NC - Durham: City Council Retreat

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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City Council Retreat

City of Durham

City Council Retreat Durham Human Services Building

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, council, and services

414 E. Main Street (2nd floor Rooms B C)

Tagged Passions:streets

Friday, February 14, 2020

8:30 am 5:00 pm


Breakfast 8:30 am 9:00 am

Welcome/Agendas Overview Bertha Johnson 9:00 am 9:15 am

Opening Remarks Tom Bonfield 9:15 am 9:30 am

Citywide Strategic Plan Monica Chaparro 9:30 am 10:00 am

Tagged Passions:strategic

Resident Survey Jason Morado, ETC Institute 10:00 am 10:45 am

Resident Survey Engagement Monica Chaparro 10:45 am 11:15 am

Durham Development Trends Patrick Young 11:15 am 11:45 am

Tagged Passions:development and Development

Financial Projections/ Bertha Johnson 11:45 am 12:15 pm Budget Outlook

Tagged Passions:finance and budget

Lunch 12:15 pm 1:00 pm

IdeaStarter Finalists (During Lunch) Ovietta Ruffin

Multi-Year Fund Projections: Bertha Johnson 1:00 pm 1:30 pm GF Solid Waste

Tagged Passions:utility, solid waste, and Utility

CIP and Debt John Allore David Boyd 1:30 pm 2:00 pm

Tagged Passions:capital spending and Capital Spending

Break 2:00 pm 2:15 pm

Prioritization Discussion Dr. Margaret Henderson, UNC-SOG 2:15 pm 4:45 pm Dale Smith, UNC-SOG

Closing Remarks Tom Bonfield 4:45 pm 5:00 pm Mayor and City Council

Tagged Passions:council

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