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When your City or County is going to meet on something important to you, we'll let you know with our powerful local government monitoring service. The map to the left shows some examples of topics that we've monitored recently at local governments…

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How it works

1. Choose Your Interests

Local government meetings can cover a lot of topics. Simply tell us what's important to you and we'll monitor those interests for you, filtering out the noise so you can get to what matters quicker.

2. Choose Your Local Government Meetings

Monitor the local government meetings wherever you have an interest. Simply tell us which cities, towns, and counties matter to you and we'll take it from there.

3. Receive Alerts

Once we know which Interests you'd like monitored at which Local Government Meetings, we'll create and email a report to you on any day or every day of the week that will let you know which Meetings have been scheduled and which of your Interests will be discussed and voted on. Ready to get started?

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