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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Our Meeting Room is handicap accessible; however, if additional accommodations are needed please contact, Lisa Roberts, at (478) 994-7000 or Requests should be made as soon as possible but no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Agenda Monroe County, Georgia

Board of Commissioners

February 18, 2020 9:00 am

Chairman Greg Tapley

Vice Chair George Emami

District 1 Commissioner Larry Evans

District 2 Commissioner Eddie Rowland

District 3 Commissioner John Ambrose

Welcome Greg Tapley Prayer

Tagged Passions:religion


Roll Call Janet Abbott

Call to Order Greg Tapley

Speaker Appearance Walter Goodson

Regular Meeting

New Business

Tagged Passions:business

A. Approve Agenda Greg Tapley B. Approve Minutes Greg Tapley

a. January 21, 2020 C. Energy Savings Alternative Plan Jim Hedges/Eddie Rowland D. Arena Usage Landon Sparks E. Two Rivers RC D Appointments Greg

Tapley F. Planning Zoning Appointments Greg Tapley G. Recreation Board Appointments Greg Tapley H. County Clerk Appointment Greg Tapley I. Jail Doors Jim Hedges/Ray White J. Landfill Articulated Truck Equipment Jim Hedges/Frank Newton K. Fire Apparatus Equipment Jim Hedges/Jason Lott L. Smith Road-Johnsonville Road Water Project Jim Hedges/Larry Evans M. Discretionary Funds Larry Evans
Tagged Passions:planning, funding, equipment, appointments, landfill, utility, solid waste, Utility, zoning, transportation, water, watershed, jail, energy, and recreation

Old Business

Tagged Passions:business

N. Bill Bethune Tax Issue Bill Bethune/Greg Tapley O. Fire Headquarters Landscaping Jim Hedges

Tagged Passions:taxes and Taxes


P. Public Comments

Executive Session (Legal/Personnel)

Tagged Passions:legal and personnel


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