms. Bunker shared that Rowan County was already ahead of the game due to its Healthy Rowan Coalition.

Ms. Smith provided the history behind Healthy Rowan, which started in 1999 as part of the Healthy Carolinians Project by the Department of Health and

Human Services. Ms. Smith said there had been no real collaboration to enhance capacity in order to have a greater return on the investment for health issues in Rowan County.
Tagged Passions:health, services, investment, and history

Ms. Smith discussed Healthy Rowan Community Coalition s governance, partnerships, financial support and functions. The functions were listed as:

Tagged Passions:finance


Advocates for health in all policies

Tagged Passions:health

Provides support and implements evidence-based interventions

Facilitates collaboration between agencies to improve health outcomes in Rowan County.

Tagged Passions:health

Ms. Smith talked about the current reporting structure for Rowan County and efforts to focus on a common agenda.

Current Members Healthy Rowan Executive Committee

Alyssa Smith Chairwoman Christa Wooley Community Care Clinic Nina Oliver Director Health Department Dari and/or Jessica Novant Health Rowan

Tagged Passions:health


Karen Alexander Salisbury City Council Judy Klusman Rowan County Commissioner

Tagged Passions:council

A brief question and answer period followed the presentation.

Vice-Chairman Greene thanked Ms. Bunker and Ms. Smith for their presentation.

6. PARKS CONCESSION STAND/OFFICES APPROVAL Facilities Management Director Don Bringle and Architect Pete Bogle presented information for the design

of a new concession stand and office building at Dan Nicholas Park. The existing concession stand had been in place for almost 53 years and staff and visitors had outgrown the facility.
Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, facility, and parks

Mr. Bringle said staff had worked with the Bogle firm to create not only a location for the concession stand but a design they felt would be

beneficial. Mr. Bringle said as part of the proposed plan, the concession stand was actually smaller; four (4) offices had been created along with a small conference area. Mr. Bringle reported the Parks Advisory Board had met and were unanimously in support of the proposed project and design. In conclusion, Mr. Bringle discussed the timeline for advertising and opening bids. Mr. Bringle said when the Board of Commissioners meet on March 16, 2020 he hoped to present the bid package and ask for selection of a contractor.
Tagged Passions:rfp, contractor, RFP, construction, advertising, parks, and selection

Using a power point, Mr. Bogle showed drawings for the proposed facility that included the concession stand building, office areas and restrooms.

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and facility

Commissioner Pierce asked several questions pertaining to materials proposed for the exterior. Commissioner Pierce said he was looking at the

long-term maintenance for the facility and he asked if brick would be much more expensive compared to the materials proposed for the exterior. Mr. Bogle said yes. After further discussion, Mr. Bogle said he would obtain pricing for brick veneer.
Tagged Passions:facility, materials, and body art

Commissioner Pierce moved approval of the design followed by a second from Commissioner Klusman. The motion carried unanimously (4-0).

Tagged Passions:body art

7. CONSIDER APPROVAL OF BUDGET AMENDMENTS Finance Director Leslie Heidrick presented the following budget amendments for the Board s consideration:

Tagged Passions:finance and budget

Health Department Disperse Healthy Rowan funds to match awarded funding - 63,775

Tagged Passions:funding and health

Emergency Services Move funds from donations revenue account to donations expenditure account - 290

Tagged Passions:funding, donation, Donation, services, and emergency

Sheriff Recognize funds received from Salisbury-Rowan Community Foundation Discretionary Fund and place in the proper expense account. Funds donated

for Shop-With-A- Cop Program - 3,500
Tagged Passions:funding, recognition, public safety, and program


Finance Budget additional FY 20 JCPC funds awarded to Rowan County Program Providers - 15,984

Tagged Passions:funding, finance, budget, and program

Sheriff Recognize 250 check for donation to Christmas Fund and budget to proper expense account.

Tagged Passions:recognition, budget, donation, public safety, and Donation

Social Services Budget donations received in order to provide goods and services to clients - 40,816

Tagged Passions:budget, social services, donation, Donation, and services

Rowan Transit Increase to budget for newly awarded Federal Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Urban

Transportation Grant Funds - 130,000
Tagged Passions:funding, grant, budget, seniors, and transportation

Sheriff Recognize check from Walmart Foundation and place in the Sheriff s Christmas Caring Account for use in the Shop-With- A-Cop Program - 2,500

Tagged Passions:recognition, grocery, public safety, program, and large retail

Finance To de-obligate the Land Acquisition Services Award (ID 36244.56.10.3) budgeted for the Mid-Carolina Regional Airport. BOC rescinded the award

on 11/18/19 - 111,111
Tagged Passions:finance, airport, budget, and services

Commissioner Pierce moved approval of the budget amendments as presented. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Caskey and passed unanimously

Tagged Passions:budget and body art

8. CONSIDER APPROVAL OF BOARD APPOINTMENTS AGRICULTURAL ADVISORY BOARD Per the memorandum from Cooperative Extension Director, Amy-Lynn Albertson,

the Agricultural Advisory Board (Board) did not meet for close to four (4) years. As a result, the advisory board member s terms expired and Ms. Albertson asked the previous members to reapply. Those members were reappointed; however, most have now served two (2) terms and are not eligible for reappointment.
Tagged Passions:appointments and agriculture

In order to stagger the terms of the Board and to avoid losing the majority of the members at the same time, Ms. Albertson asked the Commissioners to

consider extending and ratifying the board members terms as listed below:

Kim Starnes- Current Chair, please extend term for 2 years beginning 2/1/2020

Randy Elium- extend 1 year beginning 5/1/2020

Mark Mauldin- please extend term 2 years beginning 1/1/2020

Mark Hammill- Will reapply for 2nd 3 year term beginning 6/1/2020

Michael Shepherd- recently appointed for 3 years on 1/6/2020 (keep as is) replacing Darrell Nichols

Tagged Passions:appointments

Commissioner Pierce moved to readjust the Agricultural Advisory Board s terms/years as requested by Amy-Lynn Albertson. The motion was seconded by

Commissioner Klusman and passed unanimously (4-0).
Tagged Passions:agriculture and body art

LIBERTY VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT FIRE COMMISSIONERS Alan King applied for reappointment for a term that will expire June 30, 2021.

Tagged Passions:fire departments and districts and volunteer


Commissioner Pierce moved the reappointment of Alan King. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Klusman and passed unanimously (4-0).

Tagged Passions:body art

LOCAL EMERGENCY PLANNING COMMITTEE Steve Stroud from the Town of China Grove applied to fill the vacant Elected Official s seat. There are no term

dates for this Committee.
Tagged Passions:planning and emergency

Commissioner Pierce moved, Commissioner Klusman seconded and the vote to appoint Steve Stroud carried unanimously (4-0).

Tagged Passions:appointments and body art

NURSING HOME ADVISORY COMMITTEE Robbie Dale Pickrel applied to fill a vacant seat. If appointed, the term would expire July 31, 2022.

Tagged Passions:appointments and seniors

Commissioner Pierce moved the appointment of Robbie Pickrel. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Klusman and carried unanimously (4-0).

Tagged Passions:appointments and body art

PLANNING BOARD John Leatherman applied for reappointment for a three-year term that would expire December 31, 2022.

Tagged Passions:planning

Commissioner Klusman felt more diversity was needed on the Board for both gender and race. Commissioner Klusman said the Commissioners should be

encouraging and people to apply and get involved with the County s advisory boards.
Tagged Passions:gender and diversity

Commissioner Greene agreed there was a need to get more people involved.

Commissioner Caskey moved to reappoint John Leatherman. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Pierce and passed unanimously (4-0).

Tagged Passions:appointments and body art

Michael Harrill applied for a two-year term that would expire December 31, 2021.

Commissioner Pierce moved approval of Michael Harrill followed by a second from Commissioner Caskey. The motion carried unanimously (4-0).

Tagged Passions:body art

ADJOURNMENT There being no further business to come before the Board, Commissioner Pierce moved to adjourn at 4:39 p.m. The motion was seconded by

Commissioner Klusman and passed unanimously.
Tagged Passions:business and body art

Respectfully Submitted,

Carolyn Barger, MMC, NCMCC Clerk to the Board


130 West Innes Street - Salisbury, NC 28144 TELEPHONE: 704-216-8180 * FAX: 704-216-8195

Tagged Passions:streets and hotel


FROM: Alyssa Smith, Community Health Manager, Charles Drake, Interim Health Director DATE: 02/17/20 SUBJECT: The Duke Endowment - Healthy People,

Healthy Carolinas Grant
Tagged Passions:grant, health, and manager

Situation: Healthy Rowan has flourished with the support of The Duke Endowment s Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas program. In fact, Rowan has

experienced a shift in the RWJF s County Health Ranking, jumping from 73rd (2017) to 59th (2019). However, the growing prevalence of obesity and chronic disease continues to negatively affect the lives of those who live, work, and play in Rowan. The county s adults experience a larger burden of chronic disease in comparison to other North Carolina communities, especially for obesity (34 vs. 30 ) , diabetes (13.1 of adults vs. 11.4 ), cardiovascular disease (mortality rate 254.1 vs. 217.9/100,000) and stroke (49.9 deaths vs. 43.2/100,000). Though efforts are taking place to address health equity, health disparities persist for minority and underserved populations.
Tagged Passions:health and program

Background: Over the past five years, Healthy Rowan has developed a strong executive team, which includes the Rowan County Health Director. Alyssa

Smith, MPH, will continue to serve as executive director and advance the coalition s strategic plan. Ms. Smith and the leadership team led implementation of six evidence-based interventions; provided numerous presentations on coalition building; EBI implementation and evaluation; and secured additional funding for initiatives. As Novant Health Foundation remains the fiduciary agency for the program, the best fit for carrying out programmatic components and staffing is the Rowan County Health Department. Over the next three years, NHRMCF plans to contract the work with RCHD with funding secured of 150,000 per year for a total of 450,000 in grant funds for Rowan County.
Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, funding, grant, health, strategic, contract, program, and human resources

Assessment: Rowan County adults continue to engage in unhealthy behaviors such as tobacco use, poor diet, and physical inactivity, all of which

contribute to obesity and chronic disease. During the 2018 CHA process, community members and stakeholders selected healthy lifestyles, mental health, and substance use as the three priority issues for the county. Healthy Rowan has emerged as the go to facilitator for coalition work and cross-sector engagement. The coalition celebrates improvement in the county s health ranking but recognizes the hard reality that Rowan County merely demonstrates increasing rates of chronic disease at a slower pace than other counties.
Tagged Passions:health, recognition, poverty, mental health, rates, diet, tobacco, and behavior

Recommendations: The Health Department requests the Board of Commissioners recommendation for approval of integration of Healthy Rowan funds through

the Novant Health Rowan Medical Center Foundation. The Duke Endowment has heavily invested in Rowan County and RCHD would be proud to serve as the backbone organization for the coalition.
Tagged Passions:funding and health

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130 West Innes Street - Salisbury, NC 28144 TELEPHONE: 704-216-8180 * FAX: 704-216-8195

Tagged Passions:streets and hotel


FROM: Vera Avery, Quality Assistant, Charles Drake, Interim Health Director DATE: 02/17/20 SUBJECT: Community Health Grant Year Three Continuation

Tagged Passions:grant and health

Situation: The Rowan County Health Department received a grant from the Community Health Rural Communities Program which allowed us to provide dental

outreach programs to schools in Rowan County. We have received the grant for the past two years and have the opportunity to apply for a year three continuation grant in the amount of 66,000 to fund the in-school dental clinics.
Tagged Passions:grant, health, rural, program, and education

Background: We originally applied for the grant for FY2018-2019 and were awarded 85,264, which allowed us to purchase mobile dental equipment and

provided reimbursement for medical supplies, advertising, training and other expenses associated with our onsite and outreach dental programs. With this grant, we were able to offer onsite clinics at Elizabeth Duncan Koontz and North Rowan Elementary Schools. In 2019, we were able to apply for the year two continuation grant which continued to fund supplies and other operational expenses, excepting capital expenditures for equipment, which was purchased in the previous cycle. The grant award was for 66,000. With this award, we were able to expand our outreach services to two additional schools, Overton and Hanford Dole Elementary School. With the support of the Board of Health, we would like to apply again for 66,000 to fund continued operations for our dental outreach in FY 2020-2021.
Tagged Passions:grant, health, equipment, advertising, services, program, purchasing, training, and education

Assessment: The school based dental programs have been very successful. We are able to screen and treat approximately 180 children in our first

clinics at Koontz and North Rowan Elementary. We have completed clinics at Koontz and North Rowan and have upcoming clinics at Hanford Dole and Overton scheduled for this spring. For many children, this is their first dental encounter and we work hard to make it a relaxed and fun experience and also provide education and supplies to support a healthy oral hygiene regimen. We are also seeing students from the schools coming into our Health Department Smile Center as continuing clients after their school encounters.
Tagged Passions:health, program, education, and students

Recommendations: With the approval of the Board, we would like to apply for the Year Three continuation grant in order to continue our outreach

services. If, approved, we will meet with the school nursing leadership to determine which schools have the greatest need for the services and will look forward to being able to continue to provide this valuable service to the children in our community.
Tagged Passions:grant, services, and education

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130 West Innes Street - Salisbury, NC 28144 TELEPHONE: 704-216-8180 * FAX: 704-216-8195

Tagged Passions:streets and hotel


FROM: Angela Worley, Nursing Supervisor II, Charles Drake, Interim Health Director DATE: 02/17/20 SUBJECT: Heplisav-B Vaccine

Tagged Passions:health

Situation There is a vaccine for Hepatitis B available that requires only two vaccines given at a one month interval versus the current vaccine

requiring three vaccines spaced over at least six months. The two dose series is more cost effective. The Rowan County Health Department Immunization Program is receiving patient requests for the two dose series and would like to offer this option.
Tagged Passions:health and program

Background The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) approved a new two-dose series Hepatitis B vaccine in February 2018. The

Heplisav-B vaccine requires only two doses, with the second vaccine being given one month after the first vaccine. ACIP also reports patients are obtaining faster and higher rates of immunity with the new Hepatitis B vaccine. Patients have previously been offered the Energix Hep B vaccine which is a three-dose series given at one month, two months, and then again at 6 months from the original vaccine date. The two- dose series is less expensive and patients tend to complete the series more readily when only two vaccines are required. Rowan County Health Department offers Hepatitis-B vaccines to adult patients either through insurance coverage for the vaccine, or when a patient chooses to pay out of pocket for the vaccines.
Tagged Passions:health, insurance, and rates

Assessment Rowan County Health Department pays approximately 43 for each Hepatitis-B vaccine. The new Heplisav-B vaccine costs 41; the overall cost

of the Heplisav-B will be considerably less since only two vaccines are required. We charge for the vaccines at our cost plus the current Medicaid allowable administration fee of 20.45. Based on cost and patient request, the Rowan County Health Department Nursing Staff would like to offer the updated Hepatitis-B vaccine series.
Tagged Passions:health and health insurance

Recommendation The Health Department requests the Board of Commissioners approval of the addition of the Heplisav-B vaccine to the fee schedule with

a charge of 61.00 per vaccine.
Tagged Passions:health

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130 West Innes Street - Salisbury, NC 28144 TELEPHONE: 704-216-8180 * FAX: 704-216-8195

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