GA - Chamblee: City Council Regular Meeting

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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City Council Regular Meeting


City Council Regular Meeting

Tagged Passions:council

Agenda February 18, 2020 7:30 PM

1. Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

2. Announcements and Presentations

1. Eagle Scout Recognition - Garrett Burroway

Tagged Passions:recognition

3. Staff Action Items

A. City Clerk

1. Approval of Minutes

a. City Council - Public Hearing - Work Session - Jan 16, 2020 6:00

Tagged Passions:council and hearing


b. City Council - Regular Meeting - Jan 21, 2020 7:30 PM

Tagged Passions:council

2. Design Review Board Annual Appointments

Tagged Passions:appointments

3. Annual Appointment for Municipal Court

Tagged Passions:legal, appointments, and court

B. City Manager

Tagged Passions:administrator and manager

C. Development Department

Tagged Passions:development and Development

1. PZ2020-581: 4978 Buford Hwy Variances and Waivers - Pho Ga Tony



1. Variance from Section 230-1(a) to increase the allowable impervious surface area from 80 to 82 ;

2. Variance from Section 230-1(a) to decrease the required open space from 20 to 8.3 ;

3. Variance from Section 230-26(e) to install the 10-foot-wide minimum landscape zone, but not the 14-foot-wide landscape zone on a state road as

required by the City due to GDOT standards;
Tagged Passions:streets and buildings and grounds

4. Variance from Section 230-26(g) to decrease the required supplemental zone for a Boulevard from 10 feet to 5 feet;

Tagged Passions:streets

5. Variance from Section 230-27(a)(10)(c) to reduce the required building fa ade height from 24 feet to 21 feet;

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder

6. Variance from Section 230-29(b)(1) to reduce the required minimum first floor, floor-to-ceiling height from 18 feet to 17 feet 6 inches;

7. Variance from Section 250-2(a) to reduce the number of required parking spaces from 46 to 30 spaces;

Tagged Passions:parking

8. Variance from Sec. 250-7(a)(1) to maintain the existing parking between the building and Buford Hwy;

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder and parking

9. Variance from Section 250-21 to allow the dumpster to be located within five feet of the lot lines;

10. Variance from Sec. 260-5(a)(7) to maintain two prohibited existing pole signs; 11. Variance from Section 260-9(a)(3)(d) to allow more than two

facades on a
Tagged Passions:pole

single occupant building to contain wall signs.

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder

Waiver: 1. Waiver from Section 320-21(a)(3) to not meet the requirement of a 10-foot

strip of land separating the vehicles and sidewalk.

Tagged Passions:streets and Pedestrian

2. Waiver from Section 320-21(a)(4) to not provide a five-foot grass strip with

curb at the head-to-head parking.

Tagged Passions:parking

3. Waiver from Section 320-21(a)(5) to not provide a five-foot wide landscape

Tagged Passions:buildings and grounds

strip where the parking lot abuts side and rear property lines.

Tagged Passions:property and parking

4. Waiver from Section 350-2(a)(1)(e) to allow the driveway and drive aisles to

be located between the sidewalk and a building.

Tagged Passions:Homebuilder, streets, and Pedestrian

5. Waiver from Section 350-2(c) to not provide inter-parcel access between all

Tagged Passions:property

adjoining lots.

2. Community Redevelopment Tax Incentive Program

Tagged Passions:taxes, Taxes, program, and incentive

3. Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) Housing Study

Tagged Passions:development, program, Development, community development, and housing


D. Police Department

Tagged Passions:public safety

1. Police Vehicle Lease Agreement

Tagged Passions:leasing and public safety

E. Parks Recreation

Tagged Passions:parks and recreation

F. Finance

Tagged Passions:finance

1. Comcast Violation Resolution

Tagged Passions:Telecommunications, telecommunications, and Comcast

G. Public Works

Tagged Passions:Public Works and public works

H. Economic Development

Tagged Passions:economic development, development, and Development

4. Boards, Authorities, and Committees

5. City Attorney

Tagged Passions:legal

A. 1st Reading of Ordinances

Tagged Passions:ordinance

1. Ordinance to Amend Chapter 54 Municipal Court

Tagged Passions:ordinance, legal, and court

B. 2nd Reading of Ordinances

Tagged Passions:ordinance

1. Animal Safety Ordinance

Tagged Passions:ordinance

2. Amendment to the Defined Retirement Benefit Plan from the Georgia

Tagged Passions:retirement and seniors

Municipal Employee Benefit System

6. Mayor and Council Items

Tagged Passions:council

A. Mayor Clarkson

B. Councilman Mesa

C. Councilwoman Robson

D. Councilwoman Lupton

E. Councilman Kusman

1. Pedal the Parks - Hosting

Tagged Passions:parks

F. Councilman Mock

7. Citizen Comments

8. Executive Session

9. Adjournment

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