SC - James Island: Regular Town Council Meeting

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Regular Town Council Meeting



Town of James Island, Regular Town Council Meeting

February 20, 2020; 7:00 PM; 1122 Dills Bluff Road, James Island, SC 29412

Tagged Passions:streets

Notice of this meeting was published and posted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and the requirements

Tagged Passions:Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

of the Town of James Island.

Members of the public addressing Council during the Public Comment period must sign in. Comments should be directed

Tagged Passions:council

to Council and not the audience. Please limit comments to three (3) minutes.

Tagged Passions:council

1. Opening Exercises

2. Public Hearing: Ordinance 2020-01: Proposed Amendments to the Town of James Island Zoning and Land Development Regulations Ordinance (ZLDR):

153.332 Off-Street Parking and Loading; Addition of Section J
Tagged Passions:regulation, ordinance, development, zoning, Development, hearing, and parking

Bicycle Parking with standards for bicycle parking facilities

Tagged Passions:Bicycles, parking, and bicycles

Ordinance 2020-02: Proposed Amendments to the Town of James Island Zoning and Land Development

Tagged Passions:ordinance, development, zoning, and Development

Regulations Ordinance (ZLDR) 153.093 Folly Road Corridor Overlay District (6) amend Rethink Standards to

Tagged Passions:regulation, ordinance, streets, zoning, and corridor

include (b) Required Bicycle Parking installed in accordance with Section 153.332 (J)

Tagged Passions:Bicycles, parking, and bicycles

3. Tribute to James T. Fralix, Jr., Board of Zoning Appeals

Tagged Passions:zoning

4. Presentation of Community Hero Awards by James Island Pride

Proclamation Honoring Community Heroes

Tagged Passions:recognition

5. Public Comment

6. Consent Agenda

a. Minutes: January 16, 2020 Regular Town Council Meeting

7. Information Reports

a. Finance Report

Tagged Passions:finance

b. Administrator s Report

Tagged Passions:administrator

c. Public Works Report

Tagged Passions:Public Works and public works

d. Island Sheriffs Patrol Report

Tagged Passions:public safety

8. Requests for Approval

Internet Streaming of Town Council Meetings

Tagged Passions:council

Traffic Calming Policy Revisions

Tagged Passions:policy and traffic


James Island Arts Cultural Center Interior Renovation/Furniture Pkg. Planning and Bidding

Tagged Passions:planning and arts

Pinckney Park Storage Building

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and parks

Storm Drain Cleaning and Camera Work in Lynwood

Up to 20,000 to Initiate Town Tree Inventory

Tagged Passions:trees

Tree Removals in Drainage Easement

Tagged Passions:trees, easement, and stormwater

Additions to regular groundskeeping work

Driveway Apron/Drainage Repairs

Tagged Passions:stormwater

9. Committee Reports

Land Use Committee

Environment and Beautification Committee

Tagged Passions:Conservation and environment

Children s Committee

Public Safety Committee

Tagged Passions:public safety

History Committee

Tagged Passions:history

Rethink Folly Road Committee

Tagged Passions:streets

Drainage Committee

Tagged Passions:stormwater

Business Development Committee Nomination to Business Development Council

Tagged Passions:business, council, development, and Development

Trees Advisory Committee

Tagged Passions:trees

James Island Intergovernmental Council Ratified Resolution for Cooperation to Reestablish and Maintain Drainage Ratified Resolution to Jointly

Undertake Water Quality Improvements of JI Creek
Tagged Passions:council, utility, Utility, water, intergovernmental, and stormwater

10. Proclamations and Resolutions:

Tagged Passions:recognition

National 2020 Women in Construction Week

Tagged Passions:construction

Resolution 2020-01: Island Sheriffs Patrol Deputy of Fourth Quarter, Jacob Brueckner

Tagged Passions:public safety

Resolution 2020-02: Island Sheriffs Patrol Deputy of the Year, Jesse Leszczynski

Tagged Passions:public safety

Resolution 2020-03: Support of Charleston County FY 2021 Transportation Sales Tax Annual Allocation (TST) Program

Tagged Passions:sale, taxes, Taxes, transportation, and program

Resolution 2020-04: Amendment to Resolution Regarding Policies of Committees of Town Council

Tagged Passions:council

Resolution 2020-05: Amendment to Resolution Regarding Citizen Advisory Councils of the Town of James Island

Tagged Passions:council

11. Ordinances up for Second/Final Reading:

Tagged Passions:ordinance


12. Ordinances up for First Reading:

Tagged Passions:ordinance

Ordinance 2020-01: Proposed Amendments to the Town of James Island Zoning and Land Development

Tagged Passions:ordinance, development, zoning, and Development

Regulations Ordinance (ZLDR): 153.332 Off-Street Parking and Loading; Addition of Section J Bicycle Parking with standards for bicycle parking

Tagged Passions:regulation, ordinance, streets, zoning, Bicycles, parking, and bicycles

Ordinance 2020-02: Proposed Amendments to the Town of James Island Zoning and Land Development

Tagged Passions:ordinance, development, zoning, and Development

Regulations Ordinance (ZLDR) 153.093 Folly Road Corridor Overlay District (6) amend Rethink Standards to

Tagged Passions:regulation, ordinance, streets, zoning, and corridor

include (b) Required Bicycle Parking installed in accordance with Section 153.332 (J)

Tagged Passions:Bicycles, parking, and bicycles

13. New Business

Tagged Passions:business

Discussion of Increasing Size of Town Council

Tagged Passions:council

14. Executive Session: The Town Council will/may enter into an Executive Session in accordance with 30-4-70(a) Code of Laws of South Carolina. Upon

returning to Open Session, Council may take action on matters discussed in
Tagged Passions:council

Executive Session.

15. Return to Regular Session

16. Announcements/Closing Comments

17. Adjournment

Town of James Island

A Proclamation to Honor Community Heroes

Tagged Passions:recognition

WHEREAS, the Town of James Island is a municipality dedicated to the beautification and preservation

Tagged Passions:preservation

of our island s environment; and

Tagged Passions:Conservation and environment

WHEREAS, James Island Pride is a citizens committee sponsored by the Town of James Island that serves all citizens of James Island; and

WHEREAS, James Island Pride makes special effort to recognize individuals who demonstrate evidence

Tagged Passions:recognition

of exceptional volunteer activity in the areas of leadership, community service and in mobilizing the

Tagged Passions:volunteer

generations by contributing to youth and adults working together in partnership within our community,

Tagged Passions:youth

NOW, THEREFORE, be it proclaimed that the Town Council of the Town of James Island, South

Tagged Passions:council

Carolina does hereby recognize the following recipients of the 2019 Community Hero Award:

Tagged Passions:recognition

Keith Bolus

Angela Childs-Kindred

Hal Hanvey

Arleen Stewart

Enacted this the 20th day of February, 2020.

___________________________________ ______________________________

Bill Woolsey, Mayor Garrett Milliken, Mayor Pro-Tempore

___________________________________ ______________________________

Darren Troy Mullinax, Councilman Cynthia Mignano, Councilwoman


Daniel C. Boles, Councilman


Frances Simmons, Town Clerk ____________________________________


The Town of James Island held its regularly scheduled meeting at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, 1122

Dills Bluff Road, James Island, SC Thursday, January 16, 2020. The following members of Council were

Tagged Passions:council and streets

present: Daniel C. Boles, Dr. Cynthia Mignano, Garrett Milliken, Darren Troy Mullinax, and Mayor Bill Woolsey, presided. Also, Ashley Kellahan, Town

Administrator, Bonum S. Wilson, Town Attorney,
Tagged Passions:legal and administrator

Merrell Roe, Finance Director, Mark Johnson, Public Works Director, Sgt. Shawn James, Island Sheriff s Patrol, and Frances Simmons, Town Clerk.

Tagged Passions:finance, public safety, Public Works, and public works

Opening Exercises: Mayor Woolsey called the meeting to order leading Council in prayer. FOIA: This

Tagged Passions:council, religion, and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

meeting was published and posted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and the requirements

Tagged Passions:Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

of the Town of James Island.

Public Comments: Mayor Woolsey asked those who spoke about the speed humps on Schooner Road at the

Tagged Passions:streets

December meeting to please make brief comments.

Schooner Road:

Tagged Passions:streets

The following persons addressed Council:

Tagged Passions:council


Meredith Kolaski, 614 Schooner Rd.

Harlen Woods, 558 Lynn Ave.

Chris Moore, 669 Schooner Rd.

G. Feuerbach, 648 Schooner Rd.

Joan D , 633 Schooner Rd. Ryan Gerth, 688 Schooner Rd.

Michelle Durante, Schooner Rd.

Mauricette Perron, 6342 Schooner Rd.

Mike O Keefe, 642 Schooner Rd. Bill Lyon, 669 Port Circle

Brook Lyon, 669 Port Circle (Provided Information to Council)

Tagged Passions:council


Joel Lista, 523 Schooner Rd. (Provided Information to Council)

Tagged Passions:council

Ray Patterson, 667 Cedar Point Dr.

Melissa Dority, 753 Grimsley Dr., thanked Island Sheriff s Patrol for their service Linde Mills, 565 Schooner Rd.

Tagged Passions:public safety

Helen Felder, 617 Seaward Dr.

Other Comments

John Peters, 1301 Hampshire, wants help for speeding in his neighborhood. Complimented Island Sheriff s Patrol and PSD for their service on

Tagged Passions:public safety and neighborhood

Holland Steenhuysen, 1445 Battery Brown Ct. promoted the JI Charter HS Art Intern Program and invited

Tagged Passions:arts and program

Council to attend an upcoming event on April 2.

Tagged Passions:council and events

Mayor Woolsey recognized City Councilwoman Carol Jackson in attendance.

Tagged Passions:recognition

Consent Agenda

a. Minutes of December 16, 2019 Regular Town Council Meeting: Motion to approve the Consent Agenda made by Councilman Milliken, seconded by

Councilman Mullinax. Passed unanimously.


Information Reports:

a. Finance Report: Merrell Roe, Finance Director, summarized December s Report. Councilwoman Mignano asked about the Oceanview/Stone Post Drainage

expenditure and Mrs. Kellahan replied
Tagged Passions:finance and stormwater

it is Phase II and completed.

b. Administrator s Report: Ashley Kellahan, Town Administrator, summarized the Administrator s Report. Planning Workshop will be scheduled in

February for businesses about plastics inspections
Tagged Passions:planning, business, and administrator

and compliance. Annual Budget Workshop scheduled for March 5 @ 6 p.m.

Tagged Passions:budget and compliance

c. Public Works Report: Mark Johnson, Public Works Director, summarized the Public Works Report and responded to Councilwoman Mignano s question

about the drainage/flooding issue on Kingswood.
Tagged Passions:flooding, Public Works, public works, and stormwater

d. Island Sheriff s Patrol Report: Sergeant James reported that crime over the Christmas holidays in the Town was low. Monthly Crime Report and

Island Patrol statistics presented.
Tagged Passions:public safety, holiday, and crime

Requests for Approval:

Schooner Drive Traffic Calming Plan: Mayor Woolsey referred to last month s meeting that a motion and second was made to defer discussion and Council

would now resume discussion. Councilman Boles
Tagged Passions:council and traffic

referred to the policy of having 2/3 approval for traffic calming devices. He said since our last meeting

Tagged Passions:policy and traffic

some people still had not received a survey, and those that received them were less than 2/3 were in favor.

Mrs. Kellahan explained the surveys received were owners that actually travel over the speed humps.

Tagged Passions:travel

Councilman Boles noted the request on the agenda to revise the policy and asked if this vote would be on

Tagged Passions:policy

the policy as it is now, and it was confirmed as it is now. Motion passed 4:1; Councilman Boles voted

Tagged Passions:policy

No .

Scope and Fee for Regatta Rd. Sidewalk Design: Mrs. Kellahan presented a request for the approval of

Tagged Passions:streets and Pedestrian

Conceptual Fees for Design to Johnson Laschober Associates (JLA) for 13,300. She said the

Tagged Passions:impact fee

Construction Documents and Bidding are not included because if this is matched with CTC or TST funds,

Tagged Passions:funding and construction

the project could be taken over by Charleston County Transportation Department. Motion in favor by

Tagged Passions:transportation

Councilman Mullinax, seconded by Councilman Milliken.

Councilwoman Mignano moved to defer the request to obtain additional competitive bids, Councilman

Tagged Passions:rfp and RFP

Boles seconded. Councilwoman Mignano said 1500 for a presentation is high. Councilman Milliken asked

if that fee is common for these kinds of projects and Mrs. Kellahan said yes for drawings and background

work. Mrs. Kellahan further explained that JLA is one of the firms prequalified for competitive bids.

Tagged Passions:rfp and RFP

Councilwoman Mignano spoke about the budget allocated for the project of 17,000 and Mrs. Kellahan

Tagged Passions:budget

said the Town has been very successful in receiving 50 matches on these types of projects. She said once

designs are submitted the project scores higher. Councilwoman Mignano stated for the record that sidewalks

Tagged Passions:streets and Pedestrian

are needed, however that amount is high. Mayor Woolsey also explained that once the project is completed

the cost could be around 250,000. He said what we are doing now is a small start and after application is

made for TST funds we would have a better idea of the total cost. Motion to defer failed. Main Motion

Tagged Passions:funding

passed unanimously.

Pinckney Park Phase II Site Furnishings: Mrs. Kellahan presented a request to purchase six (6) picnic tables

Tagged Passions:purchasing and parks

and four (4) trashcans from Play World for the Pinckney Park Shelter. Mrs. Kellahan said she applied for a

Tagged Passions:parks

grant of 6,000 to defer some of the costs. Motion in favor by Councilman Mullinax, seconded by Mayor

Tagged Passions:grant

Woolsey. Councilwoman Mignano said the furnishings are beautiful and she understands having continuity

but requested that additional pricing on similar type furnishings. She said 10,000 is high and she has found

similar that is reasonable and would last a long time. Councilman Milliken said the cost of the trashcans

seemed steep. He likes the picnic tables but not the trashcans. He asked if the idea moving forward is to use

these types of furnishings at our parks making it brand. Mrs. Kellahan said she had not given thought to

Tagged Passions:parks

that. Councilman Milliken asked if the items could be voted on separately and Mayor Woolsey said a motion

could be made to separate them without objection. Councilman Milliken moved to approve cost of the


picnic tables only. Councilwoman Mignano stated for the record that the cost of the picnic tables is high.

Motion on picnic table passed 4-1; Councilwoman Mignano voted No .

Mayor Woolsey spoke in favor of having matching trashcans. Councilwoman Mignano talked about the

type of trashcans that were purchased for Stiles Point. She said they were less expensive with easy upkeep.

Tagged Passions:purchasing

She expressed wanting the park to look nice, but we need to look at costs. Motion to approve the trashcans

Tagged Passions:parks

failed 4-1; Mayor Woolsey voted in favor.

Pinckney Park Phase II Change Order for Storage Building: Mayor Woolsey requested without objection

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and parks

to withdraw the request in order to receive additional pricing and it was granted.

Tagged Passions:grant

Scope and Fee for Conceptual Multi-Use Path along Folly, Wilton to Ft. Johnson: Mrs. Kellahan reported

that the Folly Road, Phase I currently ends at Wilton and crosses the road to the other side at George

Tagged Passions:streets

Griffiths and Wal-Mart. The Phase of Re-Think Folly would continue towards Folly Beach. She said the

Tagged Passions:beach and large retail

Town is looking into a multi-use path on the side from Wilton to Ft. Johnson Rd. because it is a stretch

where no redevelopment would occur. Cost for the scope and fee to David Floyd is 3,490. Motion in

favor by Councilman Boles, seconded by Councilwoman Mignano. Councilman Milliken asked the width

of the multi-use path. Mrs. Kellahan explained that under the Folly Road Overlay, Phase I, it is 12 ft. Mayor

Tagged Passions:streets

Woolsey further explained that we would begin with the requirements as the Folly Road Corridor of 12 ft.

Tagged Passions:streets and corridor

off of the road and the contractor would be tasked to do that. There was some discussion about funding and

Tagged Passions:contractor, funding, construction, and streets

Mayor Woolsey said we would look into matching funds. Councilman Milliken asked if the surface could

Tagged Passions:funding

be pervious for drainage issues and Mayor Woolsey said he thought that request could be made to the

Tagged Passions:stormwater

contractor. There was also some discussion about asking the City to contribute to the cost. Motion passed

Tagged Passions:contractor and construction


Executive Session:

Lobbying Services: Mayor Woolsey asked for a motion to enter into an executive session for the purpose

Tagged Passions:services and lobbying

of discussing contractual and legal issues. Motion made by Councilman Milliken, seconded by Councilman

Tagged Passions:legal

Boles. Council entered the executive session at 8:20 p.m.

Tagged Passions:council

Return to Regular Session: Council returned to regular session at 9:39 p.m. Mayor Woolsey announced that

Tagged Passions:council

no votes were taken during the executive session.

Mayor Woolsey moved to approve the contract of Anne Peterson to June 30, 2020, upon condition that

Tagged Passions:contract

monthly reports are provided beginning January 2020. A report is due by the February Council meeting.

Councilwoman Mignano seconded. Motion passed 4-1; Councilman Boles voted No .

Brantley Park Phase I Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate: Mrs. Kellahan presented approval for

Tagged Passions:parks

preliminary design and cost estimates by Davis Floyd for Brantley Park 185,650. She said the property

Tagged Passions:parks and property

is in the City of Charleston so the Town would need to take it to the City s CRC and obtain permitting. Davis Floyd will design minimal improvements,

so the park is open to the public soon. Motion in favor
Tagged Passions:parks

by Mayor Woolsey, seconded by Councilman Mullinax. Councilman Boles asked and Mayor Woolsey

explained the ownership/agreement between the City and the Town. He also answered questions about

responsibility for liability and will look into that further. Councilwoman Mignano asked about the

possibility of the park changing to development property and Mayor Woolsey explained that the restrictions

Tagged Passions:development, parks, Development, and property

under Greenbelt prohibits the property for any use other than a park. He said the Town is responsible for

Tagged Passions:parks and property

managing and determining how the park would be utilized. Clarifications were given that the preliminary

Tagged Passions:parks

design and cost estimates does not mean approval for construction.

Tagged Passions:construction

Mrs. Kellahan answered Councilman Milliken s question regarding the lease on the old library building on Camp Rd. She said County staff had

previously thought the lease was one year, it is five-years with option
Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, leasing, and library


the option to renew for five years. This information will be amended and presented to County Council at

Tagged Passions:council

its January 30 meeting. Councilman Milliken asked if the County would contribute to the repairs of the

HVAC system and Mrs. Kellahan said no. Councilwoman Mignano discussed the possibility of leaving

Brantley a passive park rather than spending 185,650 on conceptual design. Mrs. Kellahan commented

Tagged Passions:parks

that 185, seems to be a lot of money but a large portion of that is drainage improvements and parking.

Tagged Passions:parking and stormwater

Motion passed 3-2; Councilman Boles and Councilwoman Mignano voted No .

Traffic Calming Policy Proposed Revision: Councilman Boles motioned in favor; seconded by

Tagged Passions:policy and traffic

Councilwoman Mignano. Councilman Boles commented on the reaction of the people that spoke during

the public comments at the last meeting, and some tonight. He said the way the policy is currently worded

Tagged Passions:policy

invites multiple interpretation because there are people with a greater interest by proximity than others. He

would like the word neighborhood stricken on Page 5 of the Traffic Calming Policy so the language would read: 2/3 or 66.6 of the properties on the

street on which the proposed devices would be installed.
Tagged Passions:streets, policy, traffic, and neighborhood

He said this would not have people a couple roads over involved in something that may affect them less

Tagged Passions:streets

than people that are on it. He said clarity and predictability is extremely important and when people come

here fired up its nice to refer them to a policy that is clear. Mayor Woolsey said the staff is working on a more severe revision of the policy

coming to Council soon. Councilwoman Mignano spoke in agreement
Tagged Passions:council and policy

with Councilman Boles. Motion passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:

Land Use Committee:

Nomination to Board of Zoning Appeals: Mayor Woolsey announced the passing of Commissioner Jim Fralix. The Town will recognize his service at a later

date. Mayor Woolsey
Tagged Passions:recognition and zoning

moved for the appointment of David Savage to serve the unexpired term of Mr. Fralix, seconded

Tagged Passions:appointments

by Councilman Mullinax and passed unanimously.

Councilwoman Mignano reported that she has been meeting with Planning Director, Kristen

Tagged Passions:planning

Crane about the Comp Plan and options for affordable housing. She also met with Planning

Tagged Passions:planning and housing

Commission Chair, David Bevon about planning and development concerns and changing the

Tagged Passions:planning, boards and commissions, development, and Development

time of the Planning Commission meetings.

Tagged Passions:planning and boards and commissions

Environment and Beautification Committee: Councilman Milliken reported that the Greenbelt Study Committee consists of himself, Mayor Woolsey, and

Ashley Kellahan. The committee met
Tagged Passions:Conservation and environment

on January 7 and discussed rolling over Greenbelt funds so we could accumulate a better amount

Tagged Passions:funding

to work with. Adopt-a-Highway Litter pickup to be held Saturday, Feb. 8, 9-11 a.m. chili will be

served on the porch; followed by the founding of James Island Pride by PSD Commissioner Inez

Brown-Crouch. Community Heroes will be recognized at the February Town Council meeting.

Tagged Passions:recognition

Volunteers are needed for Helping Hands.

Tagged Passions:volunteer

Children s Committee: No report

Public Safety Committee: Councilman Mullinax announced the next meeting on January 23 @ 7:00 p.m.

Tagged Passions:public safety

History Committee: Mayor Woolsey announced that the History Commission is working on a study of Camp Rd. Middle School.

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, education, and history

Rethink Folly Road Committee: Mayor Woolsey announced the next meeting on January 22, @ 3:30 p.m.

Tagged Passions:streets

Drainage Committee: Councilman Mullinax announced the next meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 12 @ 3:00 p.m.

Tagged Passions:stormwater


Business Development Committee: Councilman Boles announced meeting on January 23 @ 6 p.m. Mayor Woolsey will make his nomination at the February

Council meeting.
Tagged Passions:business, development, and Development

Trees Advisory Committee: Councilman Milliken announced that the Trees Advisory Committee met on January and is working on a mission statement. The

next meeting will be held on Tuesday,
Tagged Passions:trees

February 11 @ 5:30 p.m.

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