SC - City of North Augusta: study session of the North Augusta City Council

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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study session of the North Augusta City Council

Administration Department

Interoffice Memorandum

TO: Mayor and City Council

Tagged Passions:council

FROM: Rachelle Moody, Interim City Administrator

Tagged Passions:administrator

DATE: February 14, 2020

SUBJECT: Study Session Date of Monday, February 17, 2020

A study session of the North Augusta City Council has been scheduled for Monday, February 17, 2020,

Tagged Passions:council

at 6:00 p.m. in the Municipal Center 3rd Floor Council Conference Room located at 100 Georgia

Tagged Passions:council


The following is among the topics for discussion and review:

ITEM 1. CITY COUNCIL AGENDA: Items on the February 17, 2020 Council Agenda Council Discussion

At this time, any questions related to the agenda scheduled for tonight s meeting may be discussed.

ITEM 2. FINANCE: MID Annual Assessment Presentation to Council

Tagged Passions:finance and council

Cammie Hayes, Director of Finance and General Services, will present to Council an explanation of the

Tagged Passions:finance, council, and services

Annual Assessment Report for the Ballpark Village Municipal Improvement District.

ITEM 3. FINANCE: Capital Project Sales Tax IV Council Discussion

Tagged Passions:finance, council, sale, taxes, Taxes, capital spending, and Capital Spending

Rachelle Moody, Interim City Administrator, will lead Council in the process of adopting a prioritized

Tagged Passions:council and administrator

list with funding for CPST IV.

Tagged Passions:funding

ITEM 4 ANNEXATION: Annexation Process Discussion Council Discussion

Tagged Passions:council and annexation

Kelly Zier, City Attorney, will lead Council in a discussion regarding the process to move forward with

Tagged Passions:council and legal

unsigned Petitions for Annexation.

Tagged Passions:annexation


Tagged Passions:council and strategic

Mayor Pettit and Rachelle Moody, Interim City Administrator, will lead Council in a discussion of

Tagged Passions:council and administrator

proposed Mission and Visions statements for the City of North Augusta.

Tagged Passions:strategic

1. The mission statement: To provide the highest quality of customer service

to residents, businesses and visitors and encourage economic prosperity

Tagged Passions:business

through investment in infrastructure, public safety, and a diverse array of

Tagged Passions:public safety and investment

recreational programs. To achieve this caliber of service, the city will

Tagged Passions:program and recreation

tackle community issues with an open mind and creative approach,

utilizing technology and emphasizing fiscal responsibility.

Tagged Passions:Technology and technology

2. The vision statement: To be a premier community providing the highest quality of life for residents of all ages, with sustainable

Tagged Passions:strategic

economic growth, a distinctive aesthetic, and built on a foundation

Tagged Passions:growth

of hospitality and community values.

ITEM 6. LEGAL: Executive Session Request of the Mayor

Tagged Passions:legal

In compliance with Section 30-4-70 (a) (1) the Mayor requested an executive session for the purpose

Tagged Passions:compliance


(1) Discussion of employment, appointment, compensation, promotion, demotion, discipline, or

Tagged Passions:compensation, appointments, employment, and discipline

release of an employee, a student, or a person regulated by a public body or the appointment of a

Tagged Passions:appointments

person to a public body; however, if an adversary hearing involving the employee or client is held,

Tagged Passions:hearing

the employee has the right to demand that the hearing be conducted publicly. Nothing contained in

Tagged Passions:hearing

this item shall prevent the public body, in its discretion, from deleting the names of the other

employees or clients whose records are submitted for use at the hearing.

Tagged Passions:hearing

Discussion is related to a personnel matter

Tagged Passions:personnel

Upon returning to open session, council will not take action on matters discussed in Executive

Tagged Passions:council


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