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Issues discussed this meeting include:

When and Where is the Next Meeting?

Board of commissioners


Monday March 16, 2020 County Administration Building 113 Market Street Louisburg, NC
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6:55 P.M. Season of Prayer Commissioner David Bunn

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7:00 P.M. Official Meeting Begins Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance


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February 17, 2020 Minutes B. Releases, Adjustments, Refunds, and Tax Collection Report C. Resolution for the Continued Use of V.E. Lydia H. Owens Recreational Park D Budget Ordinance Amendment 3 (Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 159-

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15, the County Finance Officer is requesting a budget ordinance amendment in the amount of 54,065.)

No additional detail provided

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This is the time set aside by the Board of Commissioners to allow individuals five minutes to address the Board on issues concerning the county.

PUBLIC HEARING - COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT PLAN Planning Inspections Director Scott Hammerbacher will present the updated Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP). Following a public hearing, the Board will be asked to consider possible approval of the plan. ACTION REQUESTED: Conduct public hearing and consider possible adoption of the county's updated CDP. DOMINION ENERGY: PIPELINE INSTALLATION PRESENTATION Julia Wright, Dominion Energy's Economic Development and Local Government Manager, will present information related to the installation of the natural gas pipeline within Franklin County. ACTION REQUESTED: None.
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The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is asking the Board to consider a resolution in support of the acquisition and development of the S-Line and SA*Line to strengthen an upcoming competitive grant application. Marston Raue, Southeast Corridor Project Manager will make a presentation.

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ACTION REQUESTED: Consider approval of resolution.

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Scott LaVignet Health Director will provide an update.


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The Triangle North Franldin sewer project is complete. This change order is the final adjusting to closeout the project. Change Order 5 increases the final contract price by 47,764 to a total contract price of 1,633,512.73. The scope of the Change Order 5 includes adjusting quantities for open cut and patch asphalt and rock excavation and disposal. The project was funded by an IDF Grant and funding from the Kerr-Tar Regional Economic Development Corporation.

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ACTION REQUESTED: Consider approval of Change Order 5 in the amount of 47,764.

UTILITY ALLOCATIONS The Board is asked to consider the following allocation extension request and ten new requests. The requests were unanimously approved by the Utility Advisory Committee and recommended by staff.
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Allocation Extension - Hadleigh at Cedar Creek to extend their plat recordation date to March 31, 2021; outfall casement access and punch list items is reason for request Allocation Request Ashberry Village Phase IC 2 37 lots Allocation Request Gill Farm Phase 2 50 lots Allocation Request Providence Grande Phase 2 8 lots Allocation Rcqucst Whispering Pines Phasc 2 50 lots Allocation Request Essex Place Phase 3 6 lots Allocation Request Essex Village 18 lots Allocation Request Cedar Crossing Phase 4 5 50 lots Allocation Request Hampton Village Phase 3 48 units Allocation Request Washington Manor 144 units out of the Economic Development allotment

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ACTION REQUESTED: Consider approval of requests.



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Board of Health

The Board is asked to consider the appointment of Michelle Bouchey (veterinarian).

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Historic Preservation Commission

The Board is asked to consider the appointment of Dorothy Cooper.

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Kerr-Tar Workforce Development Board

The Board is asked to consider reappointing Fred Keller (private industry position) for a two-year term.

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Library Board

Commissioner Foy is asked to appoint a representative. OTHER BUSINESS

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NCACC District Meeting (March 19, 2020)

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This is the time set aside for the Board of County Commissioners, the County Manager, and the Clerk to the Board to report on various activities. The Board may also discuss other items of interest.

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The Board is asked to conduct a closed session pursuant to the following North Carolina General Statute:

G.S. 143 318.11 (a) (5) Real Property Purchase/Contracts/Leases

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The Board of Commissioners of Franklin County. North Carolina, met for its Regular Meeting at 7:00 P.M. in the Commissioner's Conference Room located in the County Administration Building with the following Commissioners present; Chairman Sidney E. Dunston, Vice- Chairman Shelley L. Dickerson, Commissioners Cedric K. Jones, Mark Speed, Michael S. Schriver and Harry L Foy,Jr. Commissioner David T. Bunn was absent. Chairman Dunston called the meeting to order and asked the board to consider an addendum to the agenda to include closed sessions pursuant to the following North Carolina General Statutes NCGS 143-318.11(a)(4) Industry/Economic Development NCGS 143, 318.11(a)(3) Attorney Clicnt Privileged Communication Commissioner Jones made a motion to amend the agenda to include NCGS Industry/Economic Development (Item 12). The motion '*vas seconded by Commissioner Speed and duly carried approval with all present voting AYE- Commissioner Schriver made a motion to amend the agenda to include NCGS AttorneyClient Privileged Communication (Item 5). The motion was seconded by Commissioner Jones and duly carried approval with all present voting AYE.

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, legal, economic development, voting, development, Development, communications, and Communications

Chairman Dunston then asked the Board to consider approval of the consent agenda.

Commissioner Jones made a motion to approve the consent agenda. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Speed and duly carried approval with all present voting AYE. The items approved arc as follows.

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February 3, 2020 Minutes B. Releases. Adjustments. Refunds. and Tax Collection Report C. Girl Scout Week Proclamation

Item I C Girl Scout Week Proclamation 2020 WHEREAS, the year 2020 marks the 108th anniversary of Girl Scouts of the USA. the largest and most successful leadership pmgram for girls in the world; and
Tagged Interests: recognition, taxes, and Taxes

WHEREAS. 2020 also rnaxks the centennial of the passage of the Nineteenth Arrrndnrnt. a seminal mortgnt for girls and women in our nation s history; and

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: history

WHEREAS, as the world's ptemiec leadership developrtrnt organization for girls. has emphasized public service, civic engagement, and fostering a sense of community in girls for over a century; and

WHEREAS, Girl Scouts works to champion the ambitions, cultivate the talents. and develop the skills of girls to be leaders in their own world, and in outs, and WHEREAS, Girl Scouts combines time tested, research tncked rtEthods with exciting. rmdem programming that speaks to today's girls and is designed to cater to the strengths of girls' leadership developrrrnt; and WHEREAS. Girl Scouts offers girls 21st century programming in science, technology, engineering, and rmth (STEM). the outdoors; entrepreneurship; and beyond, helping girls doelop invaluable life skills and take the lead early and often, and WHEREAS, the Gold Award Girl Scouts already take on projects that have a measurable and sustainable impact on a community b' first assessing a need, designing a solution, completing a pmject, and inspinng others to sustain it, and February 17.2020 Minutcs 4638 WHEREAS, with mote than 100 years of experience, Girl ScouB lyings a wealth of knowledge to prograrns that deliver girls cornerstone experiences with benefits that last a lifetime; and WHEREAS. today. EMre than 50 million women are Girl Scout alums, and 2 6 million girls and adults are current memlxrs t
Tagged Interests: STEM, Technology, technology, and entrepreneurship

NOW, THEREFORE, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners do applaud the Gitl Scout Movenrnt and Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal mnes for providing girls with a safe, inclusive. all girl space where they can hone their skills and develop leadership abilities. and I declare the second of March to be Girl Scout Week in Franklin County,


This was the time set aside by the Board of Commissioners to allow individuals five minutes to address the Board on issues concerning the county.

Susan Decker, 306 Nortwick Road, Rolesville, NC Mrs. Decker provided a summary of improvements that continue to be made at the

Franklin County Animal Shelter. Rachel Rhoad, 1908 Westcott Road, Raleigh, NC Miss Rhoad shared a video presentation she noted '*vas a school project regarding pet

Tagged Interests: streets, pets, animal control, and education

population and the importance of spaying and neutering animals.

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No additional detail provided

Garry Daeke, Service Promotion/Outrcach Coordinator, updated the Board on services and projects provided to Franklin County families with young children-

No action was requested or taken,
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No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: radio and public safety

Harris Representatives were in attendance to provide an update regarding the Public Safety Radio System.

On January 21. 2020, representatives were given 30 days to report back to the Board with an update on system issues and progress. In January, an issue with mobile radios had been identified since the implementation of Phase 2. Harris reportedly created a fix for the radios that would quickly be deployed at no cost to Franklin County. Harris also promised at that time to introduce an outreach program across all disciplines of emergency response to include education on how to best use the system and to receive feedback from users on the challenges they face with it. Mike Axford (Harris representative) was present. He stated the problem with radio desensitization is unique to VHF in Phase 2 and that Harris had not experienced the issue with other users around the world. He said a fix had been determined and the next stage would be to deploy the remedy and work with end users over the next month or so. The Board shared its disappointment in that Harris was asked to come back within 30 days of it's January 21, 2020 meeting to share the results of a solution that had bccn implemented. Commissioners also expressed their concern in the system for the safety and well being of citizen as communication issues persist. No action was requested or taken.
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The Board was asked to enter into closed session pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 143-318.11 (a)(3) to consult with an attorney employed or retained by the public body in order to preserve the attorneytlient privilege between the attorney and the public body, which privilege is hereby acknowledged. 4639 At approximately 7:43 P.M., Commissioner Speed made a motion to enter into closed session, seconded by Commissioner Jones. The motion carried 5 to l, vv'ith Commissioner Foy voting in opposition. At approximately 8:09 P.M., Commissioner Schriver made a motion to enter back into open session, seconded by Commissioner Jones. The motion duly carried approval with all present voting AYE.

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Chairman Dunston then read the letter (highlighted below) to those in attendance. Commissioner Speed made a motion to read the letter and provide it immediately to Harris Corporation (in care of Michael Hayes) demanding repairs to the system. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Dickerson and duly carried approval with all present voting AYE.

No additional detail provided

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Mr. Michael Hayes 1.3 Harris Corporation

No additional detail provided

221 Jefferson Ridge Parkway Lynchburg VA 24501-6952

Reference: Harris P25 Radio/Paging Project Subject: Defective Radio System Performance
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Dear Mr. Hayes,

On May 7*1, 2018 Franklin County entered Into an Agreement with a 13 Harris (Harris) authorized service provider, Radio Communications Company (RCC) to furnish and install a Project-25 Phase 2 upgrade to the County's then-existing Harris Project-25 Phase 1 communication system. The cost for this Phase 2 conversion was established by Agreement to be 2,492,771. The work was scheduled to be completed within 34.weeks of the Coun /s Notice to Proceed.

Tagged Interests: radio, communications, and Communications

Several implementation delays were encountered, and the County agreed to extend the completion date to accommodate the unanticipated delay in securing new VHF channel assignments from the Federal Communications Commission. In any case, the work was concluded, and County radio users were transitioned onto the Phase 2 configuration on June 19, 2019.

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: radio, boards and commissions, communications, and Communications

Soon after this transition, users observed garbled audio, dropped calls, radio console audio level variations and poor coverage in areas where coverage was previously acceptable. In addition, Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) users complained of distorted audio and poor coverage on the County's one-way simulcast paging system. Prior to the RCC deployment of the Phase 2 upgrade, the County's Fire and EMS paging system was reliable and provided acceptable audio quality and coverage. The work done by RCC to upgrade the Countvs Project-2S trunked radio systems tangentially rendered the Countvs radio paging system nearly unusable.

As Harris is the designer and manufacturer of the Count'/ s radio system and has certified RCC as a reseller and maintenance provider of Harris technology, the County subsequently insisted on Harris' direct involvement in the resolution of these radio performance problems. The Countvs radio users have endured numerous intrusive software updates in Harris' prior attempts to resolve audio defects, coverage defects and related reliability problems. These various changes have failed to resolve the County's radio communication problems and often had resulted in a worsening of field conditions. At the present time, the following functional and operational defects remain:
Tagged Interests: radio, services, performance, emergency, Technology, communications, technology, EMS, poverty, Communications, information technology, and Information Technology


One-Way Paging coverage and audio quality is unstable. Audio distortion is random yet severe. Paging coverage varies, day by day. And, finally, the paging system fails to function in outdoor locations that prior to Harris' cutover in June 2019 functionality was acceptable. Phase 2 trunked radio coverage is markedly degraded as compared to the original Phase I coverage. Most recentty, user agencies have complained of coverage defects in outdoor Louisburg in areas where the prime 911 tower site can be visually observed. Other such coverage anomalies exist throughout the County and are unacceptable.

Tagged Interests: radio, 911, cell tower, and Cell tower

February 17.2020 Minutes


Coverage within Youngsville has degraded since the Phase 2 deployment. This is inexplicable since a tower site was previously located and installed near to Youngsville that, in the original Phase 1 configuration, served to resolve coverage issues.

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: cell tower and Cell tower

Phase 2 simulcast timing parameters are unstable and occasionally self-change, thereby introducing random audio quality anomalies within the radio system. These random anomalies appear to affect both P25 voice and paging operations.

No additional detail provided

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The newly installed primary and secondary P25 network core functionality has been degraded by lost IP data packets. While Harris engineers have collected evidence where the likely cause of this defect is within the microwave backhaul system (which was electronically reconfigured by RCC as part of the Phase 2 work), Harris has failed to resolve the IP data packet issue. As a result, the secondary P25 core is essentially unusable.

The County determined where Harris radios, when placed in proximity to each other, emitted some amount of interference that prevented radio operations (termed: desensitization). Harris has developed hardware and software processes to resolve these issues, but the work has been slow, and users continue to endure degraded radio functionality.

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: radio, information technology, Enhanced 911, and Information Technology

Since the Harris Phase 2 deployment has been so riddled with performance shortfalls, the County directed Harris to return the system temporarily to Phase 1. Yet, the changes made to the configuration to accommodate Phase 2 have had the unintended consequence of degrading Phase 1, to where both modes are unacceptable.

The current state of the Harris P25 radio system here has exposed Franklin County's radio personnel and the CountVs citizenry to an unacceptable level of risk. The Franklin County Board of Commissioners thereby directs Harris as follows:
Tagged Interests: radio, personnel, risk, and performance

By March 2020 Harris shall provide to Franklin County a radio system configuration that fully resolves the issues described explicitly by Items 1-4.

No additional detail provided

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By March 31st, 2020 Harris shall have fully resolved its primary/secondary P25 core issues, Inclusive of any repairs to the microwave subsystem, if required.

No additional detail provided

By April 30b, 2020 Harris will have completed the installation of hardware/software as needed to fully resolve radio desensitization issues with Harris-supplied user radio equipment.

Finally, the quality and timeliness of radio maintenance services by RCC has been inadequate for the County's needs. Harris shall provide remedial P25 radio, microwave and paging system training to its RCC personnel and shall install and verify the functionality of an automatic alarm reporting solution whereby RCC personnel are immediately notified of Harris radio system anomalies. This work shall be completed by April 30*. The above completion dates cited for Items A and B are mandatory and shall not be extended for any reason. If due to the inability of the County to provide user radios to Harris in a quantity sufficient to complete the work by April 15b, the County may consider a Harris request to extend that work's completion date. Otherwise, the completion date for Item C is mandatory. This letter serves as Franklin Countrs Formal Demand Notice for Harris to immediately undertake these remedial tasks. tf the requested steps are not taken by the dates specified, the County will consider other actions. Regards, Sidney E. Dunston Chairman ARCHITECr SELECTION FOR PUBLIC SAFETY ACCESS POINT (PSAP)6. Requests for Qualifications for architectural and engineering services were received for the new PSAP building funded via an NC 911 Board Grant. According to Emergency Communications Director Christy Shearin, a total of eight responses were received. County staff and the consultant reviewed all responses and interviewed three firms. She asked the Board to consider 4641 authorizing staff to negotiate a contract with the most qualified architectural and engineering firm for the new PSAP building and if a contract cannot bc successfully negotiated, staff requested authorization to negotiate with the next most qualified firm. Commissioner Schriver made a motion to authorize staff to negotiate a contract with the mosc qualified architectural and engineering firm for the new PSAP building. If a contract cannot be successfully negotiated, staff requests authorization to negotiate with the next most qualified firm. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Dickerson and duly carried approval with all present voting AYE. VE LYDIA H. OWENS RECREATIONAL PARK/LAND WATER CONSERVATION FUND GRANT (LWCF 37-01045) Planning Inspections Director Scott Hammerbachcr requested authorization from the Board in order to execute deed modifications per requirements of the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. According to Mr. Hammerbacher, per the terms of the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant for the park in the amount of 250,000 a deed restriction is required. Specifically, the grant contract states the following, The Grantee agrees land acquired with Land and Water Consen ation assistance shall be dedicated in perpetuity as a recreation sitc for the use ancl benefit of the public, the dedication will be recorded in the deed of said property and the property may not be converted to other than public recreation use without approval of the Department. The Grantee agrees to maintain and manage Land and Water Conservation assisted development/rcnovation projects for public recreation in perpetuity after project completion. Listed below is the suggested language for the deed modification.

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, planning, grant, equipment, radio, 911, voting, utility, development, personnel, Utility, contract, public safety, services, emergency, water, Conservation, training, parks, Development, communications, property, Communications, information technology, selection, Enhanced 911, Information Technology, and recreation

NOTICE OF LIMITATION OF USE This property has been acquired or developed with Federal financial assistance provided by the National Park Service of the U. S. Department of the Interior in accordance with the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965, as amended, 16 U.S.C. 4601-5 et sec. (1970 ed.). Pursuant to a requirement of that lays'. this property may not be converted to other than public outdoor recreation uses (whether by transfer. sale or in any other manner) without the express '..vritten approval of the Secretary of the Interior. By law, the Secretary shall approve such conversion only if he finds it to be in accord with the then existing comprehensive statewide outdoor recreation plan and only upon such conditions as he deems necessary to assure the substitution of other recreation properties of at least equal fair market value and of reasonably equivalent usefulness and location.

Commissioner Schriver made a motion to authorize deed restrictions in order to maintain the property as a park in perpetuity per grant requirements. Thc motion 'cvas seconded by Commissioner Speed and duly carried approval with all present voting AYE.
Tagged Interests: grant, finance, market, sale, voting, utility, Utility, water, Conservation, parks, property, and recreation


Information Technology Director Coy Floyd and Judicial Department representatives presented details on Courthouse Security Upgrades including a request to provide funding for the upgrades. Judicial Department Representatives included Superior Court Judge John Dunlow, District Court Chief Judge John Davis and Superior Court Trial Court Coordinator Ella Wrenn. Also, in attendance was Joe Duffy representing CourtCaII.

Tagged Interests: funding, legal, security, Technology, technology, information technology, judge, court, and Information Technology

According to Mr. Floyd, the installation of two additional card swipes will control access to the District Attorney's staff area at a cost of 2,743. The CourtCall Remote Appearances video solution will allow electronic transmission of first appearances and courtroom proceedings between the courtroom and the jail facility. The process will enhance security and reduce inmate transports. The use of CourtCall is subject to AOC approval. The annual cost is 7,200 and a two year initial contract term is requested. A one-time cost of 600 will be needed to establish the access point needed for installation. The estimated cost of 10543 will improve overall courthouse security and is supported by the Judicial Department and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: legal, facility, security, contract, public safety, and jail

February 17.2020 Minutes

4642 Judge Davis asked the Board to favorably approve the requestv He stated CourtCall would reduce the number of inmate transfers between the jail and court therefore saving court time as well as increasing safety for the public and transporting officers,
Tagged Interests: legal, judge, jail, and court

Mr. Duffy is a representative of CourtCalI. He provided an overview of how CourtCall ',vorks using laptops in the courtroom and kiosks in the detention center and stated the program is designed to increase safety and reduce costs. He stated the two year contract includes maintenance at an annual cost of 7,200.

Commissioner Schrivcr made a motion to approve funding for the upgrades. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Speed and duly carried approval with all present voting AYE.

Tagged Interests: funding, voting, contract, program, and detention


No additional detail provided


Library. Board Commissioner Foy was asked to appoint a representative. No appointment was made.

Tagged Interests: appointments and library

Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee

Tagged Interests: services and emergency

Commissioner Foy nominated Scott Strickland to serve as his appointee. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Speed and duly carried approval with all present voting AYE.

Tagged Interests: business and voting

NCACC District Meeting (March 199 2020) - Clerk to the Board Kristen G. King encouraged Commissioners to attend the event that will be hosted this year in Franklin County at The Loft on Main in Louisburg.

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Tagged Interests: manager

This wtas the time set aside for the Board of County Commissioners, the County Manager, and the Clerk to the Board to report on various activities. The Board may also discuss other items of interest.

County Clerk Kristen G. King: Mrs. King asked the Board to consider a date on which to conduct a budget retreat. The Board tentatively scheduled the session for Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 3pm. Commissioner Foy: No comments were offered. Commissioner Bunn: No comments were offered. Commissioner Dickerson: No comments were offered. Commissioner Schriver. No comments were offered. Commissioner Jones: No comments were offered. Commissioner Speed: No comments were offered. Commissioner Dunston: No comments veere offered. County Manager Angela L Harris: Mrs. Harris commented on the following: Mrs. Harris stated the Franklin County Aging Department is working with the Kerr-Tar Agency on Aging to develop a new regional Aging Plan for 2020-2024. She said surveys are being conducted that will help guide priorities and help plan for future Aging 4643 services. The new plan will address the needs of aging adults. caregivers. and person living with disabilities in our county. Mrs. Harris stated the Franklin County Health Department continues to educate the
Tagged Interests: health, budget, services, administrator, and manager

public regarding the Coronavirus. She said the department is encouraging citizens to

take the same preventative measures as with the flu and stated there arc no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in North Carolina at this time.
Tagged Interests: coronavirus


The Board was asked to enter into closed session pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 143-318.11 (a)(4) Industry Economic Development. At approximately 8:42 P.M.. Commissioner Schriver made a motion to enter into closed session, seconded by Commissioner Speed. The motion carried 5 to l, with Commissioner Foy voting in opposition. At approximately 9:08 P.M., Commissioner Schrivcr made a motion to enter back into open session, seconded by Commissioner Jones. The motion duly carried approval with all present voting AYE. No action was taken as a result of closed session. At approximately 9:09 P.M., Commissioner Schriver made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Commissioncr Speed. The motion duly carried approval with all present voting AYE.

Tagged Interests: economic development, voting, development, and Development

Sidney E. Dunston, Chair Kristen G. King, Clerk to the Board

4644 (blank page) r Wtlon TO: FROM: DATE: ITEM I-B

County of Franklin Office of Tax Collector

North Carolina MEMORANDUM Franklin County Commissioners Daniel Williams, Tax Administrator
Tagged Interests: taxes, Taxes, and administrator

SUBJECT: Releases, Adjustments, Refunds, and Tax Collection Rate

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: taxes and Taxes

Please review and approve the February adjustments, refunds, and collection rate.

Total release amount for February 2020 - 0.00 (Total release amount for February 2019 - 4,972.33) Total adjustment amount for February 2020 12,936.82 (Total adjustment amount for February 2019 - 0.00) Total refund amount for February 2020 - 243.24 (Total refund amount for February 2019 - 4,634.37)

Total NCVTS refund amount for February 2020 - 4,588.75 (Total NCVTS refund for February 2019 - 4,853.68)

The 2019 Franklin County collection as of February 29, 2020 95.65 (The 2018 Franklin County collection as of February 28.2019 -- 93.78 ) Please do not hesitate to contact the Tax Collector's Office if more detailed information is desired.
Tagged Interests: taxes and Taxes

Daniel A. Williams

Franklin County Tax Administrator

Tagged Interests: taxes, Taxes, and administrator

P.O. Box 503 / 215 East Nash st Louisburg, NC 27549

No additional detail provided

Telephone: (919) 496-2172 Fax: (919) 496- 1630


x z z nklin ountyNORTH CARC.'NA A Research Triangle Region Connnunity ITEM I-c Board of County Commissioners

113 Market Street Louisburg, NC 27549

Phone: 919.496.5994 Fax: 919.496.2683
Tagged Interests: market and streets


Tagged Interests: parks and recreation

WHEREAS, Franklin County purchased the former Bull Creek Golf Course property in Cedar Rock and Louisburg townships, Franklin County for the purpose of creating a public park, and

WHEREAS, the County applied for and was granted a Land and Conservation Fund Grant to assist with the purchase and establishment of the park; and

Tagged Interests: grant, Conservation, purchasing, parks, property, and golf

WHEREAS, as a condition of receiving said grant, the County agreed to establish the park and dedicate in perpetuity as a recreation site for the use and benefit of the general public; and

WHEREAS, the park has been acquired and developed with Federal assistance provided by the National Park Service of the U.S. Department of the Interior in accordance with the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965, as amended; that as a requirement for said assistance, the County agreed that the park property would not be converted to any other activity or purpose than as a public outdoor recreation facility without the express written approval of the Secretary of the Interior, it being understood that the Secretary could only approve such conversion if he finds that such conversion was in accord with then existing comprehensive statewide outdoor recreation plans and conditions, and then only upon such conditions as he deemed necessary to assure the substitution of other recreation property had at least equal fair market value and had reasonable equivalent usefulness and location; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners that the V.E. and Lydia H. Owens Recreational Park has been established in accord with the above stated requirements and does hereby dedicate the V.E. and Lydia H. Owens Recreational Park in perpetuity as a recreational site for the general public; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution shall be posted at the park and recorded in the Franklin County Registry as a restrictive covenant requiring that the use of the property known as the V.E. and Lydia H. Owens Recreational Park be restricted for the recreational use and benefit of the public in perpetuity.
Tagged Interests: grant, facility, market, utility, Utility, water, Conservation, parks, property, and recreation

ADOPTED this the 16th day of March, 2020.

Kristen G. King, Clerk Sidney E. Dunston, Chairman

ITEM I-D Office of Finance Jamie Holtman

Director AIL
Tagged Interests: finance

BE IT ORDAINED bv the Board of Corm ssioners of the Countv of Franklin, North Carolina, that pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 159 15, the followina amendment be de to the annual budget ordinance for the fiscal vear endina June 30, 2020.

(25, 000) 14,250 16, 674 20, 620 12, ooo 54,065 20,620 54,065 ecuatw C 5zan Cin 113 Market Street Louisburg, North Carolina 27549 Telephone: 919-496-3182

Tagged Interests: ordinance, market, streets, and budget

Fax: 919-496-2683

BUDGET ORDINANCE NDENT 3 Section 1. additional changes in additional additional Department additional

Tagged Interests: ordinance and budget

To amend the General Fund to recoanize funds received from NC Division of Soil Water, DSS funding from NC Department of Health and Hunan Services, funding for Health Department from NC Farriily Planning Program, grant funds received for the Sheriff Department from the NC of Public Safety, To amend the Federal DEA Fund to recognize DEA State Funds received in addition to Federal Funds

received in previous fiscal year and not spent. Exoenditures Soil Water Travel and Training DSS Low Income Home Energy Assistance DSS Crisis Intervention Health - Medical SuDD1ies Sheriff-NCDPS PROJ012781 DSS- Duke Energy Proaress Project Share Eauioment State Funds Eauioment Federal Funds Revenues NC Division of Soil Water DSS Crisis/LIEAP DSS Duke Energy Progress Energy State Familv Planning NCDPS PROJOi2781 Federal DEA Fund Balance DEA State Funds
Tagged Interests: duke energy, drugs, planning, funding, grant, health, recognition, travel, utility, Utility, public safety, services, program, water, electric, natural gas, training, and energy

Section 2 . Copies of this amendment Clerk of the Board of Com nissioners, Finance Officer for their direction.

Tagged Interests: finance

Ad0Dted this 16th dav of March 2020.

Account 10-606-0141 10-612-0351 10-612-0350 10-592-0340 10-510-0432 10-612-0420 41-510-1355 41-510-0355 Total Account 10-385-0700 10-377-0010 10-377-0011 10-379-0220 10-358-0042 41-399-0000 41-348-0000 Total s

Amount of Increase

605 386

nount of Increase

605 (10,750)

14,530 12 000 shall be furnished to the the Budaet Officer, and the

Chairman of the Board of Countv Corm-issioners

Franklin County Commissioner's Agenda Information Sheet

Meeting Date: March 16, 2020 attachment (s)

Item: Comprehensive Development Plan

Initiated by: Planning Inspections Department
Tagged Interests: planning, development, and Development

Action proposed: Consider approval of the Comprehensive Development Plan.

Is a public hearing needed? Yes Summary ofRequest:Staff has been working with McGill Associates for the past year in order to update the County's Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) which was last updated in November of 2000. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to identify a desired vision for the County's future, identify community priorities, and articulate strategies to address community priorities. The Comprehensive Development Plan is anticipated to be a key policy and action document for the County, to be used by staff, government agencies, economic development entities, elected officials, boards and commissions, developers, property owners, and residents as a guide for future land use development, capital investments, and growth management decisions over the next 20 years and beyond. Funding for this endeavor was appropriated as part of this year's budget. The entire CDP can be found at the following link inspections/comprehensive-development-plan. Staff has included for your review recommendations set forth in the draft plan to help steer development in a desired manner for the next two decades pending adoption. The critical element of the CDP will be implementation of recommendations in order to create predictability for forthcoming development while enhancing quality of life for residents. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: O APPROVED O DENIED ACTION: DATE: 1.0
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Reaiiliff The Path Forward

With the vision for the future set, Franklin County can turn its attention to making that vision a reality. The policies recommendations and related implementation strategies provided herein create a roadmap to manage growth and guide development over the next 20 years, helping Franklin County achieve the community- supported goals. While some recommendations acknowledge and build on current efforts, others are intended to guide the County and put it on a clear path toward its desired fut re. Section 4: Realizing the Vision Visioo A roadmap for he next
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years DRAFT

No additional detail provided

Governance, Leadership Management (GLM) Work in partnership with local,Allocate resources to ensureGLM I -

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plan implementation efforts are regional, state and federal agencies to be prepared and accomplish moreadequately supported with limited resources

As needed, increase staff in various County departments to address the expanding set of responsibilities the County will assume over the next two decades as growth continues. Consider funding positions for additional staff needed for zoning applications, plan review, the issuance of permits and inspections. By increasing staff to perform short-range planning functions and ensure regulatory compliance, other staff can be devoted to long-range planning and implementation of the CDP. Facilitate inter-departmental, pre-budget meetings to discuss increased cost of services related to growth.

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Attend and/or host meetings of entities with shared concerns about growth. Through regular discussions, elected and appointed leaders can get better acquainted, have an open dialog about anticipated opportunities and issues, and with advice from leaders in other parts of the Triangle Region, explore options for a unified approach to managing growth. Identify opportunities to work with other entities to take advantage of available funding. Various entities across the county, the Research Triangle and the state are competing for the same resources. Recognizing opportunities to work together to accomplish similar or complementary goals, the County should pursue and share resources through proactive coordination and collaboration. Identify grants as well as potential partners,

including the municipalities and Kerr-Tar Council of Government, with whom joint efforts would strengthen applications and increase the likelihood of receiving the grants.
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DRAFT FranldInNext I evelcpement

Regional Collaboration get ready

GASTON A Forum on Preparing for Growth

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Regionalmeetings that bring community leaderstogether can be an effective way to share concerns and ideas and otherwise build hetworks foh better regional collaboration. F r example, Get Ready Gaston, a half-day orum held

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. in, 2017*i brought togetherovers elec edv officials, city managers, planners, an economic -development professionals' to disc sshhe challenges of groWth. and how to mqnage, change Tort positive outcomes. According tb the Montcross Area Chamber of Commerce, the objective ofrthe forum was fo help elected officials government administrators, planning' professionals and community leaders become bettet nformed about and prepare-for the impact of growth. as Charlotte expands to the west. The even featured speakers from neigh>orihg counties that have experienced rapid growth in recenf years as

Gaston County leade specidlizing. in the areas of .transportation, water and sewerutilities and schools. Section 4: Realizlng the Vision GLM 3 Strive for consistency across all policy documents to ensure cohesion and predictability in decision making. Evaluate, and update plans adopted plans to align the recommendations of each with the Comprehensive Development Plan. As with any growing community, circumstances are continually changing and reliance upon clear policy guidance becomes more crucial. In establishing a path forward, this CDP sets forth goals and objectives that are supported by policy recommendations and implementation strategies. Through the lens of the CDP, all other adopted plans should be evaluated to identify and remedy inconsistencies. Clear, consistent guidance minimizes confusion, reinforces commitment to the CDP, builds investor confidence. and strengthens County leaders' abilities to make sound, 75 informed decisions. GLM 4 Update regulatory tools to facilitate plan implementation Review the County Code of Ordinances to determine changes needed to remove or amend provisions that are in conflict with the intent of the policies recommended in the CDP. Strengthen the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), which is one of the most effective tools to employ in implementing the CDP. (Refer to other sections of this Part 4 for specific recommendations for minor amendments.) In the short term, conduct an initial assessment based on the recommendations of the COP,
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and amend the UDO to address issues that are impeding efforts to respond to current market conditions and efficiently manage available County resources.

Rewrite the UDO (Appendix A in the Code of Ordinances) to accomplish the following: Consistency with the updated Section 153A of the General Statutes of North Carolina; Ease of use, as successful compliance requires a format that facilitates logical navigation as well as administration by County officials; Modernization of the language. particularly terminology related to newer land uses, types of 2.3.aowuoputNT 2-25 :oec . LOGO 2-26
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-Z 1.R.*4 .:


Text should be nested with a clear hierarchy and 3 labelling system-to make the code easy to navigate and cite. Dynamic headers 0 and footers orient readers to where they are in the coder Now charts are helpful for conveying code processes, such as - application submittal and review.

A heavily-illustrated. code is, a user-friendly code. Modern codes include mix of graphic types, including plan ' views, elevations, and annotated photographs. These different graphic types are unified. through a common color scheme and -labelling convention so that they feel coherent. FrankllnNext I businesses and industry, construction techniques, and development styles and practices: and Objective standards with an emphasis on flexibility to encourage creative solutions and support the use of best practices, clarity for a higher level of predictability, design to achieve improvements in development quality and mitigate negative impacts on assets (i.e., natural and cultural resources, agriculture, and existing neighborhoods), and achieving the desired development pattern reflected in the Future Land Use and Conservation Map. Approach the rewrite using a two-step process: Assess the UDO. Expand on the initial work and conduct a thorough assessment of the UDO. Produce a critique of the UDO that lays the groundwork for the rewrite.

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Based on the recommendations presented in the critique and approved by the County, produce a revised UDO.

ARDCLG 1't.2 asg ast2
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o O 100

IJse of summary tables with finks to referenced sections assists with understanding and application of the code, especially among infrequent Users such as homeowners. Tables can afso contain graphics and examples ot preferred development or landscaping configuration alongside relevant standards, as shown here:

Section 4:
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Land Use and Development Design (LU) LU - Direct growth toward places where development can be supported by existing and planned infrastructure and warranted by market demand.

Considera combination of regulations and incentives to guide development to the following areas: Four municipalities: Bunn, Franklinton, Louisburg and Youngsville. These towns, which are the historic centers of commerce in the County, are making investments intended to attract people of all ages. Future population growth in the County Should be concentrated in these incorporated areas where higher development intensity, a greater mix of uses are sound planning strategies, and where the provision of infrastructure and amenities is more feasible. (Refer to LU 2 for more specific recommendations.) Unincorporated areas of the County, particularly within the portion that lies south of the Tar River: The edges of municipalities (i.e., the extraterritorial jurisdictions of the towns) where the corporate limits will likely be expanded over time as voluntary annexations occur in conjunction with fogical extensions of municipal public infrastructure. (Refer to LU 2 for more specific recommendations.) Key nodes where a mix of commercial and higher density residential uses can be located within walkable distances of each other and with reasonable access to major highways. Such nodes are identified on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map and described in Part 3. (Refer to LU 3 for more specific recommendations.) Areas that are deemed highly suitable for future development due to few environmental constraints, the availability of infrastructure capacity, and other factors. The Future Land IJse and Conservation Map delineates several areas where future residential, commercial, and industrial uses could be supported. Each are described in Part 3. (Refer to LU 4, LU 5, LU 6 and LU 7 for more specific recommendations.) Lake Royale, while not a municipality, consists of over I ,000 residential structures and 2.000 multi-use parcels across 3,000 acres of land surrounding a 345-acre lake. The community is not developed to capacity and may benefit from development standards moving forward. 78

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DRAFT Cornplehenswe l)evelopernent Plan FranklinNext

LU 2 Encourage growth within and near the municipalities in accordance with their respective adopted land use (or comprehensive) plans. Promote the towns as the centers of activity and, in doing so, support each town's efforts to grow and diversify. Recognize the towns as the appropriate centers of commerce, education, culture, recreation

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and entertainment, and encourage uses that serves as anchors and development catalysts to locate within the towns.

No additional detail provided

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Reinforce these centers by investing in them. Maintain existing and locate new county facilities. such as government offices, schools, and libraries, within the towns.

Restrict gross development density in the unincorporated areas. While the net density of development in key mixed-use nodes and employment centers may be high to create synergy between complementary land uses and the necessary vibrancy for SUCCeSS, the overall intensity of development in the county should be generally lower. Relative to the towns, the allowable development density and availability of public utilities in the county should be low enough to make annexation into the towns more attractive. Continue to align the County's policies with those of the municipalities to ensure appropriate development activity gravitates to the towns. Amend and adopt utility policies that make annexation into the closest town for services the logical and feasible choice. Section 4: Realizing the Vision DRAFT LU 3 - Enhance and promote the Triangle North Executive Airport (TNEA)/Triangle North Franklin Business Park area as an accessible, modern employment center Reimagine the business park. Modern employment centers are being constructed to include a mix of uses and amenities that enhance the workplace environment. A better quality of life for employees during the workday is provided through access to food (restaurants on site), access to services (dry cleaners, daycare, hair and nail salons, etc.), and opportunities for recreation (trails for exercise and open space in various forms for passive recreation and access to nature). Consider reinventing the business park to be more than a nonresidential subdivision. Instead, accommodate a system of open space that is not only an amenity but supplements the street network with facilities that improve connectivity. In addition, define centers of activity within the park where open space (greens and plazas), framed by buildings, support activity and collaboration.

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Develop an illustrative, conceptual master plan, taking into consideration the airport Master Layout Plan. Building on the concept in the comprehensive plant the master plan should reflect the design principles established and contemplate the following:

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Mix of uses Amenities, including a system of public and publicly accessible spaces

Streetscape Circulation for multiple modes
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Connections to the airport terminal and surrounding development Establish design principles to guide decisions pertaining to the creation of a competitive employment center on land adjacent to the airport property.

Maintain flexibility in the subdivision of land to accommodate investor interests while adhering to the design principles exhibited by the master plan. Prepare design guidelines for development within the business park that, at a minimum, address the siting and orientation of buildings, parking, building facade articulation, site landscaping, and on-site amenities (types, accessibility, furnishings, etc.). Amend the UDO to ensure development standards are not in conflict with the design guidelines set forth for the business park and airport. Consider a smalt area plan for the airport area. Through a small area planning process, a closer examination of the airport with planned improvements and a new concept for the business park should reveal appropriate transitions to neighboring development, opportunities for the integration of housing in close proximity to the jobs created there, the necessary infrastructure improvements required to expedite the desired changes, and a possible framework for open space that supports a trail network and passive recreation while offering protections for natural resources, Cascine Plantation, and DeHart Botanical Gardens. Utilize the products of the area planning process to augment the recommendations of the CDP Suburban office parks today are depressing and life-sucking places to spend eight hours a day. But turning them into mixed-use developments... make the SUbUrbS more livable and ensure that residents don't have to travel all overthe place
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to do the things they want-eat, shop, go to a movie, etc. Source: Fast Company https .// office-parks-into.mixed use-destinations

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Comprehensive Developement Plan,

Small Area Plans

Small area planning affords the County an opportunity to take a closer look at a specific sub-geography and examine the physical* features, ownership, planned improvements, and potential changes at a level of detail that cannot be explored during a comprehensive planning process. Having identified some key areas of growth and public investments to catalyze such growth, a logical next step is the preparation of plans that give additional direction: to County leaders as well as private investors. The Triangle North Executive Airport is at the heart of one such key area that should be the subject of additional planning and conceptual design.

The area outlined on this conceptual plan delineates the actual business park that is on the west side of the airport. To relate future development to the airport and establish complementary relationships while avoiding air traffic obstructions, the area plan should consider the land that lies west of this site (to US 40)) as well as areas south and east of the airport.

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Section 4: The Future of Franklin County

DRAFT Lustration b 81

and market the area to potential employers and other future occupants targeted. Provide initial infrastructure and services to increase the appeal and competitiveness of the airport and the business park among preferred destinations in the region. Consistent with the master plan for

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reinvention of the business park, invest in an entry to the business park that includes the first phase of an amenity area, which can be a common green space that overlooks the existing pond. The green space should be set up to become the element around which buildings are organized. (Refer to the conceptual perspective illustration, Figure 7.) This initial investment should function as a market window, a physical place to bring potential investors. This on-the-ground exposure to the amenities helps convey

the experience future occupants of the employment center will enjoy. Prepare marketing materials to communicate the opportunity to potential investors. Information made available through the County's and the EDC's websites as well as printed collateral should feature the conceptual master plan as well as site- specific information. In addition, details about amenities, programmed activities, adjacent housing, and other features should be published as they become available. Program events to increase utilization of the public space(s) created and the enhance the experience of the visitors and employees. For example, a food truck rodeo along with musical performances on weekends will meet the demand for food service in advance of restaurants being integrated into the array of uses in permanent structures and, at the same time, help activate the public spaces. This type of programming may help expedite the
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FranklinNext I Cotnptehensive Developeenent PlanDRAFT

introduction of the pface to potential investors.

LU 4 Promote the area along NC 56 West as a competitive industrial employment center.
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Prepare an area plan that defines the appropriate manner for locating industrial, office. institutional, and residential uses the area designated as Industrial Innovation District along NC-56. Over the long term, the access to 1-85, US-I, and US-64 that an improved NC-56, in combination with NC- 39 and NC-98, can provide makes this area an attractive location for job-generating uses. The area's location, situated near Louisburg, Franklinton and Youngsville, adds to the attractiveness, as opportunities for future employees to live, shopt play etc. in these nearby towns. The area plan should

Include a conceptual illustration depicting the potential arrangement of various USes, Retain existing industry and allow for the expansion of such operations provided the less intense uses serve as a buffer to adjacent development; Locate opportunity sites for a business incubator and/or industrial accelerator; Consider agriculture-related industry (i.e., manufacturing or technology businesses focused in the agricultural processes) to bolster existing agricultural operations; Define the appropriate location and configuration of residential and commercial development to create an industrial village within the district so homes, services, and restaurants are located within a reasonable distance of jobs; Delineate potential road and greenway linkages that create positive connections between uses and to adjacent towns of Louisburg and Franklinton; and Consider the proximity of the VGCC, as the location of the institution offers easy access to workforce training programs. VGCC, which is an asset that could make this area more attractive to potential employers recruited to this part of Franklin County, should be physically and programmatically tied to the overall development pattern.

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- Rural areovlso hcve Oslightladvantageeovertheir metro cou terpart irvihe rate of(suOstantive iinnovafion by hey most Innovative firms/thosa thaffare

ruravareas tends tov be. a product. of, patent-intensive manufacturing imindustriesftikefchemicats, electronics, and automotive ortmedicai equipment, while urban creas in services:' -.kCitVlabi 7 the Future of Franklin County* Utilize the products of the area planning process to augment the recommendations of the CDP and market the area to potential employers and other future occupants targeted. Concentrate commercial of theoutsidedevelopment municipalities in key nodes.
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Direct commercial development toward areas where the existing or planned infrastructure can support it. Most future commercial development in the County is intended to occur primarily in the key nodes designated as Community Center, 'i Neighborhood Centert Rural Center, and Rural Crossroads as well as Municipal Center on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map. Amend the UDO to create a set of mixed*

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use districts that reflect the intended mix of Uses, area (general acreage based on service area), and density described for the four place types. (Refer to the descriptions in Part 3.)

LU 6 Support the development and redevelopment of land to promote job growth. In areas designated as Industrial on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map, support the by-right use of industrially zoned land to accommodate new industrial development as well as the expansion of existing businesses. Support the creation of job-generating uses and support services in areas designated as Employment Campus on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map. These areas may include office and institutional uses. LU 7 Enhance development quality along the major highway corridors. As corridor studies are being conducted.ib consider access management, particularly along US-I and US-401 , consider expanding the scope of such studies to include an assessment of the overall quality of the corridors. The quality of development along major highways, especially those that serve as the County's front doors, shape the impressions people form as they enter the county and can influence perceptions and, more importantly, investment decisions. By ensuring a high level of quality, the County can put its best foot forward and send the right message to prospective employers, future residents, and others considering a relocation to Franklin. In addition to mobility improvements, the corridor studies should examine the following: Streetscape, particularly consistency of street trees (i.e., tree selection, placement/ spacing pattern), visual relief provided through simplicity of landscape design and/or breaks in hardscape with vegetation (reduces glare), visibility with strategic placement of plantings and lighting Architecture building scale, orientation, facade articulation, quality of materials, etc. Accessibility-navigation to key anchors and destinations, which involves a thoughtful approach to circulation, reinforced by wayfinding, landscaping, and lighting Signs and the visual impact of them Location and screening of parking mised Use COmm1.J0iM ' Offbes Amend the UDO to address a higher level of design standards based on the recommendations of the corridor studies. The amendments could include the introduction of corridor overlay districts to clearly define the areas to which such standards would be limited.
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LU 8 Support residential development.

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Encourage a broader range of housing choices. (Refer to the Housing section that follows.) Direct residential development toward areas where the existing or planned infrastructure can support it. Most future residential development in the County is intended to occur primarily in the areas designated as i'Suburban Residential and Municipal Center on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map.

Amend the residential zoning districts in the UDO to create a set of districts that reflect the intended density and composition described for the four residential place types. (Refer to the descriptions in Part 3.) Consider design standards that accommodate the following: A variety of lot sizes (area, width and depth) Accessory structures, including accessory dwelling units Attached single-family dwellings in one or more districts The mixture of housing products within a single neighborhood to foster multigenerational living and age-in-place options.
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Develop location criteria for the application of the new districts and consider amendments to the Official Zoning Map in accordance with the criteria. Such amendments may be initiated by the County. However, map amendments are more likely in conjunction with the approval of rezoning applications submitted by developers and/or property owners (or ownerst agents). Therefore, the criteria should be included in the UDO and inform decisions regarding rezoning applications.

Improve the quality of future residential development. Improve the design of streets and amenities within neighborhoods. In establishing standards, take into consideration the intended uses, ages and abilities of various users, scale, potential programming, comfort, and safety. Encourage architectural design that enhances the character of neighborhoods and the county as a whole. Offer guidance to builders and developers in the form of design guidelines that can be made available on the County's website to address the design of structures (materials, facade articulation, etc.), their relationship to public streets, and the placement and scale of garages, accessory structures, etc. Two examples of communities providing similar guidance are the Town of Nags Head and Catawba County ( UDO/DesignManual.pdf). Bring open space to the forefront and establish open space standards that enhance the quality Large Lot Residential Medium Lot Residential Small Lot Residential Mixed Residential FranklInNext IDRAFT

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, planning, development, zoning, materials, Development, property, UDO, and neighborhood

of new development. Amend the UDO to update open space requirements in new subdivisions. Increase the amount of open space required. Supplement area requirements with specific criteria to be met in the delineation oi and

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: development, subdivision, Development, and UDO

improvements to the open space set aside: Define the types of open space that can be counted toward meeting the requirements.

including the types to which the Franklin County community assigns a natural resource value; Describe the appropriate locations of required open space to ensure the green neWvork is contemplated at the design stage and well-integrated as an amenity within the community; Establish the minimum percentage of the total that should be improved for passive and Green space creates value. Like homes adjacent to golf courses decades ago, housing facing green space commands higher prices, Section 4: The Future of Franklin County DRAFT
Tagged Interests: golf and housing

active recreation: and Establish design standards for each open space area provided to ensure the intended use(s) can be supported.

Mitigate the potential impacts of new residential development on surrounding areas. Encourage a graduated approach to development density. Support higher density close to municipalities, and lower densities closer to rural, agricultural and conservation areas. Facilitate conservation design. (Refer to explanation in Part 3.) In comparison to the conventional

Tagged Interests: rural, agriculture, development, Conservation, Development, and recreation

subdivision design option, make the conservation design option equally or more attractive Amend the Cluster Development provisions in the UDO to:

Make the process more predictable. Consider application requirements and review procedures that are not more onerous than those associated with conventional subdivision

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approvals. Allow the two options by right, subject to administrative approval.

Provide incentives in the form of a density bonus, design flexibility, etc. For the density bonus, allow the use of the density limits of the underlying zoning and the gross
Tagged Interests: zoning and incentive

acreage of the site to calculate the maximum number of dwelling units permitted. Consider an increase in the maximum number of units in accordance with a sliding scale: with more open space set aside, permit an increase in the total units. (Note: The overall maximum number of lots, regardless of the amount of open space set aside, will be determined by the combination of the following: minimum lot size and other standards, infrastructure requirements, and environmental constraints, applicable state and federal regulations.) Allow alternative design standards for

Streets. provided such streets adhere to minimum public street design standards, Lot configuration, and Lot frontage.
Tagged Interests: regulation, streets, zoning, and environment

Establish standards that ensure the creation of meaningful open space. The delineation and configuration of open space set aside in new development to meet open space requirements should take into consideration the relatianship to surroundings. Thoughtfully designed, the resulting open space could serve as both a buffer and an amenity.

Buffer new development from natural resources and agriculture to further protect the integrity of each. FrankWnNexi Convehen;iveDRAFT Raise awareness of the VAD/EVAD program and the location of the district boundaries. (Refer to the Agriculture section that follows.) LU 9 Protect the relatively undeveloped areas of the County and other assets from the impacts of urbanization. Limit development in areas designated as Rural on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map, particularly north of the Tar River where attributes that contribute to the character of the County should remain intact. Amend the UDO to limit allowable densities to those described in Part 3. Amend utility policies to limit water and sewer service in these areas. (Refer to Infrastructure Utilities section.) Protect the agricultural areas that are currently viable, are participating jn the Present Use Value Program, are part of the Voluntary Agriculture Districts, are qualified agritourism exemption properties, and/or have the potential to be used for agricultural purposes in the future. They are designated as Agriculture on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map. (Refer to Agriculture section.) Amend the UDO to balance the needs of the agriculture community with the desire to minimize encroachment of incompatible development. Limit uses and allowable densities to those described in Part 3. Permit some uses that help farming operations remain viable, including the following:

Tagged Interests: rural, sewer, agriculture, utility, development, Utility, program, water, Conservation, watershed, Development, encroachment, and UDO

Temporary uses Seasonal Uses (i.e., Christmas tree sales)

Agriculture-support uses Rural businesses, such as small engine repair, accounting services, hair styling, etc. Establish performance standards to mitigate the potential impacts of various Uses, such as noise, outdoor storage, truck traffic, etc. Direct development away from environmentally sensitive areas which are encompassed by areas designated as Conservation l and Conservation 2 on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map. (Refer to Open Space and Natural Resource section.) Direct development away from historic and culturally significant sites. Such properties are included in the areas designated as Conservation l on the Future Land Use and Conservation Map. Using the County's inventory of historic sites as a starting point, map- or identify the range of properties that should be buffered from future development if not sensitively integrated into development.

Tagged Interests: rural, business, sites, sale, agriculture, development, historic, transportation, services, performance, Conservation, trees, Development, noise, and traffic

Create development standards that prioritize conservation of these important assets in the delineation of permanent open space. Establish a density bonus to reward those who exceed such standards in an effort to preserve significant sites recognized by the NC State Historic Preservation Office (NC SHPO) and Franklin County's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

Sectlon 4: The Future of Frankijn County

DRAFT 89 Housing (HS) HS Diversify housing options.
Tagged Interests: housing

Develop housing strategies that include higher density building located along existing utility lines and transportation corridors to increase the viability of transit services and to minimize cost of service expansion. Review and update the zoning ordinance and map to effectively expand types of 'housing development and allow for seamless zoning transition. Advocate for aging in place strategies in new development that allows people to transition within as they age. Promote mixed-generational neighborhoods.

Promote 2nd floor/loft housing in mixed use development in existing town centers Research viable locations that could support mixed use development Update design and building standards to encourage senior-friendly housing products maintain rural character This duplex has the appearance of a single-family home. The two This granny flat (accessory dwelling unit, or ADU) is architecturally meters on the front comer are the only features that reveal the coordinated with and neatly lucked behind the home (principat actual number of units within. The accessory unit above the garage structure). brings the total number to three.

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, rural, ordinance, expansion, utility, development, Utility, zoning, transportation, services, Development, corridor, neighborhood, and housing

FrankllnNext I Compiehensive Developerneni PlanDRAFT

HS 2 Stabilize neighborhoods by facilitating investment in underutilized properties.

Tagged Interests: investment and neighborhood

..Promote infill development. Encourage accessory dwelling

units. which are permitted by right. Clarify standards for mufti-family lot sizes to accommodate a variety of acceptable configurations.
Tagged Interests: development and Development

HS 3 Reduce competition for land for nonresidential development. Review/update zoning ordinance

and map in order to more effectively direct and encourage desired residential housing development away from key commercial sites. The: SINGLE-FAMILY ATTACHED OR DUPLEXES TOWNHOUSES COMMON OPEN SPACE SINGLE-FAMILY DETACHED OR PATIO HOMES The mix ofresiden tial types helps create a multigenerational neighborhood and supports aging in place. Source: City ot TX
Tagged Interests: ordinance, sites, development, zoning, Development, commercial, neighborhood, and housing

S5uer: Re den gi in6S

Economic Development (ED) Economic Development is vital for the County's future. Moving forwa?d, the County witl need fo attract and retain a variety of businesses and industry to provide a robust and diverse economic base and employment opportunities for residents.

7.3 ' CREATE Ofe ensi e ED 1 - Work conjunctively with the Franklin County Economic Development Commission (EDC) to diversify the economic base through heritage, cultural, and agricultural tourism opportunities. Marketing the assets of the County will be important. While there is a great attraction to the proximity of the Research Triangle, and it can be a draw, the County is not close enough to the heart of the technology business locations to be competitive if urban amenities are required. Some businesses that support technology businesses, however, may benefit from the proximity and appreciate the lower cost and availability of land in Franklin County. Marketing of the County needs to highlight unique aspects of the County, in addition to the proximity to the Research Triangle,
Tagged Interests: business, market, economic development, boards and commissions, agriculture, development, tourism, employment, Technology, Development, and technology

Embrace Franklin County's rural charm, agrarian history, location in the Triangle Region as catalyst for revitalization, growth and economic development Encourage the development of retail and restaurants that are locally based Provide flexibility for rural businesses- continue to support home-based businesses; explore broadband options that will maximize the ability for residents to work from home Support entrepreneurship and new businesses that diversify the local economy and capitalize on the unique assets of Franklin County Review and revise as needed land use regulations to support economic development Reinforce towns as residential and commercial centers of the County Work with the EDC to maintain an up-to-date online inventory of available properties for large- scare employment, economic development, and adaptive reuse and work to ensure proper zoning designation are in place to accommodate such uses. Maintain and support programs for existing industries, especially those with growth opportunities. Work with Vance-Granville Community College and local schools to provide small businesse vocational, and trade education and training to attractindustry and encourage entrepreneurship.

Section 4: The Fufure of Franklin County

DRAFT 93 AIRPORT The County will be investing in upgrades to the Triangle North Executive Airport (TNEA) in accordance wit the new master plan for TNEA. The changes will be an important step toward strengthening the County'S economic competitiveness. Developing the full underpinning of services is also important for capturing the economic potential of the airport. This means the availability of land and buildings to accommodate new businesses. It also includes hangers, fueling, mechanical support and other necessary services. In addition, the services to support the arrival and departure of planes, some of which could have people with a high level of expectation for such things as transportation or food services immediately available upon arrival. Identify new sites for employment growth, particularly in the Triangle North Executive Airport area Promote compatible uses in areas adjacent to Triangle North Executive Airport.
Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, business, sites, airport, transportation, services, employment, competitiveness, food services, and growth

IJpgrade services and amenities at the airport. Enter into an agreement with local car dealership or rental car agency to supply vehicles that

meet the expectations of the private companies and individuals flying into TNEA. This arra ngement should ensure the provision of up-to-date, high quality vehicles without the County being tied to ownership and maintenance responsibilities. Consider the incorporation of concession space into an upgraded terminal building. This could help generate additional revenue for the County and provide opportunities for an enhanced arrival/departure experience. Accommodate a restaurant or similar venue with views of the airfield. Enthusiasts can congregate to enjoy the activities as spectators. AGRICULTURE The agricultural base can lead to the development of agritourism. In order to develop this opportunity, the County will need to help develop the infrastructure to provide the attendant services to support the tourism. This includes the restaurant, housing and transportation services to accommodate tourists. It will also be important to help facilitate events and gatherings that will attract a critical mass of people to experience the unique aspects the agricultural base.

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, airport, agriculture, development, tourism, restaurants, transportation, services, events, ports, Development, rental, and housing

Promote tourism through agritourism, historic assets

Promote equestrian related activities, including the two annual horseback rides that attract over 300 participants, constructing/coordinating greenways and capitalizing on the Tar River being located in the County. OPEN SPACE / RECREATION / AMENITIES The marketing also needs to play on the important quality of life and natural features of the County. Businesses need to be able to attract workers and the County needs to be attractive to the leadership of businesses. Location decisions for company moves are at least heavily influenced by where the senior leadership would like to live. Enhancing the quality of life and the desirability of the community for relocation will enhance economic development opportunities. Deae iranki CBUnBj',
Tagged Interests: business, market, economic development, development, tourism, historic, watershed, parks, Development, and recreation

' fiij. '10,

a ECIONAL REPORT CATAWBA COUNTY CRAFTING A FUTURE High-tech manufacturing and infrastructure Im provement projects go hand-in-band for Catawba County. Catawba Co.tnty's ef- fort to reinvent Itself as a high-tech hub cc rtlry; Into focus. Drtvtng nto Hck ocy off US. 321 North, a new pubic art sculpture of two giant leaves marts the entrance to tre City 8 first hint HtcYory IS turnrg over a new Mel p d W Sup n ED 2 - Conduct a branding and marketing initiative to promote Franklin County, including a primary logo, motto, website and social media strategy. Build on current tag line. Current tag line is important for connection to Research Triangle (research and employment hub surrounded by world-class higher education) , known internationally and critical for the recruitment of employers, especially foreign companies seeking a North American location. Expand message to highlight distinguishing features of the county that sets it apart in the Triangle. Updated brand should reinforce the identity of the County, which should embrace the county's heritage and strengths while conveying the opportunities that lie ahead. Implement brand. All aspects of the community should reinforce the brand through communication,

Tagged Interests: market, strategic, arts, employment, communications, university, education, social media law, and Communications

programming, andpromotion, actions. The brand should be translatable in all contexts of

economic development. I Comptehensive Develnpell)ent FlanFranklinNext ED 3 Perform a detailed market study to identify and recruit businesses that would be successful in Franklin County.

Tagged Interests: business, market, economic development, development, and Development

Install necessary infrastructure and curb appeal to lure private investment to focus areas Capitalize on the Triangle North Executive Airport (TNEA) area's potential to become an accessible, modern employment center. (Refer to LU 4.) Increase employment opportunities within the County by identifying opportunities within the existing industry base for expansion opportunities as well as attraction of companies in their supply chain. Promote the full utilization of undeveloped and underdeveloped land resources within urbanized areas that have access to existing infrastructure. Identify new sites for employment growth, particularly in the Triangle North Executive Airport area. Actively utilize and update the County's recently adopted Capital Improvements Program dedicating funds annually to prioritize infrastructure projects. Coordinate plans and investments with the municipalities to ensure compatibiljtywhile complimenting each other. Provide exemplary County services, infrastructure, and recreational amenities to sustain and improve existing development and to promote economic development. Services such as parks. planning and zoning, water and sewer are vital to a high quality of life. Encourage new industry and businesses to locate in areas already served by adequate

infrastructure and continue to plan for improvements to actively recruit industry and businesses, particularly inside the municipal jurisdictions. .11 Google*sfomp/-ts is desighe_d tovinciude o Variety companies offer such amenities to create o competitive wcck ehvironment, and effect;ve/y Sec on 4: The FutiJre-of Franklin Infrastructure I Mobility iFM 1 - Update the Comprehensive Transportation Plan.
Tagged Interests: Google, planning, funding, business, sewer, expansion, sites, economic development, airport, utility, development, capital spending, Utility, zoning, Capital Spending, transportation, services, program, water, employment, parks, Development, investment, growth, and recreation

Due to the high cost and regional nature of transportation systems, work with NCDOT, CAMPO and the Kerr-Tar RPO to update and implement the adopted CTP. Study the alignments of NC-56 and Hwy-39 to more directly connect Interstate 85 to US-64 through Franklin County to serve as much needed east-west connector through the County as employment growth OCCU within. ideally, this improved connection would provide access to current and future industry located on NC-56 as well as access to Triangle North Executive Airport. As an early phase, improve the NC-56 corridor such that it can provide connectivity between

Tagged Interests: airport, transportation, employment, corridor, and growth

Hwy 401 and Hwy 1 , serving as an intercounty east-west connector as employment growth occurs in .

Create a coordinated highway plan for US-401 in order to ensure connectivity while protecting the limited accessibility of this future four-lane superstreet. tn support of an industrial innovation district along NC-56, promote improvements to NC-56 to create and protect the capacity of the roadway. Access to 1-85, US-I , and US-64 that an improved NC-56 can provide makes this area an attractive location for job-generating uses. The area's location, situated near Louisburg, Franklinton and Youngsville, adds to the attractiveness, as these towns offer opportunities for future employees to live, shop, play etc. in these nearby towns. Encourage a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation network that accommodates the demand from existing and proposed land uses. Seek opportunities to increase connectivity, particularly east-west connections and on the secondary roads adjacent to US-401 and US-I .

Tagged Interests: streets, industrial, transportation, employment, and growth

IFM 2 Conduct corridor studies for US-I and US-401, which serve as two front doors into the county.

Tagged Interests: corridor

Perceptions of the county can be substantially influenced by the impressions people form upon arrival into the county. By addressing the visual quality of these corridors, the county can project a more positive image and reinforce its identity. Such corridor studies should build on the recommendations of the recent planning efforts. For example, the US-I Corridor Study completed in 2006 outlines very general land use and development recommendations, acknowledging the potential for growth and the impact of proposed changes to US-I and access to the highway. The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) recently completed an update. With more current information available, the County, working in partnership with the Towns of Youngsville and Franklinton, should examine the corridor, mindful of adopted land use plans for each jurisdiction, and outline ideas for creating a cohesive development pattern, circulation, and aesthetic improvements that project the appearance of unity and quality. The results of the local effort should inform all three jurisdictions' decisions about building placement, orientation, and scale; signs; access and parking: and landscaping. Such decisions can be codified in a corridor overlay district adopted by all three jurisdictions to offer consistent guidance and regulations as new development and redevelopment occurs.

US-I and US-40] are the major corridors leading into Franklin County. Improvements are planned and underway. 98 FranklInNext IDRAFT -2 The F f re. ot
Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, planning, regulation, development, Development, corridor, parking, and growth

IFM 3 - Enhance the functionality of local and regional transportation networks.

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: transportation

Align land use patterns with the existing and planned capacity of the region's streets and highways, promoting connectivity, and developing in a manner that encourages alternative modes of transportation. Provide opportunities for rural transit availability such as on-demand type services.

Coordinate with existing partner groups such as Triangle Transit, church volunteer groups, and the Kerr Area Transportation Authority (KARTS). Help connect service delivery to those needing these services. Serve as the information hub for gathering and disseminating information about people wanting to form carpool groups. Advocate for increasing public transportation options Adopt street design policies that encourage multi-modal use such as biking and pedestrian movement

Tagged Interests: rural, streets, transportation, services, church, Pedestrian, and volunteer

Work with developers to incorporate connectivity and walkability in their plans.

Promote active transportation and encourage context-sensitive design of transportation facilities to reinforce character of the areas in which they are located 100 RIDESHARING :.weo
Tagged Interests: transportation

Infrastructure I Broadband IFB Build on existing efforts to bring broadband to the County.

Nationwide, the main source of funding for the deployment of broadband is the Universal Service Fund (USF). The USF was created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1997 to ensure that consumers in all regions of the nation have access to quality telecommunications and information services at affordable rates. Within USF, there are four funds: Continue to work with Open Broadband to support the implementation of service in the underserved and unserved areas of the County, as envisioned in their 2019 Agreement with Franklin County.
Tagged Interests: funding, boards and commissions, Telecommunications, services, telecommunications, communications, Internet Access, Communications, and rates

Connect America Funds- Supports services to areas that are currently unserved by broadband service or where support is needed to extend and support broadband networks.

Lifeline Program-Supportstelecommunications companies that in turn offer discounts on telecommunications services to low-income families. Rural Health Care Program Supports eligible rural health care providers that qualify for reduced rates for telecommunications services and broadband access that is similar to urban centers. E-rate Program Supports eligibfe schools and libraries that qualify for reduced rates for telecommunications services and necessary Internet connectivity.
Tagged Interests: funding, health, rural, Telecommunications, services, program, telecommunications, education, Internet Access, poverty, rates, and library

Section 4: The Future of Franklin County


Infrastructure I Water Sewer Public Utilities are the backbone upon which communities accomplish economic development, manage land use, conserve natural resources and meet environmental goals. Franklin County should continue to provide full-service water and sewer utilities to this critical infrastructure system that address the following primary objectives:

Planningcan4 constructing water and sewer infrastructureithat is integraiY and) supporting >lhe overall utilities, backbone that? includes water, sewerj,wastewater reuse stormwater, , electric, gasz and communications and transportation. Size Utility extensions and supporting plant capacitieyto meet' long,t rm demands of, planned* and. desiredo development patterns: and economic development, in ' target areas..

Tagged Interests: sewer, economic development, utility, development, Utility, transportation, water, electric, environment, plant, Development, communications, Communications, and stormwater

Concentrate utility extensions]oadvance compactd development;in urban v areas and cluster-type 'development Ain more rural settings: Educate ?the, public.' as

Tagged Interests: rural, utility, development, Utility, and Development

.'t informed responsible users- of vital natural resources.

Eff ctive y; T manage::, potentialp. water, existing and ,rfuturevservice: : areas.' including commitments t,toi :currentt and future allocations. Continue t to, r promote h; environmental stewardship. G and effectivei resourced management 'throughl, protection of watershedsncccnservation' off' ,water resources and ; reductiona im energy; use
Tagged Interests: utility, Utility, water, environment, and energy

- through improved,operational efficiencies and.' developmeni .ofralternative energy isources.

Facilitates county-wides planning: and 'coordinationwith municipalities regarding wafer,+sewerjand other public uti\ities and t services. . DRAFT FrankttnNext I Ififve I)evelopemenr Plan IFWS 1 - Create a Water and Sewer Utility Master Plan that will identify capital improvements including overall costs for constructing capacity-related capital assets required to support the county's comprehensive plan and support the water and sewer utility thorough full buildout. Develop hydraulic models for both water and sewer systems to accurately and reliably determine system capacities, forecast demand and support management of allocations. Maintain models for continued accuracy. Employ hydraulic models to identify system elements reaching capacity to help avoid overloading conditions and potential regulatory violations. Identify the most effective methods of serving the County with water and sewer facilities. A rate study component should be part of the Master Plan. ...GJ4fS. e

Tagged Interests: planning, regulation, sewer, strategic, utility, capital spending, Utility, Capital Spending, services, water, and energy

Section 4: The Future of County


IFWS 2 - Revise the County's Allocation ordinance to ensure greater alignment between water and sewer allocations and existing land use categories, direct utility extensions to areas thal support desired development patterns and targeted development/redevelopment iniiiaftves.

Consider a prioritized or tiered approach that would replace the first-come, first-served allocation in existing ordinance with incentives for promoting infrastructure investn lent to the following growth areas: Primary growth areas would include municipal and commercial centers, industrial, and industrial innovation uses as delineated on the Future Growth and Conservation Map. Additional emphasis is recommended for sites that advance the County's economic development objectives. Secondary growth areas would support suburban residential development genera y concentrated adjacent to primary areas Tertiary growth areas are located beyond primary and secondan/ areas that would require water and/or sewer services to address failing private wells and sewer disposal (septic) systems.

Tagged Interests: ordinance, sewer, sites, economic development, utility, development, industrial, Utility, services, water, Conservation, Development, commercial, incentive, and growth

Durham. NC's municipal water system has a mascot Wayne Drop* who attends community events, travels to schools and workplaces. and even has a humorous Twitter presence to Increase awareness and appreciation of the water utirty.

FranklInNext IDRAFT
Tagged Interests: travel, utility, Utility, events, water, and education

IFWS 3 Conduct a Merger and Regionalization Feasibility Grant to evaluate the viability of potential consolidation, mergers and/or tong- term agreements that WOUId ensure adequate water system capacity to address projected demands among several counties, communities and municipalities.

Primary focus should be on the County's current water allocation commitments, which are of limited availability.
Tagged Interests: grant, utility, Utility, and water

Determine the best course of action for a long- term water supply following completion of the ongoing Franklin County Water Supply Master Plan.

The County may also choose to self-fund a merger and regionalization study. IFWS 4 - Conduct public outreach to enhance appreciation for the value of water and sewer services, including raising awareness of investments Franklin County Public Utilities has made. Develop and implement media strategies emphasizing management and conservation of valuable and irreplaceable water resources. Dedicate a section of the County website to nutility-related information based on the true cost of service and educational materials including regulatory requirement and environmental standards.
Tagged Interests: regulation, sewer, utility, Utility, materials, services, water, Conservation, environment, and investment

IFWS 5 Establish a sustainable development pattern that complements the character of the community, promotes economic development, and concentrates on higher intensity uses where adequate infrastructure exists.

Review existing zoning map and ordinance provisions, and revise where necessary to ensure higher intensity uses are concentrated and encouraged to locate in areas with adequate existing or planned facilities.
Tagged Interests: ordinance, economic development, development, zoning, and Development

Section 4: The Future of Franklin County

DRAFT 105 Community Facilities I Schools CF 1 - Continue to work with the school system to manage growing classroom and facility needs and ensure new facilities are located in high growth areas.
Tagged Interests: facility, education, and growth

Work with the School Board and FCS staff to plan for new, expanded or renovated schools. particularly in areas where new residential construction has been approved as well as where adequate infrastructure is located.

Crosscreek Charter School in Louisburg opened In 2001 and has a cua-ent sfudent erro ment of 206 students. A new school campus is being built and expected to be open in August of 2021 At capacity, the Charter school will serve 540 students. The facility houses 32 classrooms, a multipurpose gymnasium, science labs, music and art rooms. The nacre properfyis forge enough for playgrounds, othfeyc fields and a future high school.
Tagged Interests: construction, facility, arts, parks, education, Charter Schools, students, NewSchools, and charter schools

FY02FdeFni y,eaqd made; up o sc hoofs: s g avert In: the 20T 8-2019tacademiqyear data.

No additional detail provided

afA8schdoIsserving.over 8;20ffstudent .

Inc tGe i le nraIfm nWjhe Youngsvilf Ac ade my/ai newlyc onstructed 53000 squarefoot facility:ope
Tagged Interests: facility

CO prehensive:Devegp

Community Facilities I Libraries CF 2 - Continue to support the library system by recognizing its importance to the community and ensuring it remains relevant, sustainable and continues to contribute to the county's civic and economic development in the future. Public Library Comprehensive Development Plan 2019.

Tagged Interests: recognition, economic development, development, Development, and library

development. Monitor growth patterns so that public investments are directed toward facilities where the growth is occurring or likely to occur.

Tagged Interests: development, Development, investment, and growth

Consider repurposing underutilized

buildings for other uses, such as senior centers or public agency offices. Make greater use of Pop-Up Libraries and Book Mobile service by providing internet connections across the county through mobile hot spots in underserved areas. Identify future public facility needs and seek opportunities to co-locate complementary civic uses.
Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, facility, and library

Recognize the expanding role of libraries. as they are becoming community centers with programming and technology to serve the

Tagged Interests: recognition, Technology, technology, community center, and library

Sizes of libraries have increased over the last twenty. years due toc technology; the library as a place, , ance larger children's rooms and homework centers. --Planning the Modern Library

Tagged Interests: planning, Technology, technology, homework, HOMEWORK, and library

SectJon 4: The Future of Franklin County

The Town of Holly Springs partnered with Wake County Public Libraries to create the Hotly Springs CuituraJ Center, which has the Hotly Spring Community Library bronch within. It also houses a performing arts theatre, conference center, and an outdoor stage. Inside, the lobby is set up as a welcoming community center with a coffee bar and snack bar. DRAFT 107 Community Facilities I Public Safety CF 3 Continue to support emergency services with adequate facilities, equipment and technology to keep response time tow and ensure the safety of County citizens, businesses and visitors. Inventory and assess condition of communication equipment for all public safety services. Budget for equipment increases, upgrades and/or replacement as needed. Develop and adhere to a strict ofschedulemaintenance emergency vehicles io ensure proper operation and long-term viability. Include Police, Fire and EMS Directors in planning discussions to determine need and location of future facilities. CF 4 - Review tax rates annually and be mindful of the revaluation schedules and forecasts to ensure optimum use of taxpayer funds to provide an adequate level of services and infrastructure.
Tagged Interests: planning, funding, business, equipment, budget, taxes, Taxes, arts, public safety, services, emergency, Technology, communications, technology, EMS, Communications, rates, community center, and library

CF 5 - Plan for and provide new public services In growth areas.

Tagged Interests: services, Public Works, public works, and growth

Locate buildings and services based on facilities plans. Monitor staffing levels Conduct analyses periodically

to assess level of services and overall response times to ensure adequacy. Invest in technology and equipment to keep pace with expansions. Approach to service delivery will need to become innovative by incorporating new technologies, strategic planning and ongoing training. E .11 DRAFT FranklInNext I Convuehengive oevE cpernenF

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, planning, equipment, expansion, strategic, services, Technology, training, technology, and human resources

.hCeoter. ts open24E/i. M dical,t Flieand+.ojice Dispatch h

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: 911

c cordlng, t \daial irovidedtbyhfranklihf, Cou nty,lkmerg eney ervice calk.volu me has lpcreasggg

ire protectloniS Icyotuntary Flie DTSfflgt*pregd agroSS bythe some stgtlons have p.aldlfullttlme arid part-time make*up.most.'personnet. Small; Director alEDlsiflcts, currently have adequate: equipmen andstaff: Markhal ifire area ot tfiefir UistricEThis is anjmpressiveachievementp

fire districts frange from: 4/9E to 9E/.V: A rating'ofsiO, dbesinot rneet minimurm

provides' naramedictservicestthat;tunfout;
Tagged Interests: fire departments and districts

-infbrmatlon provided' byxthe EMS Department qrews5currentEy1rurv8 ambulancest per@ayxwjtmign Smiriut response, vvolumei hast'gone 20.17920182,

calls lt is by Franklini County is;protected; by.the CountygSheriff. Departmept withistations; inrLouisburgand' Bun'rirt f?t NC:SiateTroAopers cind:municipal police,d partmentsloc ated in Franklinton, Bunmand: Lake R yal vBased- omdata:proyidedbVfhe fewer than 101000. residents Q, xeported:amaverage'9f45 worn officersip rl ,OOO.fnhabifanti Counfy. agencies Community Facilities I Parks Recreation With preventable health conditions such as youth PR 1 - Make access to community parks, trails and obesity, diabetes, and heart disease continuing open spaces a priority. to limit the potential of many County residents, Update the parks and recreation plan toaccess to community parks, trails, and open address a broader variety of facilities to meetspaces should be a top priority of community leaders. 110 the needs of current and future residents (The recreation plan is a living document that should be reviewed annually for revision or addendum due to expected shifts in population and demographics).
Tagged Interests: health, public safety, parks, trails, EMS, youth, and recreation

Plan for and create a complete and connected system of trails, parks, and open space to meet demand for active and passive recreation for all ages.

FranklinNext IDRAFT PR 2 - Establish a system of trails, both greenways and blueways. Prepare a master trails plan to be incorporated into the Park Recreation Master Plan to establish a system that connects the towns, neighborhoods, employment centers, and existing parks with the County's natural and cultural resources. An additional pedestrian/bicycle trail along NC-56 would provide a non-vehicular transportation

Tagged Interests: transportation, employment, parks, trails, Pedestrian, neighborhood, recreation, and bicycle

alternative for future employees of businesses located within the industrial corridor along the route.

Tagged Interests: business, industrial, and corridor

Support efforts to create horse traits and amenities. Such additions to the system WOUId further expand this market and would therefore be wise to include in any future trail system development.

Link to regional trail systems. Tying into existing regional and state-wide trail systems would allow the County to attract additional visitors while becoming part of the national trend of active, healthy living. Consider creating opportunities to access existing destinations within the County via trails, including from origins outside the County. Partner with Wake County and local municipalities to extend a trail from the southwest portion of the County to the nearby Mountains To Sea Trail in Wake County. From this regional connection, other local destinations (i.e., commercial centers, DeHart Botanical Gardens, etc.) could be added as future nodes via smaller connector trails and larger planned pedestrian/bicycle routes. Plan for and invest in water access locations. Create a Tar River blueway connecting paddlers to existing amenities in Tarboro and Rocky Mount and future amenities in Franklin County. Prepare a wayfinding plan. Create and install wayfinding signage in accordance with the plan. PR 3 Continue the development of V.E. and Lydia H. Owens Recreational Park. Fund future phases of the park master plan. This 167-acre, County amenity has the potential to become a premier destination for residents and visitors seeking passive recreation and opportunities to connect with nature. Building out V.E. and Lydia H. Owens Recreational Park into the district park envisioned at its inception and seeking ways to connect residents to this important recreational resource is of vital significance to meeting the County's overall h'ealth, recreation, and economic development goals and can serve as a highly visible sign that the County supports residential health aspirations. Increase safety (and the perception of safety) at V.E. and Lydia H. Owens Recreational Park. Comprehensive Master Plan public outreach efforts indicate the need to improve the perception of safety at V.E. and Lydia H. Owens Recreational Park among park patrons. In order to achieve the desired sense of security, the following should be considered: Installation of security lighting Safety call boxes that provide a communications link with area law enforcement.

Tagged Interests: Homebuilder, health, market, economic development, pets, utility, security, development, Utility, advertising, signage, water, watershed, parks, trails, Development, communications, commercial, Communications, Pedestrian, recreation, and bicycle

Cellular signal boosting to ensure park users have a way to call for help Implementation of free WIFI zones that provide public internet access

u ii iiRii jiij

Tagged Interests: parks and Internet Access

Section 4: The Future of Franklin County

DRAFT 111 A study completed in the UK in 2019 found that spending two hours per week soaking up nature be it woodland, park or beach gives a positive boost to health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.
Tagged Interests: health, beach, and parks

112 t)evelopement PlanFranklinNext IDRAFT

Open Space Natural Resources OSNR 1 - Support efforts to conserve natural areas and the natural resources within.

Establish a program to increase community support for conservation.

Protect and preserve the environmental quality of the County through reasonable environmental regulations and context sensitive development standards to prevent negative effects of development on flood plains, surface water, ground water, air quality, forests, wetlands, and wildlife habitat. Consider programs for developers that incentivize protecting natural resources through design. Consider programs for owners of large parcels to commit to conserve lands through conservation easements and/ or dedication of land to the county, land trust, or other entity. Consider educational programs that encourage better stewardship of land by users. certification-relatedPromote LEED standards for projects Set goal of targeting a percentage of open space to be conserved by 2040. frPerCent? stress hormone 3' concentrat onst* OSNR 2 Provide recreational access to open space.

Tagged Interests: regulation, utility, development, Utility, program, water, Conservation, environment, flooding, Development, property, easement, and recreation

To achieve the goals set out in the 2019 Franklin County Parks and Recreation Master Plan, there needs to be a fOCUS on establishing open spaces for public recreation and conservation of valuable natural environments. Proper planning and management of existing natural resources and the establishment of additional County owned, recreationally accessible open spaces wilt become critically important to meeting the needs of a rapidly growing population.

Expand recreational opportunities and improve access to parks, community facilities, traits and open space. Include nature preserves as a component of the County Parks and Recreation system. OSNR 3 - Create opportunities to tink communities by prioritizing areas between new and existing development. That effect has been demonstrated by a number of studies. One intensive study of 280 participants in Japan found that along with decreasing stress hormone concentrations by more than 15 , a walk in the forest lowered participants' average pulse by almost 4 and blood pressure by just over 2 . Percent decrease in blood pressure Percent average Bilse
Tagged Interests: planning, development, Conservation, environment, parks, Development, and recreation

Section 4: The Future of Franklin County DRAFT 113

OSNR 4 - Encourage conservation to protect natural resources. Establish more effective open space requirements in land development regulations. In the short term, modify open space requirements to differentiate Usable space and provide it
Tagged Interests: regulation, development, Conservation, and Development

in addition to areas set aside for natural resource protection. lh the long term, amend UDO to

Increase open space requirements in private development, especially new residential neighborhoods. Further promote conservation design subdivisions by establishing a reward system for maximizing high-value lands (i.e., density bonuses). Require delineation of planned open space based on conservation value. The valued types can be determined and vetted through a local public process. such as the one prescribed by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission that employs the Green Growth Toolbox. Maintain GIS files indicating the locally determined conservation value for use in the preparation of development plans. OSNR 5 Encourage conservation design in and near Conservation and Protected Lands and in Rural Areas.

Tagged Interests: rural, boards and commissions, GIS, development, subdivision, Conservation, Development, UDO, neighborhood, and growth

Provide options that make conservation design the easy choice in new residential development design, such as a streamlined development review process. Promote conservation easements. Expand educational programs to inform landowners of benefits.

Link conservancy groups, such as Tar River Land Conservancy, with interested private landowners and investors to expedite local conservation efforts OSNR 6 - Develop an open space framework plan(s). Prepare a plan that aims to accomplish the following by informing decisions about future development. Connect wildlife areas/ corridors Improve water quality Improve air quality Balance ecosystems
Tagged Interests: utility, development, Utility, program, water, Conservation, watershed, Development, corridor, and easement

Create formal and informal gathering spaces for the community

ergo WETL * S . *RESER


No additional detail provided

Section 4: The Fulure of Franklin County

Agriculture Agriculture and forestry are valuable components of the County's history and economy. As the population increases and demographics change, growth resulting from incompatible development threatens this economy. Potential incompatible uses such as dense subdivisions, apartments, condos and commercial strips can be negatively affected by the byproducts of agricultural activities such as dust, odor, noise or slow-moving farm vehicles.

No additional detail provided

Tagged Interests: agriculture, development, subdivision, Development, Forestry, commercial, noise, economy, history, and growth

AG 1 - Promote the long-term sustainability of Franklin County's rich rural and agricultural heritage.

Direct growth away from productive farming areas. Through zoning and infrastructure investments, concentrate development in the urbanized portions of the County. Discourage development of areas with viable agricultural operations. Promote Voluntary Ag Districts and Enhanced Voluntary' Ag Districts Minimize encroachment of new residential growth Amend zoning standards to include buffer provisions for new development from existing farms. AG 2 - Maintain and support agricultural production. Encourage use of available resources. Support efforts of Cooperative Extension, Franklin County Soil Water District and the NC Forest Service. Support small and large agriculture operations be it row crop, livestock, horticulture or alternative

Tagged Interests: rural, agriculture, utility, development, Utility, zoning, water, Development, investment, encroachment, sustainability, livestock, and growth

enterprises. Seek grant funding through RAFI-USA and NC AgVentures to help farms transition to become

more economically feasible. SUCCeSSfUl farming

Tagged Interests: funding, grant, and agriculture

WHY PARTICIPATE? ard hdght Into

issues toda,es fam both vegetaee a'S odmd goductlon: C0Ebaale and ethm 'n mtgvbes , Meet Mth trade verdas see what-s new ta rulJrb Nam Cu* CoogaW Fum ned muut ot*f bur YW cu mo manr h noqoo b' via r eevt of yar paymmt Ca.ntv Conur s 19..4964344
Tagged Interests: trade

murd at the qaeb bor mooey CD tMC2 mar or be 10 M' 'bout

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0Btadag unall arm NC

Tagged Interests: agriculture


COOPERATCVENC EXTENSION AgCatoha beginsr with' a supportive environment. NC Cooperative Extension Franklin? 2 County; Center isi strivingfto, , buiid more support- for: agricultui .. By

Tagged Interests: Conservation and environment

providing Mhoseaatread) , in. or entering lindustry with educational programs.. and linking -them to various

the Franklinresources, County Center. is'helping maintain agriculture, \ as a? viable component; of,: the v LocalReconomy. ' -Franklin 's CountyThe' Center.. -is also : deliveriog. programsi O that, 'help* raise: ,awarenessepVlocaI agriculture, -tp underscoring the economic; health and '*environmentali benefits' toi ethe community. FionklinNext Comprehensive

Tagged Interests: health, agriculture, and program

tn addition to distribution of local produce, agriculture-focused centers can also function as event centers, hosting a wide variety of programs and activities that result in economic benefits.

Facilitate and promote local distribution of agriculture products: Create a market for foods produced locally. Promote locally-sourced ingredients in area restaurants for the farm-to-fork experience. Encourage, promote and support county-wide farmers markets. Encourage/support roadside produce stands. Support localized efforts such as the Corner Store , Care Share and food bank programs. Support local food programs offered by Cooperative Extension. Support the development of a Regional Food Policy that advocates for regionally scaled
Tagged Interests: market, agriculture, development, restaurants, events, program, Development, commercial, policy, and farmers market

infrastructure, sustains and strengthens local and regional food systems and improves access to affordable and nutritious food.

No additional detail provided

Raise awareness and appreciation for agriculture. Support agriculture education in the school system (4-H, FFA, school gardens)

Tagged Interests: agriculture and education

Support nutrition and health education that conveys the benefits of access to local produce. Grow agritourism.

Provide support in promoting Agritourism through a county-wide tourism initiative. Promote farm tours, farm stays and support the existing Kerr-Tar Region's Visit NC Farms App. Continue to support Farm-City Week Events, a program that Kiwanis International began in 1955 and continued by the American Farm Bureau Federation to address the poor public image of agriculture, the strong urban influence on ag policies and a growing population with no direct ties to agriculture. According to the NC CES - Franklin County Center, Across the entire country, Farm-City events are planned by Cooperative Extension, agri-businesses, farmers, youth groups, civic groups and other organizations to educate the public about the interdependence of agriculture and industry. In 201 9, Franklin County celebrated Farm-City Week with a luncheon at Jason Brown First Fruits Farms in Bunn. Support and promote all festivals and events at the Franklin County Farmers Market. Continue to support efforts of Cooperative Extension's educational programs and outreach.

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Section 4: The Future of Franklin County

DRAFT 117 If Center AG 3 Revisit the Farmers Market Feasibility Study (201B) to determine the feasibility of an agricultural/ event (year-round, multi- use) center to promote andagriculturelocal host various large-scale community events, including the possibility of hosting a County fair. As an initial step in studying the feasibility, research and possibly visit event centers located in Cabarrus, Harnett, Nash, Pitt and Vance counties for ideas and inspiration. I Comptehensive Developement PlanNext
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Health Well-Being HW 1 - Adopt a Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach.

When making decisions pertaining to future development and redevelopment, capital investments, and the allocation of resources, the County (elected and appointed officials and staff) and its partners should examine opportunities through a health equity lens. Coordinate with partners, such as the Franklin County Health Department and NC Cooperative Extension Service (NC CES) - Franklin County Center and the Parks Recreation Department. Involve entities working to improve community health in key discussions and decisions. Regular meetings with such groups provide an opportunity for each to offer a different perspective, which could lead to more informed decisions as well as creative problem solving. Align efforts to collect and maintain data. Through more regular communication, partner groups can identify data needs, share what each has collected, and better utilize available resources by collaborating on future data collection and maintenance efforts. Support and promote the programs of each, particularly through funding. Tobacco Free Hoafthy Soto Clinical The Community a Community Environments Incrooso tho number of Amor-icons who a ro

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- hoolthy otovcgy of

No additional detail provided

Empowered Elimination cf W. Hoolth Disporit;os

HEALTH IN ALL POLICIES A State ard HW 2 - Improve access to care. Support the expansion of existing medical facilities and the location of new facilities close to population centers in the county. Improve the quality of life in Franklin County to attract more primary care providers, dentists, and mental health professionals to the county. Support the delivery of services through mobile units by helping to create designated locations in/ near population centers. Participate in devising creative solutions to address transportation barriers. Access to vehicles is decreasing due in large part to age, disabilities, and/or insufficient income to cover the costs. While limited transit service COUld provide options for some in the long term, the County should define its role in meeting demand in the short term. compactEncourage thatdevelopment patterns
Tagged Interests: health, expansion, transportation, services, health insurance, and mental health

make walking and biking more feasible options. Support grassroots and volunteer organizations' efforts to provide transportation services to those in need.

Four Principles Guiding the FaithHealthNC Movement right door ghttirne ready/to: 'be Qre ted not-alone F.ithH lthNC fn McDowell County, healthcare-related transportation is being facilitated through a grassroots effort. FaithHeaIthNC is a faith-based organization that. among other things, coordinates volunteers to provide free transportation to all residents of McDowell County who express a need to assistance getting to appointments, pharmacies. and grocery stores. The program is being replicated in other counties and is now available in Ashe Gaston, Forsyth, Randolph, and Wilkes Counties. In the absence of healthcare facilities in the county, partnerships with area hospital systems can facilitate access to care through mobile units, such as those used by WakeMed. Currently. WakeMed brings health and wellness services to corporate sites. This delivery method could prove effective in reaching residents in rural areas of the county, especially at designated rural centers.

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120 Comprehenqve Developement PtanFrankJInNext IDRAFT

HW 3 Increase opportunities for active living and physical exercise.

Ensure equitable access to recreational facilities. Study the locations of trails and parks relative to the population and define gaps to be addressed as the creation of new facilities are considered. This can be accomplished with a GIS-based network analysis to delineate service areas and determine the percentage of the populqtion served.
Tagged Interests: GIS, parks, trails, and recreation

Facilitate access to existing facilities. Work with municipalities to:

promote the full range of existing facilities throughout the county (make residents aware of the locations, access points/parking, hours of operation, etc. via the website, apps for smart phones, and printed material) provide facilities in highly populated areas by contributing to funding of municipal system in lieu of providing county parks where demand is better met by municipal facility

Tagged Interests: funding, facility, and parking

Improve connections to existing facilities. Evaluate walking and biking routes in terms of connectivity and safety, and identify potential improvements to close gaps and increase safety through fighting, visibility, signals at crosswalks, wayfinding, etc.

No additional detail provided

Support efforts to encourage active transportation and safe routes to school. (Refer to Infrastructure Mobility section.)

Improve safety at public facilities. Evaluate lighting and increase as needed. Identify the need for emergency call boxes (number and locations). Provide cell boosters for improved cell phone service. Provide additional recreation options in system. ' Provide new facilities as outlined in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (currently oras updated in the future). Enter into joint use agreements with schools to utilize existing campus facilities outside of the hours of operation of the schools.

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Increase employment opportunities in the County. The travel time residents spend commuting to jobs outside of the county is increasing. With more jobs created within the county, residents may have more options for working closer to home. Less time commuting could equate to more time for daily exercise.

Time for exercise and access to facilities. whether a track at a local school or a nearby greenway trail, are two key factors affecting people's ability to stay active and healthy.

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Section 4: The Future of Frankiin County



G VBlograh eoff redl communi edicatibnS. i; t[ng non: monitor specifically;to preventitypet21di beteS.v theheaIfW ofilimited resource youth)gndt5 young i. children ;through practical?

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HW 4 - Promote healthy eating habits and better nutrition to address issues with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Increase equitable access to healthy food. Identify and address gaps by mapping food deserts. Help expand range of outlets and types of vendors, including farmers markets, and relax permit produce stands Work with area vendors to expand inventory and reach. Create incentives that reward retailers who participate in initiatives, such as a corner store program, and Designate delivery/distribution points for mobile services. Support and promote participation in education/ classes: healthy eating, healthy cooking, healthy gardening, etc. Cooking classes can be a fun way to socialize white teaming about healthy eating habits. FranklinNext I ComprehensiveRAFT HW 5 Increase an overall sense of welt-being.
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Increase access to nature. Access to open space has been shown to improve individuals' overall sense of well-being. (Refer to Parks and Recreation and Open Space and Natural Resources sections.)

Build sense of community. An individual's sense of belonging stems from an attachment to the place, strengthened by connections to its history, culture, and people. Create opportunities for residents to come together, socialize. and learn about and develop and appreciation for the history and heritage of the place in which they live. The results could include an increase in community pride, and a willingness to invest themselves in the community in meaningful ways. Consider: Programming - Events that bring people together, especially those that celebrate the County's history and culture through food and music.

Tagged Interests: events, STEM, parks, history, and recreation

Public art, particularly permanent installations that are interactive, which can help activate and enhance the appearance of public spaces while telling the story the history and culture of the County.

Tagged Interests: arts and history

Create opportunities to get involved through leadership programs and volunteer organizations. Take steps, as needed, to improve public safety, particularly response times, to increase residents'

sense of security. (Refer to Community Facilities section.) Address socio-economic disparities. Education and employment opportunities are key to reducing a number of health issues, as recent studies show that many are highly correlated to socio-economic conditions. (Refer to Economic Development section.) Build on mapping (SocioNeeds Index) and determine targeted solutions for sub-geographies of the county where health issues and economic issues overlap. po RfLA

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Events that feature local artists. including musicians, and public art that celebrates local history help build community pride. Sectlon 4: The Future of Franklin County


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Manage responsible growth that matches the coumy's abjljiy to grow the

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