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Tagged Interests: council


February 19, 2020

7:00 P.M.

Call to order: Henry H. Livingston, III, Council Chairman

Tagged Interests: council

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: Kirksey Koon, Council Vice-Chairman

Tagged Interests: council

1. Adoption of Consent Agenda

2. Additions, Deletions, and Adoption of Agenda

3. Employee Service Awards

Katrina L. Bouknight, Animal Control 5 Years

Tagged Interests: pets and animal control

Travis Reeder, County Council 5 Years

Tagged Interests: council

Arvid D. Lominick Jr., Sheriff s Office 10 Years

Tagged Interests: public safety

Bridgett Fain, Planning Zoning 15 Years

Tagged Interests: planning and zoning

Nora R. Sanders, Auditor s Office 15 Years

Tagged Interests: audit

4. Public Apperance

a. David M. Stumbo, Solicitor Budget Request

Tagged Interests: budget and Solicitor

5. Ordinance 01-01-20: An Ordinance to create the Mountain View Subdivision

Tagged Interests: ordinance and subdivision

Special Tax District.

Tagged Interests: taxes and Taxes

a. Public Hearing b. Third Reading

Tagged Interests: hearing

6. Ordinance 01-03-20: An Ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of an

Tagged Interests: ordinance

agreement providing a grant to [Project Shot]; and other related matters.

Tagged Interests: grant

a. Public Hearing b. Third Reading

Tagged Interests: hearing

7. Ordinance 02-13-20: An Ordinance to amend the Budget Ordinance for the FY

Tagged Interests: ordinance and budget

2019-2020 fiscal year, Ordinance Number 04-04-2019, to provide for revised

Tagged Interests: ordinance

revenues and appropriations. (Title Only)

Tagged Interests: funding

a. First Reading

8. Consideration to approve the bid amount of 35,790 from Sun Coast

Tagged Interests: rfp and RFP

Contractors for the Animal Shelter Storage Building. Crystal Waldrop, Purchasing Director

Tagged Interests: contractor, Homebuilder, construction, animal control, and purchasing

9. Consideration of expenditures pertaining to the Old Jolly Street Road Bridge

Tagged Interests: streets

Mike Pisano, Public Works Director

Tagged Interests: Public Works and public works

10. Appointments

Tagged Interests: appointments

11. Public Comments (by those who signed up at the meeting)

12. Executive Session (if needed)

13. Comments/Requests from County Administrator

Tagged Interests: administrator

14. Comments/Requests from Council Members

Tagged Interests: council

15. Future Meetings

a. Public Safety Courts 02-24-2020 5:00p.m b. Economic Development 03-02-2020 7:00p.m c. County Council 03-04-2020 7:00p.m.

Tagged Interests: council, legal, economic development, development, public safety, Development, and court

16. Adjournment

Consent Agenda

1. Minutes a. January 15, 2020