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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Regular Meeting

Regular Meeting Monday, February 17, 2020

7:00 PM Council Chambers

Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting To Order:

1. Mayor Michael

Approval Of Minutes:

2. Consider Approval of February 3 Regular Session and February 3 Closed Session Meeting Minutes

Public Hearings:

Tagged Passions:hearing

3. Ordinance 20-06 - Consider ZMA-20-03 to Rezoning a 3 parcel on Pennington Rd from R-10 to R-8

Tagged Passions:ordinance, zoning, and property

Agenda Adjustments:

Announced Delegations:

4. Mr. Howard Spencer - To Discuss Leaning Trees on Richardson Street

Tagged Passions:streets

Unannounced Delegations:

Administrative Reports:

5. Departmental Monthly Reports 6. Jay Voyles, Development Coordination Specialist - Census 2020 Update

Tagged Passions:development and Development

Consent Agenda:

7. Ordinance 20-05 - Budget Amendment in Public Works Department

Tagged Passions:ordinance, budget, Public Works, and public works

New Business:

Tagged Passions:business

8. Consider Approval of Financing Bids for Equipment 9. Reminder - Stanly County Council of Governments Meeting 10. Reminder- Stanly County Chamber

of Commerce Annual Meeting
Tagged Passions:rfp, RFP, equipment, and council


11. Adjourn to Monday, March 2 at 7:00 p.m.


Title Mayor Michael Description: Is this item budgeted? Not Applicable Fiscal Impact: Management Recommendation:

Tagged Passions:budget

ATTACHMENTS: Name: Description: No Attachments Available

APPROVALS: Date/Time: Approval: Department:


Title Consider Approval of February 3 Regular Session and February 3 Closed Session Meeting Minutes Description: Is this item budgeted? Not

Applicable Fiscal Impact: Management Recommendation:
Tagged Passions:budget

ATTACHMENTS: Name: Description:

February_3_2020_Minutes.docx February 3 2020 Minutes

APPROVALS: Date/Time: Approval: Department:


Tagged Passions:council

February 3, 2020

The City Council of the City of Albemarle met in a regular session on Monday, February

Tagged Passions:council

3, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Mayor Ronnie Michael presided, and the

following Councilmembers were present, to-wit: Mayor Pro Tem Martha Sue Hall; Bill Aldridge; Chris

Bramlett; Martha E. Hughes; Shirley E. Lowder; Dexter Townsend, and Christopher Whitley.


Mayor Michael called the meeting to order.


The Mayor gave the invocation.


The Mayor introduced the new City Attorney, Britt A. Burch. Ms. Burch has begun her

Tagged Passions:legal

duties for the City of Albemarle as of today, February 3, 2020. This is a new role within the City that

takes the place of the contract City Attorney position.

Tagged Passions:legal and contract

Ms. Burch is an Anson County native and a graduate of Anson Senior High School. She

Tagged Passions:education

earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and International Affairs from Wake Forest University, a

Tagged Passions:arts, university, and politics

Master s degree in Business Administration from Elon University School of Business, a Juris Doctor

Tagged Passions:business, university, and education

degree from Elon University School of Law and holds an active North Carolina law license. Ms. Burch has

Tagged Passions:university, education, and license

previous experience in residential and commercial real estate, employment law, healthcare, and

Tagged Passions:employment, healthcare, and commercial

transactional matters. Most recently, Ms. Burch worked for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where

she developed and negotiated a wide array of contracts for biomedical research initiatives.

Tagged Passions:contract

The Mayor asked if Ms. Burch would like to say a few words. Ms. Burch thanked the City

Manager Michael J. Ferris, the Assistant City Manager Nyki Hardy, and City Council for giving her the

Tagged Passions:council, administrator, and manager

opportunity to serve.

Council welcomed Ms. Burch to her new position.

Tagged Passions:council


The Mayor took a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting to make a few remarks

about the 2 law office building (King House and Mark Lowder) fires that occurred in the early morning

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder

hours on Sunday, February 2nd. He thanked the City of Albemarle firefighters, as well as all of the

Tagged Passions:fire departments and districts

surrounding local and regional firefighters who came to the scene to help. A request was made to Fire

Tagged Passions:fire departments and districts

Chief T. Pierre Brewton to obtain the names of the chiefs of the fire stations who responded so thank

Tagged Passions:fire departments and districts

you cards can be sent. The Mayor concluded his remarks by stating that one of the fires looks suspicious

and asked the public to come forward if they know anything about the fires.


Upon a motion by Councilmember Aldridge, seconded by Councilmember Townsend,

unanimously carried, the minutes of January 21, 2020 regular session were approved as




The Mayor requested the following agenda adjustments:

1. Placement of introduction of City Attorney at the beginning of the agenda;

Tagged Passions:legal

2. Placement of New Business item 10 Consider Agreement with Preformed Line

Tagged Passions:business

Products for Demonstration of Equipment on City Electric Lines under

Tagged Passions:equipment and electric

Announced Delegations after Pastor Stovall;

3. Addition of consideration of whether to retain contract grant consultants for

Tagged Passions:grant, contract, and services

balance of FY 2019-20; and

4. Addition of closed session pursuant to N.C.G.S. 143-318.11(a)(5) Real Estate and

N.C.G.S. 143-318.11(a)(6) Personnel.

Tagged Passions:personnel

Upon a motion by Councilmember Hall, seconded by Councilmember Aldridge,

unanimously carried, the City Council approved the agenda adjustments.

Tagged Passions:council



Resurrection Community Church Drainage Issue

Tagged Passions:church and stormwater

Pastor Michael Stovall has requested to speak to Council regarding a drainage

Tagged Passions:council and stormwater

issue. There is a drainage ditch that runs through the back portion of the property where the

Tagged Passions:property and stormwater

Resurrection Community Church is located at the corner of West Main Street and Moss Springs

Tagged Passions:streets and church

Road. The ditch begins at and runs through the church property. Pastor Stovall took a series of pictures

Tagged Passions:streets, church, and property

of the ditch and the church property affected by the ditch and provided them to City Council and the

Tagged Passions:council, church, and property

City Manager prior to the meeting. The ditch on church property is slow to drain thus creating standing

Tagged Passions:church, property, administrator, and manager

water. The standing water is a health hazard for the children attending church due to the proliferation of

Tagged Passions:health, utility, Utility, water, and church

mosquitos there.

Tagged Passions:insect

Pastor Stovall spoke to Public Works staff recently requesting the City pipe the ditch on

Tagged Passions:Public Works and public works

the church property to improve its appearance. However, this area is off the City right-of-way and

Tagged Passions:church and property

therefore not the City's property. Staff believes that when the property was developed the ditch was

Tagged Passions:property

piped under the Church buildings. This was done to make the property developable and more valuable

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, church, and property

to the owner.

Looking at the photographs, there was consensus that the ditch by Freeman Avenue has

caused the edge of the street to crumble and should be fixed by the City. There was discussion of the

Tagged Passions:streets

length of the ditch and which particular section was problematic for the church. The ditch section of

Tagged Passions:church

concern for the church is where the ditch reemerges from underground in the back of the church by the

Tagged Passions:church

parking lot.

Tagged Passions:parking

The City can take the following actions: check drain and ability of the water to flow

Tagged Passions:utility, Utility, and water

freely, and obtain input from the church on how to work in partnership with the City to address the

Tagged Passions:church

problem. Council agreed that the City should go out and assess the issue and bring back findings to the

Tagged Passions:council


Tagged Passions:council

The Mayor thanked Pastor Stovall for bringing this issue to the attention of Council.

Tagged Passions:council

Consider Agreement with Preformed Line Products for Demonstration of Equipment on

Tagged Passions:equipment

City Electric Lines

Tagged Passions:electric

The intent of the agreement is to use new equipment and technology to install bird

Tagged Passions:equipment, Technology, and technology

flight diverters on City electric lines in the vicinity of the Preformed Line Products facility for

Tagged Passions:facility and electric

demonstration purposes to potential customers. This is an unusual request and needs Council

Tagged Passions:council and unusual

consideration. A video of the product and installation process was provided to Council prior to the

Tagged Passions:council


Upon a motion by Councilmember Aldridge, seconded by Councilmember Hall,

unanimously carried, Council excused Councilmember Townsend from the discussion and any motion on

Tagged Passions:council

this item due to a potential conflict of interest. Councilmember Townsend left Council chambers.

Mr. John Ziebarth, Plant Manager of the Albemarle facility presented the company s

Tagged Passions:facility, plant, and manager

request to Council.

Tagged Passions:council

Upon a motion by Councilmember Hall, seconded by Councilmember Bramlett,

unanimously carried, Council gave authority to the City of Albemarle to enter into an agreement with

Tagged Passions:council

Preformed Line Product and permission to install demo bird flight diverters on City electric lines near the

Tagged Passions:electric

company s facility.

Tagged Passions:facility

The Mayor thanked Mr. Ziebarth for his presentation.

Councilmember Townsend returned to the meeting.



2020 Public Power Customer Survey

Scott Hopkins, Customer Account Manager, will be working with ElectriCities staff on a

Tagged Passions:electric and manager

contract with GreatBlue Research, Inc. to conduct a telephone Customer Survey. Residential and non-

Tagged Passions:contract

residential customers will be surveyed beginning March 1, 2020 through May, 2020. The survey data will

be placed in a report summary in June, with a completed final report submitted by July. In August and

September, ElectriCities will present and review the Customer Survey with City staff.

Tagged Passions:electric

This survey will help the City understand customer concerns and priorities, and will

guide us in making decisions that best reflect the goals and needs of our customers. GreatBlue Research,

Inc. is a professional market research firm located in Glastonbury, CT.

Tagged Passions:market

Mr. Hopkins presented the plan for the survey to Council and took questions.

Tagged Passions:council

Upon a motion by Councilmember Hughes, seconded by Councilmember Hall,

unanimously carried, Council approved the implementation of the ElectriCities Customer Survey.

Tagged Passions:council and electric

Quarterly Business Update

Tagged Passions:business

Planning and Development Services Director Kevin Robinson presented the 4th quarter

Tagged Passions:planning, development, services, and Development

2019 City business activity report to Council. A one-page summary document was also distributed to the

Tagged Passions:business and council

Mayor and Council in meeting.

Tagged Passions:council

Overall, job growth was stable in 2019 with a total of 261 jobs created, which is in line

Tagged Passions:growth and jobs

with 2017 and 2018 new employment activity. There was slower job growth in 4th quarter 2019 as

Tagged Passions:employment and growth

compared to 2018, but was more than 4th quarter 2016 and 2017 numbers. Businesses such and Roll and

Tagged Passions:business

Bowl, Pelican s Snowballs and Save the Children Head Start were among businesses adding jobs

Tagged Passions:business, preschool, poverty, family services, and jobs

between October-December 2019.

Council thanked Mr. Robinson for his update.

Tagged Passions:council



The Mayor noted that the City s updated municipal calendar was in Councilmembers

packets and asked if they had any questions or edits.



Consider Approval of Capital Improvement Plan

Tagged Passions:capital spending and Capital Spending

On October 21, 2019, Council was presented with a printed Draft of the 2021-2025

Tagged Passions:council

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). During Council's Fall Strategic Budget Planning Session on November 19,

Tagged Passions:planning, council, strategic, budget, capital spending, and Capital Spending

2019, First Tryon presented the financial model which included discussion of Capital Projects in General

Tagged Passions:finance, capital spending, and Capital Spending

and Enterprise Funds. For the 2021-2025 CIP, staff anticipates the need for approximately 94.71M in

Tagged Passions:funding, capital spending, and Capital Spending

capital costs over the next five years.

The CIP is not a guarantee of funding for certain programs or capital needs, but rather a

Tagged Passions:funding, capital spending, Capital Spending, and program

planning tool to help anticipate and plan for the City's capital needs over a five-year span. All projects

Tagged Passions:planning

and needs will be re-analyzed with the adoption of each annual budget and may be adjusted as priorities

Tagged Passions:budget

change and with the availability of revenue. CIP's are generally needed when seeking funding sources as

Tagged Passions:funding, capital spending, and Capital Spending

outside agencies like to see appropriate financial planning and growth management tools, and a well

Tagged Passions:planning, finance, and growth

drafted CIP displays the City's ability to effectively forecast and successfully plan.

Tagged Passions:capital spending and Capital Spending

Staff seeks Council's final approval of the proposed CIP. Once approved, Council will

Tagged Passions:council, capital spending, and Capital Spending

receive a bound copy of the approved CIP. The draft plan as attached is a duplicate of the hard copies

Tagged Passions:capital spending and Capital Spending

Council received in October 2019.

Tagged Passions:council

Council debated the draft CIP, with the following points highlighted:

Tagged Passions:council, capital spending, and Capital Spending

Whether the plan should include downtown development such as the Pfeiffer

Tagged Passions:development, downtown, and Development

University Health Sciences Center projects; and

Tagged Passions:health and university

Whether the plan should include funds to further develop parking options.

Tagged Passions:funding and parking

Council agreed to defer any decision on this item in order to raise these new topics at

Tagged Passions:council

the February 11th strategic budget planning session.

Tagged Passions:planning, strategic, and budget

Consider Approval of the Audit Contract for FY 20/21

Tagged Passions:contract and audit

Staff is requesting Council approval for the audit contract for the second year of a 3 year

Tagged Passions:council, contract, and audit

contract. The contract is for 43,775 which, per the original agreement, is a 3 increase over the prior

Tagged Passions:contract

year. We feel we received a very comprehensive and thorough audit and were pleased with the services

Tagged Passions:services and audit

provided by Martin Starnes and Associates, CPA.

Upon a motion by Councilmember Hall, seconded by Councilmember Hughes,

unanimously carried, Council approved the audit contract.

Tagged Passions:council, contract, and audit



Tagged Passions:business

NOTE: Discussion of the Albemarle Business Center Infrastructure, Monroe Corporate

Tagged Passions:business

Center Visit and Centralina Council of Governments Mixed Use Information items were discussed

Tagged Passions:council

together since they were interrelated.

Background: Albemarle Business Center Infrastructure, Monroe Corporate Center Visit

Tagged Passions:business

and Centralina Council of Governments Mixed Use Information

Tagged Passions:council

Albemarle Business Center Infrastructure

Tagged Passions:business

The Mayor and Council received infrastructure options prior to the meeting. Council

Tagged Passions:council

specifically asked the Mayor to seek additional options concerning the road.

Tagged Passions:streets

It is important to note that there is a considerable amount of infrastructure work that

will need to be performed to get utilities to the site. If Council is ready, we can begin mobilizing City

Tagged Passions:council, utility, and Utility

forces to begin work to extend the water and sewer and electric infrastructure to the site.

Tagged Passions:sewer, utility, Utility, water, and electric

Review of Monroe Corporate Center Visit

The Mayor and some members of Council were recently able to participate in the visit to

Tagged Passions:council

the Monroe Corporate Center. The visit was very informative. The Director of Economic Development

Tagged Passions:economic development, development, and Development

Chris Plate' and Assistant Economic Development Director Ron Mahle, who is in responsible for existing

Tagged Passions:economic development, development, and Development

business support, both spent a considerable amount of time answering questions and showing the

Tagged Passions:business

site. Albemarle Economic Development Director Mark Donham was the Monroe Economic

Tagged Passions:economic development, development, and Development

Development Director and lead when this project was initiated and began to develop.

Tagged Passions:development and Development

A few useful takeaways came out of the visit:

Monroe phased their project in manageable increments.

The Monroe contacts stressed the importance of local government control of the

site to the success of the center and a beneficial differentiating characteristic from

private sites.

Tagged Passions:sites

The Monroe contacts encouraged strong buffers and keeping residential development

Tagged Passions:development and Development

a safe distance away. From their perspective, this is what businesses are seeking.

Tagged Passions:business

The Monroe contacts noted the need to have a site prepared to be ready for building

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder

construction. Monroe has also constructed flexible spec buildings.

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and construction

Information Mixed Use Development Information from Centralina Council of

Tagged Passions:council, development, and Development


Economic Development Director Mark Donham received information regarding mixed

Tagged Passions:economic development, development, and Development

use developments from the Centralina Council of Governments and forwarded them to Council and the

Tagged Passions:council, development, and Development

Mayor prior to the meeting to inform further discussion in meeting.

Discussion: Albemarle Business Center Infrastructure, Monroe Corporate Center Visit and

Tagged Passions:business

Centralina Council of Governments Mixed Use Information

Tagged Passions:council

The Council discussed the three topics with the following points emphasized:

Tagged Passions:council

Points discussed related to moving the Albemarle Business Center (ABC) project

Tagged Passions:business

forward included: whether City staff could move forward to prepare the infrastructure

(water, sewer, electric) leading into the ABC site; and timing of the vote on Rocky

Tagged Passions:sewer, utility, Utility, water, and electric

River Regional Planning Organization (RPO) road projects to move forward for

Tagged Passions:planning, streets, and watershed

consideration by NC DOT in March, 2020 and whether any road development for the

Tagged Passions:streets, development, and Development

ABC should be added to that list;

Points for further consideration before making any definite development decisions

Tagged Passions:development and Development

included whether current development efforts would be diverted or stalled due to the

Tagged Passions:development and Development


Features of the Monroe Corporate Center which could be considered for the ABC,

such as: building on a small scale first then expanding incrementally in phases; use of

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder

modular buildings which could be constructed to meet the needs of individual

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder

business clients space and facility needs; whether Albemarle was properly situated to

Tagged Passions:business and facility

be a target for business location/relocation and business growth;

Tagged Passions:business, grocery, and growth

The relative Return On Investment (ROI) for the ABC and how long it could take for the

Tagged Passions:investment

City to realize any measurable gains from it (would it be 2 to 3 years or 20 years

before the City could enjoy a ROI?)

Per the mixed use plans, the Council discussed: whether full parcel or partial parcel

Tagged Passions:council and property

plans would be better given other development projects underway and availability of

Tagged Passions:development and Development

funding; whether mixed use should be used at the ABC or not; the trend of the City of

Tagged Passions:funding

Albemarle already starting to develop in this manner given areas like the

Woodhurst/Benson/Leonard corridor and whether further development projects

Tagged Passions:development, Development, and corridor

should incorporate mixed use; and what kind of business should be the target for

Tagged Passions:business and grocery

mixed use development, among other points.

Tagged Passions:development and Development

Upon a motion by Councilmember Lowder, seconded by Councilmember Hall to provide

Council s permission for City staff flexibility in building in time to perform site preparation projects from

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and council

Central Avenue to the ABC when they are able, the motion carried with a vote of 5 Council members for

Tagged Passions:council

the motion and 2 members opposed. Voting in favor of the motion were Councilmembers Aldridge,

Tagged Passions:voting

Hall, Lowder, Townsend and Whitley. Voting in opposition to the motion were Councilmembers

Tagged Passions:voting

Bramlett and Hughes.

Further discussion of these items was tabled.

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