NC - Southport: Regular Meeting Agenda

Issues discussed this meeting include:

Regular Meeting Agenda

Street (green, Lombardi)Presentation; Fire Department FY 2020-2021 Budget (Drew)Purchase of ISt

Tagged Interests: streets, budget, fire departments and districts, and purchasing

Out Engine for Caswell Beach Fire Substation (Drew)Grease Control Ordinance Violations (tan, Fox

Tagged Interests: ordinance and beach

& Spicer)Police Department Security Improvements (Coring)Appointment(s) to Board of Adjustment

Tagged Interests: appointments, security, and public safety

(gray, Lombardi)ETJ Appointment to Planning Board (purple, Mosteller)Appointment to ABC Board (orange

Tagged Interests: planning and appointments

, Spencer)11. Discussion: FEMA 101 Training Seminar & Disaster Management ServicesControl

Tagged Interests: services, training, disaster management, and FEMA

Consultant; Johnson Environmental (yellow, Fox)COMMITTEE REPORTSMANAGER'S REPORTSTAFF REPORTS

Tagged Interests: services, environment, and manager

Caswell Avenue and Bay Street(green, Lombardi)The Beautification Committee has received a donation of a

Tagged Interests: streets, donation, and Donation

Avenue and Bay Streets. Arendering of the proposed placement is attached.Presentation: Fire

Tagged Interests: streets

Department FY 2020-2021 Budget (Drew)Fire Department Budget was not available at time of Agenda

Tagged Interests: budget and fire departments and districts

preparation. Budget to beprovided prior to the Board meeting.Purchase of ISt Out Engine for Caswell Beach

Tagged Interests: budget, beach, and purchasing

Fire Substation (Drew)The Fire Department is requesting authorization from the Board of Aldermen to

Tagged Interests: fire departments and districts

solicit formalbids for purchase of a new ISt Out Engine for the Caswell Beach Substation. Estimate

Tagged Interests: rfp, RFP, beach, and purchasing

forpurchase is $300,000 and funds are available for outright purchase. Financing not needed

Tagged Interests: funding and purchasing

.Grease Control Ordinance Violations (tan, Fox & Spicer)The Public Works Department has provided copies

Tagged Interests: ordinance, Public Works, and public works

the restaurants listed.Police Department Security Improvements (Coring)Proposed Improvements were

Tagged Interests: security, restaurants, and public safety

currently holding a seat hasrequested reappointment and it is past practice to appoint the alternate

Tagged Interests: appointments

forappointment(s).ETJ Appointment to Planning Board (purple, Mosteller)The Planning Board has

Tagged Interests: planning and appointments

for appointment.Discussion: FEMA 101 Training Seminar & Disaster Management Services Control

Tagged Interests: appointments, services, training, disaster management, and FEMA

Consultant; Johnson Environmental (yellow, May & Fox)Johnson Environmental & Disaster Consulting Services

Tagged Interests: services and environment

has provided a proposal for conducting aFEMA training seminar for the Board of Aldermen and staff

Tagged Interests: training and FEMA

. Johnson Environmental has alsoprovided a proposal for disaster management services (as needed) to

Tagged Interests: services, environment, and disaster management

Historical Society andover the years she increased many residents' appreciation of the city's history by

Tagged Interests: historical and history

teaching classes at Burlington Community College and Harper Library and by writingarticles for the

Tagged Interests: university and library

State Port Pilot, andWHEREAS, Musette spearheaded the restoration of Southport's Old Smithville

Tagged Interests: payment in lieu of taxes

a treasured part of Southport's history and providing a valuableresource for historians, and

Tagged Interests: history

churches in Southport,and her dedication to unity and equality was honored by the Martin Luther King Jr

Tagged Interests: church and equality

SharkeyAlderman Tom LombardiAlderman, Karen MostellerBOARD OF ALDERMENCOMMUNITY BUILDING223 E

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder

Bruce Oakley, City ManagerMichele Windham, City ClerkMelanie Trexler, Finance DirectorDavid Fox

Tagged Interests: finance, administrator, and manager

, Public Works DirectorTom Stanley, Asst. Public Works DirectorRandy Jones, Tourism DirectorCall

Tagged Interests: tourism, Public Works, and public works

been parked and not moved in many months at theThai Restaurant/Apartments.Ms. Kelly Evans, 415

Tagged Interests: restaurants and parks

Stuart Avenue, expressed concerns about traffic safety when StuartAvenue is covered with water. She

Tagged Interests: utility, Utility, water, and traffic

suggested the City contact engineering students with acollege to do an intern project on the matter

Tagged Interests: university and students

.Mr. Richard Noeckeri, 412 Stuart Avenue, spoke about the challenges when water floodshis front yard

Tagged Interests: utility, Utility, water, and flooding

Hatem introduced Mr. Chris May, facilitator of the Retreat, and Interim CityManager.Local

Tagged Interests: administrator and manager

, events, etc., and traveling together. He noted that in a smallcommunity there would be occasions when a

Tagged Interests: travel and events

ManagerMr. May asked Board members for attributes of a Mayor, Aldennen and City Manager.Mayor

Tagged Interests: administrator and manager

City Manager- Honest/lntegrity- Good Listener- Ability/Affability/Availability- Plugged into

Tagged Interests: administrator and manager

participationStrive to have all electric underground by 2024Consider electric vehicles for the

Tagged Interests: electric and Electric Vehicles

city fleet; battery storage and charging stationsWork with Piedmont Gas to develop a time phased

program to offer natural gas toall sections of the city by 2021Work with Brunswick Electric

Tagged Interests: program, electric, and natural gas

represents 58% of the monthlyelectric fee.Review of Last Year's GoalsCity Manager Oakley reviewed

Tagged Interests: electric, administrator, and manager

Harbor/City Dock:Taylor Field:Clean Creeks & WaterwaysUpdate Storm Water ProgramPerformance

Tagged Interests: utility, Utility, program, performance, water, ports, boating, and stormwater

Evaluations;Recognition, Enhancements,IncentivesTraffic Calming DevicesCreate Media Policy and

Tagged Interests: recognition, policy, traffic, and incentive

submit for permitIn process, has funding, ready to go to bid,waiting on resolution with CAMA Attorney

Tagged Interests: rfp, RFP, funding, and legal

stormwater assessment planCompleted & on-goingIn process, being testedCompleted, Tourism Director

Tagged Interests: tourism and stormwater

Infrastructure maintenance/repair, replaceReview system development feesStormwater Master Plan

Tagged Interests: impact fee, development, Development, and stormwater

Waterfront Stabilizationa.b.c.d.City DockShorelineYacht BasinSidewalksParkingPedestrian

Tagged Interests: streets, boating, Pedestrian, and parking

SafetyParks & Recreationa.b.c.Taylor Field ConnectivityCity GymRecreation CenterPlanning

Tagged Interests: planning, parks, and recreation

Issuesa.b.c.d.d.Reasonable Strategic Enforcement Plan, R-O-WOverlay Entry Corridor

Tagged Interests: strategic and corridor

Short Term RentalsCode Enforcement PolicyUDE Update CompletedControl GrowthPreserve Historic

Tagged Interests: historic, rental, policy, short-term rental, codes enforcement, and growth

. 20. Item incorporated in Planning Issues Creative Taxation to Address Tourism Parking Acquire

Tagged Interests: planning, taxes, Taxes, tourism, and parking

106 Acres on Ferry Road for Nature Park Bike/Pedestrian Enhancements Environmental Stewardship

Tagged Interests: streets, Public Transit, environment, parks, ferry, FERRY, Pedestrian, and bicycle

. Event Planner Heritage of Community Funding Support from State Support Strategic Plan for C.I.P. All

Tagged Interests: funding, strategic, and events

Departments Underground Power Lines Street Improvements a. b. Review Policy Paving Alternatives

Tagged Interests: streets, streetscape, and policy

Facility Assessment Schedule Repairs Priority Improve & Strengthen Coordination of Public Safety with

Tagged Interests: facility and public safety

Planning Issues Support Strategic Plan for C.I.P. All Departments Stormwater Master Plan Creative

Tagged Interests: planning, strategic, and stormwater

Taxation to Address Tourism Top Voted Projects Champions: #3 Sharkey & Davis Sharkey Lombardi

Tagged Interests: taxes, Taxes, and tourism

Lombardi Bruce Oakley, City Manager Michele Windham, City Clerk David Fox, Public Works Director

Tagged Interests: Public Works, public works, administrator, and manager

existing flow and growth, and a $26M loan to the City is in place. City Manager Oakley reported

Tagged Interests: administrator, manager, and growth

original design of the county plant expansion, and John Nichols, Brunswick County Utility Director

Tagged Interests: expansion, utility, Utility, and plant

land available at the facility that has been selected for the new plant and disposal. Responding to

Tagged Interests: facility and plant

) at Shallotte would be the site for a new facility to be added and the existing plant has spray

Tagged Interests: facility and plant

not over purchasing capacity. Responding to a query from Alderman Allen, Public Works Director Fox

Tagged Interests: purchasing, Public Works, and public works

significant stom events. Alderman Mosteller pointed out that a subdivision is before the Planning

Tagged Interests: planning, subdivision, and events

would be part of any expansion. He stated the County has determined the growth rates for a 15-20 year

Tagged Interests: expansion, rates, and growth

West Brunswick plant location and Holden Beach, some Shallotte, and Southport would use that facility

Tagged Interests: facility, beach, and plant

, if the County would at some point take over the City's water and sewer systems, if services would

Tagged Interests: sewer, utility, Utility, services, and water

Manager Oakley gave an overview of the history to date, pointed out that new developments pay

Tagged Interests: development, Development, manager, and history

Subdivision, asked if the Board had shelved the idea of building a city plant. Mayor Hatem advised Mr

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, subdivision, and plant

. Hacker asked if impact fees would offset some of the cost. City Manager Oakley stated that new

Tagged Interests: impact fee, administrator, and manager

adopted so that the rates would cover the cost of gorng with the County for sewer service or

Tagged Interests: sewer, utility, Utility, and rates

building a city plant. Alderman Sharkey pointed out that the Board could consider raising new development

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, development, plant, and Development

pays the cost of the 750,000 gallons per day expansion to the Shallotte Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tagged Interests: sewer, expansion, and plant

proposed development of 196 homes would add a 7% increase in the ad valorem taxes. David Fox, Public

Tagged Interests: taxes, Taxes, development, Development, and ad valorem

Services Director, noted that development build out does not happen all at once and the current

Tagged Interests: development, services, and Development


Tagged Interests: Homebuilder and streets

, City Clerk Todd Coring, Police Chief Charles Drew, Fire Chief David Fox, Public Works Director

Tagged Interests: public safety, Public Works, and public works

Resolution, Appreciation of Bruce Oakley Resolution, Recognition of Fire Department Alderman Sharkey

Tagged Interests: recognition and fire departments and districts

, representing Up Your Arts, A non-profit 501c3 entity, updated the Board on the feasibility study

Tagged Interests: nonprofit and arts

History Month events. He stated that the funds raised would be presented to the Food Pantry. Mr. Brayton

Tagged Interests: funding, events, and history

(WMPO), to expand the transportation planning area to include all communities south along the Cape Fear

Tagged Interests: planning and transportation

, expressed appreciation to City Manager Oakley for his service to the City. Referring to a recent

Tagged Interests: administrator and manager

article in the State Port Pilot, Ms. Lin Baker, 4359 Frying Pan Road, expressed her opinion about the

Tagged Interests: payment in lieu of taxes and streets

? Short Term Rentals ? approved Agreement for Professional Services, Hazen and Sawyer ? approved

Tagged Interests: services, rental, and short-term rental

concert with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to develop a vision for enhancements

Tagged Interests: strategic and transportation

service as City Manager has been exemplary through his dedication and commitment, and WHEREAS, City

Tagged Interests: administrator and manager

Fund Balance to nearly 40%, and WHEREAS, City Manager Oakley was an inspiration and greatly

Tagged Interests: administrator and manager

used tires to generate steam and electricity for sale; and WHEREAS, all wastewater and stormwater

Tagged Interests: sewer, sale, STEM, and stormwater

consistent waste stream is difficult to envision; and WHEREAS, bottom ash transport water and stormwater

Tagged Interests: utility, Utility, water, and stormwater

Aldermen that, in the best interest of environmental and public safety for the City of Southport and

Tagged Interests: public safety and environment

to contact property owners and for residents to name the street. Unanimous vote; motion carried. 7

Tagged Interests: streets and property

7. City Pier Solar Lighting Project City Manager Oakley presented a City Pier light replacement

Tagged Interests: beach, ports, administrator, and manager

to approve the project. Unanimous vote; motion carried. 8. Appointment(s) to Parks & Recreation

Tagged Interests: appointments, parks, and recreation

, and Ms. Emma Thomas to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. Unanimous vote; motion carried. 9

Tagged Interests: parks and recreation

the tower sits on is governed by the Parks and Recreation Department, Alderman Sharkey motioned

Tagged Interests: cell tower, Cell tower, parks, and recreation

" to accept donations when it is unknown what the goal is and the cost to rebuild the tower. Vote

Tagged Interests: donation, Donation, cell tower, and Cell tower

Hatem introduced Interim City Manager Chris May, former Executive Director of the Cape Fear Council

Tagged Interests: council, administrator, and manager

Dosher Memorial Hospital for emergency preparedness. 9 Mayor Hatem thanked the State Port Pilot

Tagged Interests: payment in lieu of taxes, hospital, emergency, and healthcare

. Alderman Davis encouraged adoption of pets from the Brunswick County Animal Shelter. Alderman

Tagged Interests: pets and animal control

a strategic land use plan for the Yacht Basin. Alderman Mosteller stated her hope that the Planning

Tagged Interests: planning, strategic, and boating